ECWA this Saturday January 23 Woodbury Heights, NJ

Start the New Year off right with ECWA on Sat 1/23



It’s 2016! The New Year is still fresh on the minds of
everyone around the world. Everyone is looking for a new start and New Year’s
resolutions are being listed for goals that are hoped to be accomplished this
year. In ECWA, we have a New Year’s resolution… as a matter of fact it’s the
same one we’ve made for the last half a century! Our resolution is to continue
to bring all of you, THE FANS, the very best professional wrestling on the East
Coast! Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of amazing feuds, matches, and
watched some of our own go from performing for us to on our TV screens every
week. That’s the beauty of ECWA and independent wrestling in general. This
Saturday January 23 is the first ECWA show of 2016 aptly named New Year’s
Resolutions V. The night has HUGE matches planned that has something for
everyone… we have debuts, bad blood, revenge, and that’s just the start! With a
card like this it’s easy to see why ECWA is THE place to bring your family to
watch live professional wrestling. Here’s a rundown and look-in at the night’s
scheduled card:


*ECWA Heavyweight
: ‘Hybrid’ Sean Carr ( c) vs. Breaker Morant

Carr’s ego and loud mouth
have been the bane of ECWA faithful over the last few months. Under very
questionable circumstances from a fireball to the face of former champion Matt
Saigon by Zac Connor, Sean Carr is the new ECWA heavyweight champion! Breaker
Morant, Saigon’s friend and mentor, obviously thinks Carr was in on the
fireball scandal and is out for revenge for Saigon and himself after a brutal
superkick from Carr at the end of last month’s show.


*6 man tag team match: ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion ‘True Talent’ Bobby
Shields & South Philly’s Finest (Jimmy Konway & Luca Brazzi) vs. Pan
Corp Agency (ECWA Tag Team Champions Damian Adams & Ricky Martinez,
Azrieal) w/ AJ Pan

Shields was betrayed a few
months ago by Azrieal and has since wanted to finally get his hands on him.
Azrieal smartly joined the PCA and has been a thorn in the side of Shields ever
since. SPF was closing in on a surefire win for the ECWA tag team championship
over Adams & Martinez when Azrieal and AJ Pan got involved. A brawl ensued
with new ally Shields coming to the rescue. Now Shields and the SPF are out for
revenge on the PCA. They want it end it forever!


*ECWA Women’s
Deonna Purrazzo (c ) vs. Maria Manic

Deonna Purrazzo has quickly
become the hottest free agent in independent professional wrestling since
winning the ECWA Super 8 tournament back in October. Fresh off appearances for
WWE, TNA, and ROH she’s ready to defend her ECWA Women’s championship. Maria
Manic is making her ECWA debut is still fresh to the business. What will she
bring to the table? Rookies have had a great amount of success in ECWA and this
has possible upset written all over it.


GRUDGE MATCH #1: Napalm Bomb vs. ‘ The Human Terminator’ Solo w/ Joel

Napalm Bomb is healed after
missing time due to injury and is out to stick to his former tag partner and
friend. He’s also out to shut Joel Blackhart for good. Napalm Bomb was going to
vacate his ECWA Mid Atlantic title around 3 months ago but Blackhart insisted
that he not. He instead got Solo to defend it for him in a Fatal Four Way.
Witnessing both Solo and Napalm cheat during that match so they could keep the
championship, Napalm stepped in and made sure the plan didn’t go through. Bobby
Shields would eventually win the title. This development led to Napalm firing
Joel Blackhart! Blackhart has decided to take out Napalm for good and has
enlisted Solo’s help to due the dirty deed.


Payne vs. Kyle Payne w/Joel Blackhart

The Extreme Rednecks are no
more! On a losing streak of late, the partnership showed signs of fracture. The
final straw was Chuck losing to Breaker Morant at last month’s show. Kyle would
brutally assault his now former tag partner, using a cutter suplex on chairs to
emphasize his message. Kyle would then post strange videos saying he’s going to
‘wake up the monster inside Chuck’ so the tag team could once again be
dominant. However, Chuck isn’t taking this lightly and has been training hard
to get his revenge. Kyle might have bitten off more than he can chew.


* ‘Heartkiller’ Chris
Wylde vs. ‘The New Standard of ECWA’ Cory Kastle

Chris Wylde is ready to start
climbing the ladder of ECWA again in his quest to be in consideration for ECWA
gold once again. Standing in his way is a man also looking to climb his way to
the top… a man he knows very well in Cory Kastle. Forces clash in this battle
to see who deserves the next championship opportunity!


*Meisure Ooh La La vs. ‘Old
School’ Eric Martin

Eric Martin is also making
his ECWA debut. Not much is known about this new contender except for the fact
he goes ‘Old School’ during his matches. The wily veteran Meisure Ooh La La has
happily accepted the chance to see what this young rookie has to offer… himself
a prime example of what ‘Old School’ looks like in ECWA. What can happen with
this new unknown competitor?


*The Boss’s Chair with ‘The
Boss’ Mike Tartaglia- special guest Zac Connor

The “highly” loved interview
segment is back! This time maybe we can finally get to the bottom of why Zac
Connor attacked Matt Saigon so brutally with a fireball. Was Sean Carr in on
it? Was he paid off? Did even ‘The Boss’ himself have something to do with it
with Saigon being an old foe? We’ll look for answers out of this!


How’s that for a card of
professional wrestling?! The night looks to be a blast! Let’s all start the New
Year off right by making a resolution to see this show live THIS SATURDAY NIGHT
JANUARY 23! Here’s the rest of the information you’ll need, hope to see all of
you there:


New Year’s Resolution V

Saturday January 23, 2016


741 Helen Ave

Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097


All ECWA events are family


Doors open: 6 pm

Bell time: 7 pm



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