Napalm Bomb is now in the 20th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament


ECWA is one of the longest running independent wrestling promotions in the country. In the almost 50 years of history, top notch professional wrestling has always been the companies calling card. The men and women who have sacrificed their bodies for the ECWA faithful many times have become house hold names whether it’s been in WWE, TNA, ROH, or even around the world! One of the main reasons for that is the long running Super 8 Tournament… which is coming up on it’s 20 year anniversary! The Super 8 is a one day, single elimination tournament for the much sought after Super 8 trophy. And with victory comes the spoils… all of our winners get national magazine exposure which has often led to bigger and better things! Our winners and participants list reads likes a who’s who of today’s wrestling stars. Names like Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Low Ki, WWE’s Xavier Woods, and perhaps the biggest name to never win the tournament, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan! How’s that for a lasting legacy? The Super 8 has been copied and replicated dozens of times over the years since the 1997 inaugural show. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and ECWA is proud of it’s history of innovation!


20 years… that’s a long time for anything to last. So ECWA management wanted to do something special to celebrate  this HUGE occasion that the fans would truly enjoy. What innovation come out of this brain storming? It’s been announced that on Saturday April, 23, 2016 it will be an ALL STAR EDITION of the tournament! The only men who will be selected to participate are past winners and participants. That means ANYTHING can happen! ANYONE from the past could be in this year’s tournament. Maybe a chance at redemption for those that fell just short!


The field of 8 had been officially fully announced but due to contractual obligations Super 8 participants Robbie E and DJ Z had to pull out of the tournament. TNA, the company they both have contracts with, announced a new set of TV episode tapings they had to be apart of. But that goes to show you the kind of superstar wrestlers you can see on any given year in the ECWA Super 8 Tournament!


But NEVER FEAR wrestling fans ECWA immediately went to work and found two replacements that are sure to excite everyone. The first was announced just a few days ago… former WWE star Scotty 2 Hotty.


And now we find out the last replacement to round out the field of 8!


This man is one of the strongest, hard hitting, and tough professional wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. He’s won championship gold all up and down the East Coast throughout his career which includes heavily publicized runs in MCW and the ECWA. He’s been a member of the Black Wall$treet… the Legion of Destruction… and just last year gave one of the most impressive, gutsiest and awe inspiring performances in not just the 2015 Super 8 Tournament but in ECWA and tournament history! It was so highly regarded the fans in attendance gave him a minutes long standing ovation even in a loss in the Quarter Finals.


He’s a heavy fan favorite and quite frankly of the biggest kept secrets in Independent wrestling today…


That man is the NAPALM BOMB!


You have heard that correctly… the powerhouse is back and jumped at the chance to be apart of this year’s tournament. Word on the street is that he’s looking to top last year’s performance and give the BEST performance in Super 8 history en route to being the BIGGEST SUPER 8 CHAMPION IN INDY WRESTLING HISTORY!


Can Napalm Bomb storm into the Super 8 Tournament and take victory away from 7 other hungry competitors? Only time will tell!


So now all 8 participants have been announced for this year’s ECWA All Star Super 8 Tournament are as follows: 2015 champion Jason ’The Gift’ Kincaid, former ECWA champion and 2012 winner ’Greek God’ Papadon, 2014 Super 8 Finalist ’Southern Savior’ John Skyler, ECWA Heavyweight Champion ‘Hybrid’ Sean Carr, 1997 participant and 1998 Super 8 Finalist Danny Inferno, the ONLY Grand Slam Champion in ECWA history and the 2008 Super 8 Champion Aden Chambers, former 2 time WWE Tag Team Champion SCOTTY 2 HOTTY, and now 2015 Super 8 Quarter Finalist NAPALM BOMB!


This is shaping up to be a fast paced, hard hitting tournament with all these men chasing down history. Needless to say this is a can’t miss event!


This is GROUND BREAKING NEWS that will shake independent wrestling to it’s core! The ALL STAR SUPER 8 TOURNAMENT is going to be the BIGGEST SHOW in independent wrestling history when it’s all said and done, and you can bank on it. Saturday April 23 is a date to mark on your calendar ASAP!


What’s even better NON- TOURNAMENT MATCHES have been announced!


After numerous appearances of WWE’s NXT, ECWA Women’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo is defending her title against WWE Tough Enough Contestant Chelsea Green!





The PCA- ECWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Martinez & Damian Adams and ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Azrieal vs. Bobby Shields & the debuting SOB’s (Sons of Brooklyn) Talon & ‘The Man of Steel’ Mike Verna


*If Azrieal is pinned, whoever makes the pinfall will become the NEW ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion


*If either Adams or Martinez are pinned, whoever made the pinfall will be able to choose a partner to be the NEW ECWA Tag Team Champions



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