ECWA Press Release: Heavyweight Title Situation

The ECWA Heavyweight Championship, or ‘Big Red’ as it’s affectionately known, has had it’s lion share of men battling tooth and nail for the right to be called champion. So with it’s near 50 year history it comes as no surprise that controversy once again surrounds a recent decision crowning a new ECWA Heavyweight Champion.

It was just a few weeks ago when defending champion Matt Saigon competed against Sean Carr in a classic title bout. Back and forth we went until after a whirlwind series of events that took place at the end of the match. Carr would accidentally hit referee John Finegan with an errant Superkick rendering him unconscious and unable to make a count in the event of a pin. Both men would have pins that would have won the match but with no referee the match couldn’t end. Enter Mike Kehner who ran down to the ring to officiate the contest. Carr would hit Saigon with a Tombstone piledriver like move and make the pin fall attempt! 1…2…3! We had a new champion! Or did we? As fans called out… even security made an attempt to notify Kehner of his mistake. Apparently, right before the count of 3 Saigon had put his foot on the bottom rope that would have broken any pinfall attempt! However, the decision was final and the referee had NOT seen the foot on the rope. We had a NEW ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Immediately Matt Saigon and fans flooded ECWA matchmaker/president Joe Zanolle with complaints about the ending. There was only one thing to do. Zanolle poured over video evidence and pictures from the event and it was true! The match should not have ended! Sean Carr should have not been awarded the ECWA championship. Here’s the official statement released by Joe Zanolle in light of this new evidence:


The bad part about being a decision maker is you are never going to make everyone happy and someone will always question you. But, you have to go with your gut feeling… Since Sean Carr defeated Matt Saigon for the ECWA Heavyweight Championship on Oct 17, I have been inundated with correspondences saying that Saigon’s foot was on the rope when Referee Mike Kehner (subbing for Senior Referee John Finegan who was knocked down during the match) made the 3 count for Carr and ruled him the winner and new champion. Then I started receiving photographic evidence. And now I have the video footage. So I talked to both Referee Mike Kehner and John Finegan last week. As evidence by his ruling, Kehner did not see the foot on the rope. John Finegan, however, revealed that he indeed did see Saigon’s foot on the bottom rope and as he was regaining his senses from an errant Sean Carr superkick. As a former referee myself, I am old school and the referee’s decision is final. If you take that authority away from the referee, every decision will be questioned. But, I also believe that there are always exceptions to the rules and that every situation is unique. In this case, the assigned referee for the match DID see the foot, but the substitute referee did not and made the count. Again, whatever decision I make will be questioned and I can’t make everybody happy, but I have come to a decision.

Effective immediately, I am revoking the ruling of Mike Kehner in this match. Due to photographic, video evidence, overwhelming eye witness accounts and the account of the assigned referee John Finegan, Matt Saigon’s foot was indeed on the rope. Therefore I am ruling the match a NO CONTEST and Matt Saigon retains and still is the ECWA Heavyweight Champion!

Also …

1. I am requesting that Sean Carr return the physical ECWA Heavyweight Championship belt to me in 7 calendar days (no later than Tues, Nov 3 by 11:59 PM EST).

2. I am signing a rematch with the two to main event the ECWA 4 LIFE!- The Homecoming, Sat, Nov 21 at the Asbury UMC in New Castle, Delaware, with champion Matt Saigon defending against challenger Sean Carr. Also, in an effort to avoid any future discrepancies, I am officially assigning two referees to officiate this match. Both referees will work in accordance with each other in officiating and ruling on the outcome of the match!”

You have heard that correctly. ECWA management is awarding the ECWA Heavyweight Championship back to Matt Saigon! There will be a REMATCH at ECWA 4 Ever on Saturday November 21, 2015 but with 2 REFEREES so this can never happen again! The problem is Sean Carr has been defiant in the face of this news. You can hear his full statement here:


ECWA management has given him 7 days to give back the championship or risk severe punishment. Carr of course has refused thus far. What will happen with a rematch looming over the horizon in just a few weeks?

Can Matt Saigon this time retain his championship?

Will Sean Carr once again shock the world and win ‘Big Red’?

Will Carr even make it to the event with this possible punishment coming his way?

One thing’s for certain this is going to be a classic contest fought between a powerful champion and cocky challenger! This match could very well be the best ECWA Heavyweight title match in ECWA history!


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East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)
Saturday November 21, 2015
Asbury United Methodist Church
300 East Basin Road
New Castle, Delaware 19720

Doors open: 6pm
Belltime: 7pm