ECWA 48th Anniversary Show Results

ECWA Anniversary Show Recap/Results 9-19-15


1. Brittany Blake and Deonna Purrazzo ended in a TIME
Both women went back and forth with impressive chain and high
flying offense. However, neither could gain the upper hand as a time limit draw
was reached. Could this a potential match-up in the Women’s Super 8 just next


2. New PCA member Damian Adams defeated Azrieal- This
was originally scheduled to be Ricky Martinez’s match but AJ Pan and Martinez
both claimed he was too injured to compete. Azrieal was closing in on the
victory when Martinez bashed him with his crutch when the referee was
distracted. Damian Adams used this to hit a cradle DDT for the victory.
Afterwards, Ricky Martinez, apparently not injured, and Adams proceeded to beat
down Azrieal for several minutes.


3. Chris Wylde and Zac Connor fought to a NO CONTEST- Wylde
and Connor’s bad blood was apparent from the get go when neither man would
follow the referee’s instructions. Wylde entered through the crowd and the
brawl ensued. Both men delivered deciding blows and not even the arena could
hold them. The match ended in a non contest and they battled all over the


4. Bobby Shields defeated Sean Carr and Solo to become
the NEW ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion-
 Now ex champion Napalm Bomb came to the ring
with the intentions to vacate the championship after he announced he had a torn
meniscus. However, Joel Blackhart quickly announced he had a replacement to
defend the title for him…  his friend and
teammate in Black Wallstreet and the LOD… SOLO! But ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle
had already decided that Carr would face Shields for the championship. And so,
a three way dance ensued. The ending coming when Napalm Bomb thwarted an
attempt by Blackhart to interfere on Solo’s behalf and Shields would get the
pin. Afterwards, Napalm would FIRE Joel Blackhart!


* The Boss’s Chair segment was next with of course
Mike Tartaglia on the mic. He would invite ‘His Holiness’ The Pope down to the
ring claiming they were fast friends. After a few minutes of basically making a
fool out of himself, Mr. Ooh La La would come out and give the Stone Cold
Stunner to the Pope, effectively ending the mockery. Enter the Extreme Rednecks
who would brutally assault Ooh La La, seemingly cashing in on the hit put on
Ooh La La’s head by The Don.


            *Just as the
tag team title match was about to begin, Zac Connor and Chris Wylde came out of
the restroom hallway area STILL taking the fight to each other. Connor would
deliver a devastating power bomb to Wylde prompting security to remove him from
the building. ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle has suspended both men for 30 days
for their actions.

5. Extreme Rednecks
(Chuck & Kyle Payne) defeat Kid USA to retain the ECWA Tag Team
This was essentially a beat down of the young rookie Kid USA
by the Rednecks. His partner Mr. Ooh La La having already been taken out
earlier in the evening. A brief rally was easily thwarted by the tag team
champions as they easily defeated Kid USA. Mr. Ooh La La would try to stumble
to the ring near the end of the contest but it was too late.


6. Matt Saigon defeated CW Anderson to retain the ECWA
Heavyweight Championship-
 In a
brilliant display of wrestling by both men this was a championship match to
remember. Saigon would showcase his resilience numerous times as Anderson
proved to far more than a formidable opponent. Anderson had numerous near falls
with his old school style beat down and amazing power… including a devastating
super kick. However, in the end Matt Saigon would give one last gasp and
deliver the deciding blow with his trademark ace crusher for the victory.
Afterwards, Anderson would give his seal of approval to Saigon in front of the
live crowd saying the champion had earned his respect.


7. Breaker Morant defeated Cory Kastle in a NON
When the fans are warned of the
impending violence, you know this match was non sanctioned for a reason. With
numerous barbwire baseball bats and even a spool of it used in the match it was
certainly a bloody, dangerous affair. Both men sustained severe injuries in
their desperate attempt to defeat the other… Morant would eventually emerge
victorious when he made Kastle pass out from a cross face from the barbwire
baseball bat. Afterwards, both men needed attention with Kastle going to the ER
to get stitches.




NEXT EVENT: Second Annual
ECWA Women’s Super 8 Chickfight Tournament

                                    Saturday October, 17, 2015
Woodbury Heights, NJ