Profile Photos by Brian Krieger unless otherwise noted.

ECWA Heavyweight Champion Azrieal (From Bobby Shields @ Super 8 Chickfight IV)

ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion: Chris Wylde (Defeated Breaker Morant @ Toys for Tots 2017)

ECWA Tag Champions One Mean Team (From Mr. Ooh La La & Jay D Luscious @ ECWA Showcase)

ECWA 2017 Super 8 Champion Sean Carr (ECWA)

ECWA Women's Champion Damaris (Defeated Jasmine @ Toys for Tots 2017)

ECWA 2017 Women's Super 8 Chickfight Champion Karen Q (ECWA)

AJ Pan

Miss Allysha



Breaker Morant

Chris Wylde

Chuck Payne

Craven Varro

Damian Adams

Dave Reed

"Old School" Eric Martin

Howie Timberche

Jay D Luscious

Jim Shorts

Joe Gacy

Karen Q

Kyle Payne


Maria Manic

Colossal Mike Law

"The BOSS" Mike Tartaglia

Miranda Vionette

Mr. Ooh La La

Napalm Bomb


"Hybrid" Sean Carr

Shockwave The Robot

Tasha Steelz

Ty Awesome

Tyler Stone

Xavier Cross

Zac "The Ripper" Conner

OWNER: "The BOSS" Mike Tartaglia

Matchmaker, Press/Public Relations: Joe Zanolle

Senior Official, Agent: John Finegan

Senior Official: Mike Kehner

Referee: Dave Kehner

Referee: Craig Pendergast

Ring Announcer / Timekeeper: Bob Artese

Play-by-Play Commentator: Brady Hicks

Color Commentator: Eric the lawyer

Timekeeper / General Staff: Justin Finegan

Medical Staff: Dr. Kathie Fitzpatrick

Color Commentator: Cuba's own Phil Sly

Video ProductionRich Feinberg Conner, Frank Flowers; Photography: Brian Krieger, Bob Elliott, Jeff Scheerer, Lyle Williams, Sean Sullivan, Hank Stoklosa; Ring Crew/Street Team: Frank Monte, Michael Gillespie, Jason R. Deal, Dawn Boatinghouse, Brooke Knight, James Russum; ECWA Web Site: Brady Hicks, Jason R. Deal, Mike Tartaglia.