Joey Ace Stands Tall In ECWA’s Return

Posted On: September 25, 2019 

Published By: John Corrigan

Posted On: www.thewrestlingestate.com

After goading management to bring the company off hiatus, ECWA Heavyweight Champion Joey Ace spent the 52nd Anniversary Show proving that he truly holds the power in what’s billed as the longest-running independent promotion in the United States.

ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia thanked nearly 100 folks for coming out to the Asbury United Methodist Church in New Castle, DE, for the company’s return last Saturday. In a recurring segment known as The Boss’ Chair, Tartaglia called out Ace and stripped him of the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Championship. The now-former dual champion didn’t take too kindly to that, grabbing Tartaglia by the collar and shoving him into the corner. Rey Calitri, who made his ECWA debut in the show opener, ran out seemingly to break up the confrontation.

But then “The Shining Star” revealed his true colors, closelining Tartaglia and joining forces with Ace. Former ECWA Heavyweight Champion Ty Awesome emerged to save the boss, only for a masked man to chop block Awesome. Ace grabbed a steel chair and struck Awesome in the knee before wrapping the chair around his ankle and Pillmanizing him. The fans shrieked as Awesome cried out in agony, sensing that he wouldn’t be able to compete in the main event. Ever the resilient underdog, Awesome proved the doubters wrong yet again, limping out to the triple threat with Ace and another former ECWA Heavyweight Champion, Kekoa.

Perhaps having more guts than brains, Awesome immediately knocked down Ace and then closelined Kekoa out of the ring. Accidentally turning his back on the cagy champion, Awesome paid for it dearly as Ace chop blocked his wounded leg. For the next couple minutes, Ace targeted the knee before locking in the Sharpshooter. With the crowd rallying behind him to reach the ropes, Awesome almost broke the hold, but Ace dragged him back to the center of the ring. Unable to endure the excruciating pain, Awesome finally tapped out, stunning the crowd.

With the fan favorite eliminated, the crowd threw their support behind the veteran Kekoa. He and Ace brawled outside the ring; Ace whipped him into the steel post, and Kekoa returned the favor by tossing the champion into the front row. Back inside the ring, these two incredible athletes emptied their arsenals, exchanging fisticuffs, elbow strikes, headbutts, dropkicks and knife-edge chops. At one point, Ace sent Kekoa face first into a steel chair, followed up by a sleeper hold drop, only for Kekoa to kick out at two. Kekoa would later give him a taste of his own medicine, smashing Ace face first into the chair via drop toehold.

The crowd leapt to their feet as Kekoa superplexed Ace and ascended back up the turnbuckle for a frog splash, seemingly moments away from winning the title. Somehow, someway, Ace kicked out right before the count of three. With so many near falls, the fans were going wild, grateful that ECWA was back in their lives. Returning to the turnbuckle, Ace hit a blockbuster that sent Kekoa crashing to the mat. Scaling the top rope one more time, Ace delivered his signature flying elbow to finally vanquish his challenger.

Feigning good sportsmanship, Ace shook hands with Kekoa after their thrilling encounter, only for Calitri and the masked man to attack Kekoa from behind. With AJ Pan conspicuous by his absence, Mike Law no longer affiliated with ECWA and Azrieal nowhere to be found, you have to assume that Ace has found new members for the PCA. Whether they’ll be as successful as Law and Azrieal remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: aligning with Ace makes them the most dangerous wrestlers in the company.

Full results
Joey Ace retains the ECWA Heavyweight Championship against Ty Awesome & Kekoa
ECWA Tag Team Champions Marcus Waters & Funky White Boy battled Unstable to a double count out.
Chris Wylde def. Violence by disqualification after being whacked with a chain.
2016 Super 8 winner Napalm Bomb def. this year’s Super 8 winner Lance Anoa’i
Gabby Ortiz def. Sammi Pandora
ECWA Spotlight match featuring Jay George vs. Rey Calitri ended in a 15-minute time limit.