ECWA returns to New Castle, Delaware Sat Feb 20

Main Event set for February 20… Former friends now rivals collide!


            The new year started off with a bang for everyone in ECWA! The first show of the year, New Year’s Resolutions V, was a rousing success… However, some things never change in the world of professional wrestling and especially the ECWA. The Pan Corp Agency is still sitting atop the mountain. Damian Adams and Ricky Martinez somehow weaseled their way into retaining their ECWA tag team championships vs. South Philly’s Finest, thanks in large part to new PCA member Miranda Vionette. The match was originally scheduled to be a 6 man match with SPF and their friend Bobby Shields taking on all 3 male members of the PCA. Due to a blizzard and a new date, Bobby Shields and PCA member Azrieal couldn’t attend the show. But that’s done little to slow down ECWA Mid Atlantic champion Bobby Shields’ temper and hatred towards his former friend Azrieal.


Fans might remember just a few months ago in November, ECWA made it’s return to the state of Delaware! It looked like a night of fun wrestling action… That is until the unthinkable happened. Azrieal, teaming with Shields to fight for the ECWA tag team titles, turned on his best friend! Not only did he betray his friend and cost them the match but he would be revealed to have joined the PCA that night!


Shields immediately went into a rampage and demanded ECWA management to let him get his hands on Az. They relented and let him defend the Mid Atlantic title at Toys for Tots in December. However, Az would get his PCA cronies to help him in the end and they delivered a beat down to the champion. SPF would aid Shields setting up what would have been a war! OF course, that war didn’t end up happening thanks to the aforementioned blizzard.


No sense in crying over spilled milk. ECWA is returning to the scene of the crime on Saturday February 20, 2016. The very same arena where Azrieal turned on Bobby Shields in the first place! The same arena where their years long friendship ended! ECWA is returning to the UAMC in New Castle, DE!


And guess who has demanded a rematch? That’s right! ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion Bobby Shields has asked for and been granted a rematch against Azrieal! He’s so confident he’s putting his championship on the line!


The ECWA faithful are behind Shields 100% but this will not be your ordinary match-up. The PCA will surely be lurking nearby. Adams, Martinez, Vionette, and the leader of the group AJ Pan being at ringside will make Shields need to have eyes in the back of his head!


ECWA security will surely have their hands full with this one!


Will Bobby Shields finally get some measure of revenge and send the PCA home with their tails between their legs?


Or will Azrieal deliver the final dagger and bring the PCA one step closer to owning all of the gold in ECWA?


These questions will surely be answered come Saturday February 20!


Here’s all the information about this exciting event coming to New Castle, DE in alittle over a week!


East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)

Winter Challenge

Saturday February 20, 2016

United Asbury Methodist Church

300 East Basin Road

New Castle, DE 19720


All ECWA events are family friendly!


Doors open: 6 pm

Bell time: 7 pm


Tickets available in advance, via Pay Pal, or at the door:

– To buy now, go to

– For info and reserved seating call (609) 220-5598 or email

-Tickets are $20 for Adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under


For directions:


Scheduled card (subject to change)



‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields ( c) vs. PCA’s Azrieal w/ AJ Pan and the PCA



PCA (Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez) w/ AJ Pan ( c) vs. Josh Adams & ‘Heart Thriller’ Chris Wylde



Deonna Purrazzo (c ) vs. Miranda Vionette w/ AJ Pan




Chuck Payne vs. Kyle Payne



Napalm Bomb vs. ‘Human Terminator’ Solo



Breaker Morant vs. Zac ‘The Ripper’ Connor


Farewell and last ECWA/Delaware appearance of former 2x ECWA tag team champion and ½ of D-LINE… 6’8’’ Bodysnatcher Sam Jones





Meisure Ooh La La

‘ECWA’s New Standard’ Cory Kastle

‘Bamm Bamm’ JD Browning


And a special Boss’s Chair featuring ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia and his guest ‘Old School’ Eric Martin


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