Meet 4 of the Participants in this years ECWA Womens Super 8 ChickFight Tournament

2017 ECWA ChickFight Super 8: Meet the Participants Part 1


            The ECWA is once again on the forefront of innovation in the pro wrestling world! A few years ago minds were put together to create a women’s version of the Super 8 Tournament! It’s so far been a rousing success in showcasing some of the best women’s wrestlers in the country today! Hard to believe we’re already in the fourth year of action. This year is no different than the years before… we have 8 of the best… most underrated… and hungry professional wrestlers in the country ready to make their mark on history and hoist the coveted Super 8 trophy! And to boot whoever wins the tournament this year will also be the new ECWA Women’s Champion! Who will be the next break out star? This two part article series is meant to introduce you to the women you’ll see compete on Saturday October 21, 2017 in Woodbury, NJ. So without further ado meet the first 4 competitors in this year’s Super 8 Tournament!



Deonna Purrazzo


The ECWA faithful should be no stranger to this hard nosed beauty. Trained by Rip Rogers at the D2W wrestling academy and vets like Damian Adams, her old school approach to wrestling has gave her amazing success in her very young career! She’s already competed  in TNA, ROH’s Women of Honor, and on WWE’s NXT brand numerous times including competing on and being an alternate for WWE’s Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament! Purrazzo had easily been the longest reigning ECWA Women’s Champion of all time before having to vacate for upcoming career opportunities. However, she’s back again to make unprecedented indy wrestling history… if she were to win it’d be her THIRD in a row. No person, man or woman, has won more than two. Her smooth ring awareness and ability to weaken her opponent systematically make her one of the hardest to beat women on the indy circuit today. Beware for her deadly Fujiwara Arm Bar submission comes out of nowhere!


Karen Q


Karen Q is entering her second Super 8 Tournament… and she narrowly lost last year’s Final. The feisty and temperamental brawler is out for blood to finally prove her worth in the world of professional wrestling. Perfecting her craft under two different academies… World of Unpredictable Wrestling under Johnny Rodz and the Team Adams Dojo under Damian Adams, Karen’s star has been on the rise! She’s traveled all over the country since last year’s tournament making a name for herself… even competing most notably for ROH’s Women of Honor. Her strength is her natural athletic ability she gained from years of gymnastics… she’ll easily be the best all around athlete in the tournament. Her game is power.. She’ll weaken her opponents to set up for her Boston Crab… once that’s locked in almost everyone taps out!


Skyler Marie


This fiery red head has been making huge noise around the independent scene… training with Kevin Landry’s Pro Wrestling Combine for the last few years, Skyler is a relative rookie to pro wrestling. However, don’t let that fool you! She’s quickly become a huge fan favorite every promotion she’s worked for which includes Women’s Wrestling Revolution, Limitless Pro Wrestling, Blitzkrieg Pro, and is even the Pioneer Valley Pro’s Women’s Champion. That’s quite a list of accolades and important victories on a resume that’s only a year long. Her mat wrestling is superb and she’ll be quite the handful for anyone who dares try to out maneuver her in the ring. Her fire is her biggest weapon… so you can bet she’ll look to hit fast and hard to surprise the much more experienced competitors in the tournament. She could easily be a dark horse to win it all… most of the past winners were rookies when they won the tournament as well!


Christina Marie


Christina is another rookie looking to make a name for herself on the independent wrestling scene… based out of Albany, NY one of her trainers happens to be the legendary Shockwave the Robot! That means her technique will be perfect, she’ll fly around the ring like a luchador, and even have a Japanese influence to almost everything she does in the ring! She could easily be the most impressive debut ever in ECWA as her agility is really something to behold. Doesn’t hurt she is well known for being a power lifter as well! Speed and power are a rare combo for a women’s wrestler to have! Already with a good foothold on the indies for places like World of Hurt Wrestling, Dynasty, and PAPW this is Christina Marie’s chance to cement her spot as the next big thing in women’s wrestling. Hard to argue with the pedigree she brings to the table!



East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

2017 ECWA Women’s ChickFight Super 8 Tournament

Saturday October 21, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Height, NJ 08097


Doors will open: 6 pm


Showtime: 7 pm


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

To buy now, go to

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under




The field of 8:

1- Deonna Purrazzo

2- Karen Q

3- Skyler Marie

4- Santana Garrett

5- Samantha Heights

6- Christina Marie

7- Kaitlin Diamond

8- Allie Recks




ECWA Heavyweight Championship

‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields (c ) vs. Azrieal w/ AJ Pan





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