First Look: The Women of the ECWA Super 8

ECWA is widely known as the home of the Super 8 Tournament where the top independent stars have showcased their talents yearly since 1997! Most of our participants have gone on to greater heights in the WWE, TNA, and around the globe! So one wonders why it took so long for the women of independent wrestling to find a similar showcase. So ECWA and ChickFight management partnered together to think of a revolutionary new idea… an all women’s Super 8 Tournament! Finally, the most beautiful, talented, and deadly women on the independent scene will have an arena to showcase their talents! And what makes this tournament so special is not only do they get the prestige of winning the Super 8 Tournament but they also will become the NEW ECWA Women’s Champion! How’s that for making history?

Last year’s tournament was widely regarded by fans and critics as one of the best women’s shows in years on the independent circuit. This year’s will be NO DIFFERENT! In this article series we’ll take a look (4 at a time) at the women of the Super 8, their careers, and why they were chosen as participants. One thing’s for certain the roof may need to be replaced in the Woodbury Heights Community Center after this one! Don’t miss out on history… and see who can take home all the glory and bragging rights come Saturday October 17!


Tessa Blanchard- Last year’s first ever Super 8 winner has come home to ECWA to try make two in a row… two wins a feat only accomplished by Christopher Daniels on the men’s side. Since we last saw Tessa, she has turned into the hottest star in women’s independent wrestling. She’s traveled all over the country battling some of the sport’s biggest stars and recently completed her first tour of China! To talk about Tessa’s wrestling pedigree is a tad cliché, the daughter of a WWE HOF’er and Four Horsemen member, the list can go on and on. But with time comes experience and she’s grown as a wrestler exponentially. This year she’s confident that no woman in the tournament can match her. She’s easily the early favorite and woman to beat. Can the girl with a legendary name continue to build her legacy?

Not The BOSS' Pick

Brittany Blake- Brittany has become a perennial fan favorite in ECWA as of late. Training out of the CZW Dojo, she’s quickly shown despite her small size she has plenty of fight in her. Coming out of a school like she did, she’s very technically sound and willing to do almost anything to weaken her opponents whether that be creative submission holds or her trademark missile dropkick off of the top turnbuckle. Performing for CZW Dojo Wars, WSU, and Girl Fight she’s grown a reputation for being one of the most underrated women on the indies. It will interesting to see Brittany combat the other women in this tournament… will she out speed them? Out wit them with her technical ability, or simply take the fight right in their face? One thing’s for certain, she could walk out with both prestigious honors next to her name.

Shimmery Jewells

Jewells Malone- This year ECWA went above and beyond to find tough women and they hit pay dirt in Malone. This Canadian vixen has made a HUGE name for herself as one of the toughest wrestlers, man or woman, on the planet. She’s well known for battling men and even has taken part in hardcore matches over her 4 year career thus far earning her the nickname “Hardcore Princess”. Training under Marcus Marquez & Rob Fuego in her native Canada, she’s made her presence in the States fighting for JCW, WSU, and Beyond Wrestling among others. Her power wrestling is often times shocking to fans and opponents who don’t expect the blonde haired beauty to be so brutal or calculating. Jewells has been mostly quiet about this tournament, preferring to wait to unleash her fury upon the other 7 women. Can the beautiful Canadian steal the trophy? You won’t catch many voicing otherwise.

Are you ready for Vionette?

Miranda Vionette- A relative rookie to professional wrestling, Miranda has come a long way in a short time. Getting her training out of the world famous Monster Factory, she’s already gained attention for her high flying cruiserweight style wrestling. She’s even captured the Monster Factory’s Super Sonic Championship making her a not your average rookie coming into this tournament. Where she has the huge advantage is that she’s never faced or come across most of the women in the Super 8, and because of that they won’t know what to expect when she uses her impressive speed. This beautiful addition is not to be taken lightly and could very well steal the show come October 17.

And there you have it, a brief look at the careers of 4 out of the field of 8 participants in this year’s Super 8 Tournament. You can not miss a chance to come see history in the making. You never know which one of these ladies could win the tournament this month and be on your tv’s next month. That’s the beauty of the ECWA Super 8 ChickFight Tournament! Stay tuned to ECWA on Facebook for further updates to this show! To buy tickets please go to or call (609) 220-5598 for more information. ECWA is THE PLACE TO BE comeSaturday night October 17. Be there!