Sean Carr Rants Online

Some thoughts before ECWA Saturday night in New Castle, Delaware…

1.) I don’t care how many referees there are, I’m walking out ECWA Champion..

2.) Joe Zanolle won’t be able to reverse a decision when I Pin Sài Gòn in the MIDDLE of the ring..

3.) To all the ECWA fans, I don’t need or want you’re support. You ALL make me sick to my stomach. You all are without a doubt the biggest bunch of Morons that I have EVER seen in my life.. After all, most of you call each other Team Pop N Fresh.. That’s stupid. You’re stupid. If I could, I would Superkick all of you like I did John Finegan.

4.) I hate Delaware with a passion.

So with that being said. I do NOT look forward to seeing any of you this weekend. But I do look forward to defeating Saigon and rubbing it in all of you’re ugly faces.