ECWA Women’s Super 8 ChickFight Meet the Participants Part 2

2017 ECWA ChickFight Super 8: Meet the Participants Part 2

            The ECWA is once again on the forefront of innovation in the pro wrestling world! A few years ago minds were put together to create a women’s version of the Super 8 Tournament! It’s so far been a rousing success in showcasing some of the best women’s wrestlers in the country today! Hard to believe we’re already in the fourth year of action. This year is no different than the years before… we have 8 of the best… most underrated… and hungry professional wrestlers in the country ready to make their mark on history and hoist the coveted Super 8 trophy! And to boot whoever wins the tournament this year will also be the new ECWA Women’s Champion! Who will be the next break out star? This two part article series is meant to introduce you to the women you’ll see compete on Saturday October 21, 2017 in Woodbury, NJ. So without further ado meet the remaining 4 competitors in this year’s Super 8 Tournament!



Santana Garrett


Garrett is one of the most experienced competitors in this year’s field of 8. A veteran of 8 years, she was trained by Chasyn Rance, Larry Zbyszko, and Scott Hall among others. She’s made a huge name for herself traveling all over the country and world for places like Shine, WOW, Stardom… and most notably has appeared on TNA and in WWE, most recently in the Mae Young Classic. Her list of accolades is impressive: Shine Champion, Shine Tag Team Champion, Wonder of Stardom Champion, a former NWA Women’s Champion, and even won the Stardom International Grand Prix in 2016. Tournaments are Garrett’s specialty it seems! Known for portraying a Wonder Woman-esque character, her power game is second to none in women’s wrestling. She’ll out power and out smart every woman in this tournament… making her the early favorite to win it all! Will she be able to prove that her failure to win the Mae Young Classic was just a fluke?



Allie Recks


Allie Recks has the most to prove this year… she’s coming off a bad knee injury that took her out of action for about a year. However, don’t take her lightly! She’s another student of Damian Adams’ Team Adams Dojo and CZW Dojo… which means two things: She will be technique based that will be able to counter anything thrown her way and crazy enough to do unthinkable things to defeat her opponents! I guess that’s why they call her ‘The Reckless Princess’! She’s already on the comeback trail wrestling for WOW, Tier 1 Wrestling, BCW, and PPW to name a few… with her youth and pedigree she wants to prove she is one of pro wrestling’s brightest women’s wrestlers. Hard to argue her chances, she’s been trained to wrestle smart and hit harder than anyone else in the field. Will she be able to prove she is one of the rising stars in wrestling like she was before her injury? Only time will tell just how far this reckless warrior is willing to go to prove it.



Samantha Heights


Samantha might be one of the lesser known names in this year’s tournament but through no fault of her own… trained by indy wrestling vet and current TNA Tag Team Champion Dave Crist, she’s been fighting her way through promotions like WSU, Queens of Combat, and Shimmer. She even recently competed in the AAW Women’s Title Tournament falling just short… and this will fuel her fire to come out on top of this year’s Super 8. Heights is debuting in new promotions literally weekly and is quickly becoming known for having the best match on the card. It’s easy to see why. Her quick hitting, hard hitting, aerial assault is absolutely brutal and not common among women’s wrestling. Her trainer has made sure what she might lack in mat based wrestling she makes up for in pure willpower and strength… suffice to say she will be the hardest out in this tournament! She’s not like most women around the country on the indy circuit… she is willing to get her hands dirty, destroy any woman in her path, and isn’t out to make friends. Gold is her goal!



Kaitlin Diamond


Bringing the first international flair to any year of the Women’s Super 8, Kaitlin Diamond is the most experienced participant to take part in any year of the tournament. She’s been tearing up indy wrestling for the last 12 years, ever since her debut in 2005! Fighting out of Canada she’s followed in the footsteps of other great Canadian professional wrestlers, she’s an absolute master of mat based submission wrestling and is like pure silk as she maneuvers around the ring with her wide range of old school style offense. Her prowess has lead to a list of accolades that most women in WWE don’t get to accomplish… she was ranked #49 in the PWI Women’s Top 50 Wrestlers in 2016, she’s won victory after victory around the globe for Mexican promotions WWS and LLF, Japan’s Stardom, the UK’s BEW, and participated in the German Wrestling Federation’s Women’s title tournament in Berlin, Germany. That’s an insane amount of experience! And just to think of all the styles of wrestling she is able to incorporate as she methodically figures out her opponents strengths and weaknesses. It wouldn’t be a cop out at all to assume she might be the favorite to win it that no one is talking about. Diamond is out to cement her career’s legacy by winning the Super 8!



There you have it! The entire field of 8! Read about them and draw your own conclusions and dream matches you want to see! The only way to see how it plays out is to be there on Saturday October 21 to witness history as this women do battle to write their name in independent wrestling history! Here’s all the info:



East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

2017 ECWA Women’s ChickFight Super 8 Tournament

Saturday October 21, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Height, NJ 08097


Doors will open: 6 pm


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

To buy now, go to

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under




The field of 8:

1- Deonna Purrazzo

2- Karen Q

3- Skyler Marie

4- Santana Garrett

5- Samantha Heights

6- Christina Marie

7- Kaitlin Diamond

8- Allie Recks




ECWA Heavyweight Championship

‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields (c ) vs. Azrieal w/ AJ Pan





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