Panel Predictions for ECWA 4 Life

ECWA returns to New Castle, Delaware on Saturday, November 21, 2015 with ECWA 4 Life. Each month, a panel of “experts” will weigh in on the matches, providing their own unique insight.

Consensus: 50/50

ECWA Heavyweight Championship – Matt Saigon (c) vs. Sean Carr
AJ Pan (Pan Corp. Agency): Sean Carr is the rightful ECWA Heavyweight Champion. More corruption from the front office has taken this accolade away from him. Regardless of this, Carr will come out as the Champion!
Brady Hicks (Voice of ECWA): Saigon wins in a classic battle.
Tom Lyons (Indy Roundup): Matt Saigon retains his belt.
Sean Blake / Rich Concannon (Team Pop ‘n Fresh): Carr defeats Saigon with an assist from John Finegan. Yes, we predict Finegan will help Carr and become heel ref.

Consensus: Deonna Purrazzo

ECWA Women’s Championship – Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Terra Callaway
AJ Pan: While Terra has the size and is an impressive individual, I have to pick Deonna to retain the Women’s Championship. Even though the title should still be a part of the PCA, Deonna is always welcome to the Agency.
Brady Hicks: Deonna submits Terra Callaway.
Tom Lyons: Deonna, keeps her belt in a knock-down, drag-out cat fight.
Pop ‘n Fresh: Deonna makes Terra tap out.


Consensus: Team PCA

ECWA Tag Team Championship – Team PCA (c) vs. The Extreme Rednecks vs. Bobby Shields & Azrieal
AJ Pan: There is no question that my clients Ricky Martinez & Damian Adams will retain the ECWA Tag Team Championships. While I respect The Extreme Rednecks, we saw chinks in the armor. Bobby Shields and Azriel are a make shift team, and lets face it, Azriel shouldn’t be in this match, let alone the United States.
Brady Hicks: Extreme Rednecks present a once-again unified front to win back the tag team title.
Tom Lyons: PCA comes in. No one knows them and they wil walk out with the titles.
Pop ‘n Fresh: PCA retains, Rednecks implode.

Consensus: Zac Conner

Anything Goes Match – “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs. Zac “The Ripper” Conner
AJ Pan: This is going to be a hard fought and tough match. One thing is for certain, you do not cross “The Boss” Michael Tartaglia and his new wrecking machine of Zac Conner, will uphold the honor of the man in charge!
Brady Hicks: Chris Wylde finally bests Zac Conner.
Tom Lyons: I like Wylde, but The Ripper finds a way to win.
Pop ‘n Fresh: Wylde and Conner in a no contest as they can not be controlled again. They brawl all throughout the venue

Consensus: 50/50

Breaker Morant vs. “Madman” Mark Harro
AJ Pan: A tough match to call. Morant caused me to feel the pain of Matt Saigon’s Ace Crusher and put me out of action. I’m looking for Harro to pull out the victory.
Brady Hicks: After brutal a barbed-wire baseball bat match in September, who can beat Breaker Morant?
Tom Lyons: I know Harro from way back. You have to watch him. He will come out from the crowd to win this one.
Pop ‘n Fresh:  Breaker wins.


Consensus: 50/50

Showcase Match – Shockwave the Robot vs. JD “Bamm Bamm” Browning
AJ Pan: What in the world is a Shockwave?! Is it like a super enhanced microwave? No matter what it is, it will not defeat Mr. Browning. Shockwave will be “Drowning” by the end of this matchup.
Brady Hicks: Shockwave defeats Browning.
Tom Lyons: Shockwave the dancing machine wins this one hands down.
Pop ‘n Fresh: Browning wins / out-dances Shockwave.


Consensus: Cory Kastle

Josh Adams vs. Cory Kastle
AJ Pan: Cory Kastle, no question, plain and simple. Kastle had blood pouring from his head the last time we saw him and now he has blood in his eyes. He will be looking to make an example of Josh Adams.
Brady Hicks: Look for Cory Kastle to get a measure of revenge against the ECWA newcomer, getting himself back on track in the process.
Tom Lyons: Josh Adams … tuff cookie but no match for Cory Kastle, [who will] do anything to win.
Pop ‘n Fresh: Adams/Kastle wrestle to a draw in a classic bout.