PCA Take-Over?

PCA – Joey Ace, Azrieal, A.J. Pan, Mike Law

Wasting no time posting to Facebook, AJ Pan responds to ECWA upper management about ongoing feud with Owner Mike Tartaglia and Booker Joe Zanolle behind the scenes. AJ Pan isn’t talking about a fight…he wants a War! In his eyes the only certain terms of victory would be a complete PCA Take-Over of all ECWA operations.

“You want to talk about no rights? You want to talk about consequences? I laugh at consequences” – AJ Pan

Only one this is certain, anything can happen come September 21st in New Castle, DE, when they meet face to face in an ECWA Ring for the first time since April 20th.

Consequences coming for ECWA Champion Joey Ace?

Since winning the ECWA Heavyweight Championship, Joey Ace has seen the company go on hiatus, leaving him zero opportunity to defend the strap in an ECWA Arena. So the champ took matters into his own hands booking himself along with manager AJ Pan in two unsanctioned title defenses outside the company. He was victorious in both defenses but just as he was about to pontificate about his success, he had a visit from an unexpected guest, Kekoa!!!

Kekoa reminds Joey Ace that he’s coming for the belt.

Owner Mike Tartaglia took to FB stating, “Joey Ace and AJ Pan had no right to defend the ECWA Heavyweight Championship in another promotion!” He also went on to say,
“There will be consequences for you 2 come September 21 in New Castle Delaware!
Only ECWA management has the right to decide when the ECWA Championship is defended!” What does the ECWA owner have planned for The Champ???

The countdown to the rebirth of ECWA and the answers we have been waiting for are only 5 weeks away. Join us Saturday, September 21st in New Castle, DE when Joey Ace defends against Kekoa and Ty Awesome in a Triple Threat Match!



  • The Amazing Red vs Bobby Roode
  • March 2, 2002
  • One month later in April 2002: Bobby was invited to attend, WWE try-out camp in HWA.

Only 5 weeks until the 52nd ECWA Anniversary Show. Order your tickets today!



ECWA Spotlight Match is all about new, young and exciting competitiors and we have it in this match!

3rd Generation Star, the man with one of the best drop kicks in professional wrestling, Nick Curry returns to take on Rey Calitri in his ECWA debut!

Don’t miss it at the ECWA 52nd Anniversary Show, Sat Sept 21, 2019 in New Castle, DE!

Breaking News: ECWA Women’s Championship

Unfortunately, due to her ROH contract and availability, Quinn McKay is unable to keep her ECWA schedule and duties as ECWA Women’s Champion, and has had to vacate the championship. Please continue to support Quinn in her ROH endeavors. We truly believe she has a lot of talent and wish her the best in the future.

We will have more details concerning the Women’s Championship in the coming weeks as well as Gabby Ortiz’s opponent for 9/21.

“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs Violence booked for 9/21

VIOLENCE would like nothing better than to “cleanse” ECWA. How does he plan on doing that? By destroying it from within, and on the 52nd Anniversary no less! That does not sit well with former ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT and MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPION “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde. Despite a brief lapse in judgment by associating with Blackheart, ECWA always has been and will be the home of the Chris Wylde. Be there to witness this first time meeting between two of the areas top competitors.

Saturday, September 21 in New Castle, DE.


As we countdown to the ECWA Relaunch and 52nd Anniversary Show on September 21st (only 6 weeks away)…here is this weeks ECWA Rewind.

  • Greek God Papadon vs Adam Cole
  • ECWA Title Match
  • June 2, 2012
  • Newark, Delaware.

ECWA: The Stomping Ground for Future Superstars

‘ROWDY’ ROSS RUTHERFORD / AUGUST 17, 2009 / The Bleacher Report

Every pro wrestler in the WWE or TNA today had their start in a independent promotion. Every single one of them from John Cena to Triple H had humble beginnings. I think that is incredible.

Whether they started in Ohio Valley WrestlingRing of HonorCombat Zone WrestlingEastern Championship Wrestling Association, or countless other promotions, they all had their beginnings in the indies.

The ECWA has become one of the most respected independent wrestling promotions in the country since it was established in 1967 by Jim Kettner.

The promotion has gained a lot of respect in the past 10 or 15 years for being home to Billy Kidman, Paul London, Christian Cage, the Hardy brothers, Christopher Daniels, and countless other young talent who have become some of the most successful wrestling performers of the current generation. Other examples of the ECWA alumni include Low-Ki, Petey Williams, and Beer Money’s Robert Roode.

Although ECWA has gained notoriety for giving the wrestling superstars of today their first big break in the world of pro wrestling, the promotion’s biggest claim to fame isn’t their alumni, but the annual Super 8 Tournament that the small promotion holds.

The Super 8 Tournament has become the most respected tournament in the United States since its inception in 1997. The tournament started as a way to crown an ECWA Television Champion which was won by Ace Darling, but soon blossomed into an annual tournament attracting some of wrestling’s greatest talents to become part of the Super 8.

In the following years ECWA’s annual tournament has had many notable competitors and winners including Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki, Paul London, Petey Williams, Jerry Lynn, and many others.

Like most independent wrestling promotions in the United States, the ECWA has a roster of completely unknown wrestling performers. Someday, they could be headlining WWE’s Wrestlemania.

No one knew who Christopher Daniels was when he won the Super 8 Tournament in 2000 and no one really knew who the Hardy brothers were, when they wrestled in ECWA back in 1999. The indie wrestlers of today will be the WWE and TNA stars of tomorrow.

Independent wrestling promotions like ECWA don’t have five-star matches and big budget pay per view events. What they do have, is the future of pro wrestling sitting in their laps. It is their job to groom them and prepare them. Much like a grade school teacher, these indie wrestling promotions are not getting enough credit for the opportunities they have given to these guys and the hard work they do.

The ECWA has become one of most notable wrestling promotions outside of TNA, ROH, and the WWE because of their ability to recognize potential in young talent and their ability to create one of the most respected wrestling tournaments ever.

This article is my tribute to the ECWA and all independent wrestling promotion and wrestling schools because without them there would be no future for the “sport” we all love.

Sources: WikipediaECWA.com, and Obsessed with Wrestling.com

ECWA Pro Wrestling Press Release hits the web

Posted on 7/26/119 by ECWA Pro Wrestling


In early June 2019, ECWA owner Michael Tartaglia announced
that ECWA was going on hiatus. Tartaglia purchased ECWA from
founder Jim Kettner in August 2010 and promoted monthly
events in DE, PA and NJ for 9 years. Tartaglia cited other
business reasons for the hiatus.

The announcement was met with disappointment from the ECWA
roster and staff, seemingly ending the oldest and longest
running independent pro wrestling company in the United

But none were as disappointment and plain angry as the ECWA
manager AJ Pan.

Ace and Pan took to social media, constantly posting videos
running down and goading Tartaglia. When Tartaglia finally
responded, he stated that ECWA was still on hiatus and was
not coming back. The response drew one more video rebuttal
from Ace and Pan where they destroyed the historic ECWA Mid-
Atlantic Championship.

This act of disrespect to the history and legacy of ECWA
disturbed Tartaglia so much that he announced he had a
change of heart and that not only was ECWA coming back but
that Ace would have to defend the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
MATCH in a Triple Threat Match and that he would also see
him in the infamous Boss’ Chair on Sept 21st in New Castle,

Sat, Sept 21, 2019
Asbury United Methodist Church
300 East Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720


Joey Ace (c) w/ AJ Pan vs. Kekoa vs. Ty Awesome

2019 Champion Lance Anoa’i vs 2015 Champion Demarcus Kane
FKA Napalm Bomb

Tickets: $ 20 ADULTS and KIDS 12 and UNDER $10

For tix and info visit www.ecwaprowrestling.com or call


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