Payne vs. Payne Anything Goes in New Castle, Delaware

Payne vs. Payne II- Anything Goes


            ECWA has had it’s fair share of battles over the years. Friends have betrayed each other, tag teams have forever been splintered, and blood has been spilled. This time around it seems different. The Extreme Rednecks were the ECWA Tag Team Champions. Chuck & Kyle Payne were both rookies essentially when they formed the team… and they quickly became a dominant force to be reckoned with. They went through almost every single team that ECWA management threw at them and in convincing fashion. However, sometimes in a young wrestlers career early success can lead to complacency. The Rednecks had a long series of miscues all of a sudden in almost every match, tag team or solo.


It seemed they argued over every trivial disagreement and the losses started to pile up. Kyle Payne felt that Chuck was never there when he needed him. That somehow along the line he went soft and the man well known for being a powerful monster had lost his edge and what made him deadly in the first place. Of course, Chuck disagreed and tried to prove him wrong… but it just seemed everything made Kyle angrier and angrier.


Then one day it happened…


Kyle Payne snapped! He would brutally assault Chuck after a singles loss to Breaker Morant. Beating him down and then eventually dropping him with a cutter suplex onto a stack of chairs in the middle of the ring. That’s when it got even stranger…


Kyle would release a video with an almost cult like feel where he explained he did it to awaken the monster inside Chuck. To once again make him the deadly beast he used to be. Indeed, he did awaken a monster… and Chuck Payne was out for blood.


Last month at New Year’s Resolutions V, Chuck would take on Kyle in what promised to be a brutal grudge match. It didn’t disappoint. From bell to bell, they destroyed each other. They dropped each other on the ring apron, threw each other into walls, and blasted each other with chair shots. The arena had become their war zone!


ECWA management and security could do little to break up this battle. Eventually Chuck would down Kyle with a splash onto the metal bleachers near the ring. In the aftermatch, Kyle laughed. That’s right with bruises and blood trickling from his nose, Kyle Payne was obviously pleased with himself and pleased with how Chuck reacted.


It seems he got exactly what he wanted.


But now there’s unfinished business. ECWA management realized there is no way to have a proper match between these two former tag partners. So they thought of an idea that will hopefully end this war for good… on Saturday February 20, 2016 ECWA returns to New Castle, Delaware… it’s “Winter Challenge”… and what better way to return to the state of Delaware than a huge match that will set the arena and fans on fire!


It will be Chuck Payne vs. Kyle Payne again… this time in a REDNECK RUFFHOUSE MATCH where ANYTHING… and I mean ANYTHING GOES!


All weapons are legal… they can battle anywhere in the building and out they want too… and they can essentially destroy each other to their heart’s content.


Will either one of these men be able to walk out of this match?


Will Kyle Payne regret “bringing the monster” out in Chuck?


Only time will tell as this promises to be EXPLOSIVE! It’ll be a battle for the ages in the ECWA!





East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

Winter Challenge

Saturday February 20, 2016

United Asbury Methodist Church

300 East Basin Road

New Castle, DE 19720


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Doors open: 6 pm

Bell time: 7 pm


Tickets available in advance, via Pay Pal, or at the door:

– To buy now, go to

– For info and reserved seating call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $20 for Adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under


For directions:


Scheduled card (subject to change)



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And a special Boss’s Chair featuring ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia and his guest ‘Old School’ Eric Martin


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