ECWA Super 8 Results & Recap

2015 ECWA Super 8 Tournament- Quick Results/Recap


            The 2015 ECWA Super 8 Tournament is in the books! It was a night of hard hitting and fast paced action that is already being talked about as the best event of 2015! Who knew year 19 of this prestigious tournament could have very well been the best? Here’s a quick recap/results rundown of the night’s action:


Quarter Finals


Jason Kincaid defeats Kai Katana– It what many expected to a high flying affair, the match was all over the ring! Huge impact moves by both men including a thunderous, HIGH ARCING moonsault from Katana that unfortunately missed it’s target leading to Kincaid picking up the victory.


Corey Hollis defeats BJ Hancock– These two men knew each other very well from battles in the Carolinas. Hancock utilized his old school ground and proud tactics to injure and weaken Hollis. But Hollis wouldn’t die so easily eventually hitting what some called Sliced Bread #3 to pick up a surprise win.


Jaxson James defeats Breaker Morant– Power vs. Power. Veteran vs. Rookie. We saw it all in this one. James showing his amazing power and Morant showing why he’s considered a ring general. Morant almost pulled this one out as the overwhelming fan favorite. But James power and youth won out in the end.


Sean Carr defeats Napalm Bomb– Many considered this match of the night. Carr’s speed and innovative offense did nicely against the amazing display of power put forth by the Bomb. Napalm would close in on victory but miss his trademark Swanton Bomb only for Carr to score the pinfall using the very same move!


Matt Saigon defeats Bobby Shields & Ricky Martinez to become the NEW ECWA Heavyweight Champion– This elimination match spilled all over the arena as the will to win “Big Red” filled the air. Shields would use his power and ring smarts to surprise the other men with many near falls. Martinez, the defending champ, would get eliminated early as he let himself get too cocky. Shields beat down Saigon for better part of the match… but the fans wouldn’t let Saigon falter… as Shields went for his 450 Splash finisher Saigon caught him with a HUGE jumping Ace Crusher for the win!


Renee Michelle defeats Tessa Blanchard to become the NEW ECWA Women’s Champion– The bad blood between this two women was apparent right from the start. Throwing each other threw everything they could find ringside made for quite the show. Blanchard would dominate the match early with her array of technical wrestling… but Michelle pounced and scored the pinfall with a surprise neck breaker into a moonsault for the win.


Semi Finals


Corey Hollis defeats Sean Carr– Back and forth… quite frankly sums up this match. Carr showing his cocky attitude went right after the injured knee of Hollis using submission holds to gain the advantage. Hollis refused to tap or stay down for 3. Carr impressed with a dazzling display of speed and technical wrestling. Once again defying all odds, Hollis would comeback at the end hitting “Sliced Bread #3” to advance to the Finals.


Jason Kincaid defeats Jaxson James– Jaxson James went right to work grounding the much faster Kincaid. Using various slams and suplexes it seemed to be working. But as with much of his career, give Kincaid an inch he takes a mile. Kincaid would hit two of the most amazing moves in Super 8 history: a turnbuckle-to-turnbuckle dropkick and a top rope-bounce back-to-top rope arm drag that amazing all in attendance. Kincaid would score the win catching James off guard with his unorthodox offense.


Extreme Rednecks, Phil Sly, & JD Browning defeat Kid USA, Sam Shields, & Mr. Oui

In what could be described as a cluster of clashing personalities, the Rednecks and Browning dominated Kid USA early keeping him isolated from his teammates. But USA would tag in Shields who would quickly clean house with a t-bone suplex to Browning and Kyle Payne of the Rednecks. But the numbers game was too much. After much back and forth between all the men involved, it wasn’t apparent who was the legal man for either team. Mr. Oui would be the first to reenter the ring… but unfortunately for him next were the Extreme Rednecks who promptly dropped him with their leg sweep-heel kick finisher. In comes Phil Sly who hid for most of the match to score the pinfall.




Jason Kincaid defeats Corey Hollis to become the 2015 Super 8 Champion– Kincaid vs. Hollis was a test of strength and courage by both men. Hollis with a never say die attitude quickly went after the surprised Kincaid. Speed for speed, innovative offense vs. innovative offense. They were evenly matched. Kincaid’s hidden brutality would come into focus attacking the still injured knee of Hollis. But Corey Hollis would shock Kincaid with a beautiful display of suplexes and submission holds that many times looked to win him the match. But no! Kincaid was just too powerful on this night landing a spinning Falcon Arrow for the victory.