2016 ECWA Super 8 Quick Results

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) 20th Annual Super 8 Tournament at the Woodbury Heights Community Center… Non-Tournament Match: Mid-Atlantic ChampionAzrieal and Tag Champions Ricky Martinez and Damian Adams (withAJ Pan) defeated Bobby Shields, Talon and Mike Verna [16:11] in a match where both the Mid-Atlantic and Tag titles were on the line, when Azrieal pinned Mike Verna with a Frog Splash … Tournament Matches: Quarterfinals- Napalm Bomb pinned Danny Inferno after a top-rope Swanton bomb [11:04] … John Skyler defeated Scotty 2 Hotty, pinning him with his hand on the ropes for leverage [11:01] … Papadon pinned Aden Chambers with a Shining Wizard [12:55] … Jason Kincaid beat Kekoa after a modified Driver [15:36] … Semifinals- Napalm Bomb pinned Papadon following a GTS [12:33] … John Skyler defeated Jason Kincaid with a second-rope Senton Bomb from a Fireman’s Carry [17:36] … Finals- Napalm Bomb pinned John Skyler following a second GTS [19:27] to win the 2016 ECWA Super 8 tournament. (04.23.16)