2 Former Champions, A Brash Double Champ, One Epic Triple Threat Match

Kekoa / Joey Ace (C) / Ty Awesome

Ty Awesome,
The hot, young upstart who’s lived up to everything his name has been *Awesome* is on a road to reclaim his throne…

The wild veteran, A man who made it the the ECWA Promise land only to be let down by his own body…

Joey Ace,
This brash, cocky son of a gun who shot is shot when he stepped foot in the ECWA and by hook and crock has become the Undisputed ECWA Champion!

52 Anniversary Show is a special one,
When these 3 men rage war,
Who will give their mind, body and soul to keep/regain the coveted Big Red Gold!

See all the action live on 9/21 in New Castle, DE. Visit the ECWA SHOP for more details.