6 man tag featuring Joe Gacy this Saturday Jan 21 in Woodbury Heights, NJ

HUGE 6 man Tag Match set for Saturday January 21st


            ECWA is kicking off the New Year on the right foot with a HUGE event on Saturday January 21 in Woodbury, New Jersey. New year’s means a lot of things: new goals, new dreams, and new beginnings to one and all. And that is quite apparently the mantra going into ECWA’s yearly event ‘New Year’s Resolutions’…. new beginnings, new rivals, and shocking moments.


On Saturday December 3, 2016 at the last event of 2016, the Toys for Tots event, quite possibly the most shocking moment in ECWA history occurred…


‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia was doing his monthly talk show, “The Boss’s Chair”, throwing insults and barbs at another local show CZW Dojo Wars and one of it’s main competitors Frankie Picard. This following a well publicized tirade on social media by ECWA supporters and CZW supporters trading insults about each others company. With all the back and forth, it was no surprise that bad blood ensued and tensions were running high for all involved.


Tartaglia invited Picard to ‘Toys for Tots’ to give him a verbal beating and make an example of him. And a verbal beating he delivered. Picard did well to sit there and listen. Eventually, he had enough and decided he had heard enough. Picard tried to assault Tartaglia! Right on cue ‘The Boss’s’ evil plans were unveiled… enter the Classics, Tyler Stone and ‘Old School’ Eric Martin. The Classics and Tartaglia gave a beat down to Picard all over the ring. It seems that was the plan all along!


Enter Josh Adams. Adams himself has competed in ECWA on numerous occasions but has strongly defended Dojo Wars and his dozens of appearances on the show. Adams stormed the ring pushing past security and joined the fray. It looked like he would save the day. But the numbers game caught up to the two friends. Enter the biggest surprise ECWA has had in years!


No one could see the mad man entering the arena through a side door…. It was none other than a chair wielding ‘Chainsaw’ Joe Gacy! Yes you heard that correctly! Joe Gacy burst into the ring hitting everyone and anyone with the chair he could find. Eventually, order was restored as security and officials chased the CZW invaders from the arena. But the damage was done! Tartaglia and the Classics have accused security of being lazy and not doing their jobs for Gacy being able to one up them and sneak into the arena for the attack! Needless to say, there’s high tension going around ECWA right now.


And Gacy, Adams, and Picard are out for blood! But the Classics and Tartaglia are out for revenge!


The 3 invaders laid down a challenge outside the arena that was quickly answered… the challenge? A never before seen 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH between ECWA and CZW!


It will be ‘Chainsaw’ Joe Gacy, Josh Adams, and Frankie Picard taking on the team of The Classics, Eric Martin and Tyler Stone, and of course ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia!

These 6 men are absolutely ready to fight all over the ring and building! These men are willing to hurt and maim each other! Hatred is normally too strong a word to use but I think it’s safe to say no punches will be pulled in this one. So which team can not only get the last laugh… which team can say their company has all the bragging rights?


We’ll find out what’s in store for this CAN’T MISS 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH!


If this report tells you anything it’s that you don’t cross the Boss and I’m sure he has something up his sleeve to ensure he isn‘t shown up again.





East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)


Saturday January 21, 2017

Woodbury Heights Community Center

741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097




Doors Open: 6 pm

Show Time: 7 pm


You can buy tickets in advance via Pay Pal or at the Door

– To buy now, go to http://ecwaprowrestling.com/ecwa/about/tickets

– For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or

Email info@ecwaprowrestling.com

– Adults are $20 and Kids 12 and under are $10


For Directions:



Scheduled Card (subject to change)


ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Sean Carr ( c) vs. ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Azrieal w/ AJ Pan



‘Chainsaw’ Joe Gacy, Josh Adams, & Frankie Picard vs. The Classics (Eric Martin and Tyler Stone) & ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia


Breaker Morant & The Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne) vs. The PCA (Damian Adams, Alex Reyes, & Howie Timberche) w/ AJ PAN



Tasha Steelz vs. 2016 Super 8 Finalist Karen Q



‘The Future of Wrestling’ Ty Awesome vs. Johnny Galindo



The Zombie King vs. ‘Colossal’ Mike Law


More to be announced soon!


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