ECWA Super 8 March 21 3 More participants reviewed

First Look: ECWA Super 8 participants


            The ECWA is proudly presenting the 19 Annual Super 8 Tournament on Saturday March 21, 2015. The Super 8 has long been a tournament rich in tradition that’s allowed many men and now women to showcase their abilities to a wide audience. To say it’s etched in independent wrestling history is an understatement. Most of today’s wrestlers read about, went to, and dreamed about the Super 8 growing up… and they all want the honor to chase down that elusive golden trophy.

            The names who’ve competed read like a who’s who of today’s wrestling superstars… names like Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, both Hardy brothers, and Christopher Daniels. And that’s just to name a few.

            This year’s field of 8 hopes to one day be considered in the same esteem as those names just mentioned. This tournament is about young up and comers getting their chance to showcase their talents…. It’s about veterans getting that last chance at glory… it’s all those things but who will be the next break out star? Who will the fans be able to say “I saw him before…?” Who will dominate the competition?

            This offers a first look at this year’s field of 8 participants. Here’s a brief look at Kai Katana, Breaker Morant, and Sean Carr.


Kai Katana

This is the biggest question mark in this year’s tournament…. Kai Katana is as mysterious as he is deadly. Coming onto the independent scene in 2012, he attacked opponents in companies like Victory Pro Wrestling, Jersey Championship Wrestling, and MCW with a lethal combination of aerial and martial arts maneuvers. ECWA fans will remember he briefly teamed with Bolo Yung and Matt Saigon as the Asian Nation a few years ago. What’s not certain is his motivations in the Super 8… is he here to win the trophy to prove his dominance or is he out for something more sinister? Certainly something the other seven men will be thinking as they look across at the stoic warrior. Kai Katana is a big wildcard in the tournament and someone who could easily walk out with the title Super 8 champion.


“The Hybrid” Sean Carr

The egomaniac Sean Carr debuted in 2009 after training under Horace White. Carr gained notoriety early in promotions like ECPW, Squared Circle Wrestling, and World Extreme Wrestling among others with his unique blend of technical wrestling and speed: a fact that gives him the moniker “The Hybrid”. Apart of the successful team Team CK, Carr has gained a reputation as a loud mouth… but one who can back up all the talk. In fact, ECWA fans will remember Team CK’s run as tag team champions in which they were routinely the most hated men on the roster. Being quite possibly the most overlooked man in the tournament hasn’t been lost to him. Carr is looking to outsmart and out wrestle everyone else on his quest to hoisting the Super 8 trophy and establishing himself as a top tier singles wrestler. Can Sean Carr take advantage of opponents looking past him? Or will his mouth once again get him in trouble and be his Achilles heel? One thing’s for certain… Carr thinks he’s better than everyone else and he isn’t afraid to tell you all about it.


Breaker Morant

Breaker Morant enters this year’s tournament as the longest tenured veteran of the squared circle and easily the most popular among the fans. Beginning his career in 2002, Morant’s old school brawler style wrestling lends itself to his trainers Heidi Lee and Les Morgan…. who also trained ECWA HOF’er Meisure Ooh La La. Morant broke onto the scene working for places like Heritage Wrestling Alliance and Force One before catching onto current ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia’s former company TWA in 2009. Since then, the Philadelphia native has been hated and he’s been loved. In ECWA in particular, Morant led the evil Black Heart faction threatening to overthrow the company… but with an attitude adjustment he’s quite the fan favorite nowadays. He’s entered the tournament with the most to prove. Can he steal the spotlight from all the young upstarts in the tournament? Or will he crash and burn like the Black Hearts? Either way, Breaker Morant is out to show the fans he can go with the best.


That’s your first look at this year’s crop of amazing wrestling talent. Still to come are looks at the 2 SPECIAL ECWA Championship matches and a HUGE 8 man Tag Team match just added!


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Scheduled Card (subject to change)…


2015 Super 8 Competitors


1- “The GIFT” Jason Kincaid

2- Napalm Bomb

3- “Thoroughbred” Jaxson James

4- “Hybrid” Sean Carr

5- Corey Hollis


7- “Modern Classic” BJ Hancock

8- Breaker Morant


ECWA Heavyweight Title Match

Elimination Rules

“Future of the Business” Ricky Martinez (c) vs. “Vietnam Phenom” Matt Saigon vs. Bobby Shields


ECWA Women’s Title Match

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Renee Michelle


8-Man Tag Team Match

Mr. Oui, Kid USA and the Midnight Sensations (Rockwell & Shields) vs. ECWA Tag Team Champions, the Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne), “Bamm Bamm” JD Browning and Referee Phil Sly with his legal counsel and the Don


The late “Living Legend” Larry Winters will be inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame. Larry’s sons will accept for him.


Card subject to change








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