ECWA New Year’s Resolutions Saturday January 21 Sean Carr defends ECWA Heavyweight Championship against Azriel

Special Stipulation added to ECWA Title Match on Jan 21

ECWA is ringing in the New Year in a big way! The next edition of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is looking to be quite possibly the biggest show not named the Super 8 Tournament in 2017. What happens at this show could very well dictate the companies’ direction and the landscape for months to come… ironically, it’s apt the theme here is the New Year.

ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle and Senior Official John Finegan have made it their resolution to make the ECWA Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr’s life miserable and for him to ultimately lose ‘Big Red’ so they can move on from the absolute hell he’s put the company through during his championship reign.

Carr has continuously defied authority, match stipulations, verbally assaulted everyone from ECWA fans to his opponents, and has even Super Kicked literally most of the ECWA staff including Zanolle, Finegan, referee Mike Kehner, ring announcer Bob Artese, and numerous members of the security staff. It’s become a huge issue only compounded by the fact he has defeated every opponent put in front of him. He’s held the championship for the longest since Papadon held it for 560+ days in 2011-2012.

And he finally stepped way over the line….

First, he no showed the ECWA Chick Fight Tournament where he was to defend his championship in a special Champion vs. Champion title match against Mid Atlantic Champion Azrieal… than just last month it was his evilest deed to date.

Forced to give Azrieal his promised Heavyweight Championship match on December 3 at ‘Toys for Tots’ it looked like he might finally man up and face the music. Boy could that ever be so wrong…

A fantastic back and forth main event was coming to a close with Azrieal closing in on a surefire victory when Carr ran out of the ring. Taking to the mic, he called off the match. As ECWA officials struggled to gain control, Carr went on to call ECWA a ‘stepping stone’ company and that he no longer needed them in his career. Coming to his aid with security and officials closing in was his good friends Axel Lennox and Keith Zimmer, known to run his merch area during the shows.

Carr would assault Artese and Kehner with Super Kicks… this caused security to back off as it was obvious no one was safe. And Finegan and Zanolle could do nothing as Carr retreated through a side door and into a waiting car. He had not only stolen a main event from ECWA and Azrieal… but the fans money for not going through with the match.

And he had the ECWA Heavyweight Championship in his possession!

Through all sorts of channels on social media, Carr has threatened to destroy the belt itself through a series of pictures over the holidays depicting everything from a lawnmower to a fire destroying the championship.
After numerous threats of legal action ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle has asked Carr to just show up on January 21 to defend the championship against Azrieal, who everyone feels deserves a true shot. After numerous back and forth posts, Sean Carr has agreed to return to ECWA and defend the Heavyweight Championship against Azrieal.

But of course, he’s got a plan.

The only way he will show up is if he’s granted a SPECIAL STIPULATION… IF he beats Azrieal in the main event he will get 5 MINUTES ALONE IN THE RING WITH JOE ZANOLLE AND JOHN FINEGAN. NO BACK UP. NO SECURITY INFERENCE. NOTHING. Just the 3 men and bad intentions from Carr.

Only a crazy person would accept the offer… but both Zanolle and Finegan have agreed to the stipulation because of two reasons 1) they want to make sure he shows up to defend his title and 2) they are extremely confident Azrieal will win the championship and end Sean Carr for good.

This is incredible news!

Can Zanolle and Finegan finally get ‘Big Red’ off of Carr?

Will Azrieal finally be the man to defeat one of the best ECWA Heavyweight Champions of all time?

What’s with this promise by Zimmer that Carr isn’t coming alone?

Only time can answer these questions and more! THIS IS CAN’T MISS INDY WRESTLING AT IT’S FINEST FOLKS!

Here’s all the info you’ll need to know for the night to make sure you’re there to see this live in person:

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
Saturday January 21, 2017
Woodbury Heights Community Center
741 Helen Ave
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097


Doors Open: 6 pm
Show Time: 7 pm

You can buy tickets in advance via Pay Pal or at the Door
– To buy now, go to
– For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or
– Adults are $20 and Kids 12 and under are $10

For Directions:

Scheduled Card (subject to change)

ECWA Heavyweight Championship
Sean Carr ( c) vs. ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Azrieal w/ AJ Pan

‘Chainsaw’ Joe Gacy, Josh Adams, & Frankie Picard vs. The Classics (Eric Martin and Tyler Stone) & ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia
Breaker Morant & The Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne) vs. The PCA (Damian Adams, Alex Reyes, & Howie Timberche) w/ AJ PAN

Tasha Steelz vs. 2016 Super 8 Finalist Karen Q

‘The Future of Wrestling’ Ty Awesome vs. Johnny Galindo

The Zombie King vs. ‘Colossal’ Mike Law

Plus, Mr. Ooh La La w/ Allysha

More to be announced soon!

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