ECWA Heavyweight Championship match at the Super 8 this Saturday!

ECWA Heavyweight Championship Match at Super 8 Tournament

Attention to all indy wrestling fans! The BIGGEST event in independent wrestling is just 4 DAYS AWAY! On Saturday April 29, 2017 it’s the next edition of the most widely known single elimination tournament in pro wrestling history… the ECWA Super 8 Tournament! The history behind this tournament is well documented… it’s been covered extensively in PWI magazine for years and former WWE Champion and Super 8 Finalist Daniel Bryan discussed it in detail in his book ‘Yes: My Improbably Journey to the Main Event of Wrestlemania’. The men who have competed in this tournament have gone on to main event companies all over the world from WWE to TNA to ROH and even New Japan! It’s a heritage and lineage that’s never lost on any of the 8 men who are chosen by ECWA management every year.

However, huge news NOT involving the 8 men or the tournament itself has been announced! As per tradition, there is a bonus match scheduled for the night of the Super 8… And it will be for the ECWA Heavyweight Championship! The bonus matches are almost always used to showcase ECWA talent that you see every month… and this will be no different!

Azrieal is the NEW ECWA Heavyweight Champion! He’s the man who finally ended the dominating reign of Sean Carr just last month at Spring Battle. His celebration has been well earned. But it might be short lived… that match at Spring Battle was a triple threat. Azrieal vs. Sean Carr vs. Chris Wylde. Wylde almost demanded to be included in the match… showing a new, vicious, almost vindictive attitude towards ECWA fans and management.

He feels slighted and ignored by management. He feels despite his enduring loyalty to the company that he should have been given the championship opportunity by HIMSELF. With him being the chosen man to end Carr’s reign…

But Azrieal was given all the chances to win ‘Big Red’…

And so it seems Wylde has turned his back on everyone and is out for himself! During the triple threat, he didn’t come out for his entrance; Seemingly abandoning the chance he was given the match went on as scheduled. Halfway through, the ‘Heartkiller’ entered the arena and would go on an ALL OUT ASSAULT on Azrieal, completely ignoring Carr in the process. After making his statement, he left almost as suddenly as he came.

No one knows why except Chris Wylde…

Obviously, the new champion isn’t thrilled with those actions. Azrieal has asked for and been granted a match with Chris Wylde to settle the score… and where else better to do it than the Super 8 Tournament show?

So it’s official: Azrieal WILL DEFEND the ECWA Heavyweight Championship against Chris Wylde.

No words need to be said… these two men will tear each other apart!

Will Azrieal’s reign be short lived? Will the PCA come into play? Will Azrieal once again steal championship hopes away from another ECWA mainstay?

Is Chris Wylde out to make a statement or is he looking to steal ‘Big Red’ away? Will he show why ECWA management should have made him ‘the chosen one’?

In only 4 days we find out that answer!

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
2017 ECWA Super 8 Tournament
Saturday April 29, 2017
Woodbury Heights Community Center
741 Helen Ave
Woodbury Height, NJ 08097

Doors will open: 6 pm
* Arrive early for a special meet and greet with all 8 entrants*

Showtime: 7 pm

All ECWA events are family friendly!

Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:
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-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or email
-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under


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