Tessa Blanchard wins the 1st Women’s Super 8 Tournament

ECWA Chick Fight
Super 8 Tournament Results/Recap 10-11-14


First Round

Jenny Rose defeats
Annie Social via tap out-
Jenny Rose has made quite the name for herself
wrestling around the country and in Japan. Social on the other hand is a
well-respected veteran. Social started slow… ground and pounding Rose to slow
her ability to rally behind the crowd. But Rose wouldn’t stay down for long as
she quickly landed stunning sidewalk slams and a camel clutch like submission
that pumped the crowd up. Social tried to regain control but Jenny Rose would
finish her with a huge Boston Crab.

Gabby Gilbert defeats
Nikki Addams via tap out-
The feisty Gabby Gilbert certainly came into this
match full of energy and it was up to Addams to try to weather the storm.
Gilbert’s unorthodox offense came into play early with various creative arm
drags and holds. Addams did intend weather the initial storm showcasing her raw
power with impressive clotheslines and suplexes. But the rowdy Gilbert stormed
back by slamming Addams into the corner butt first 3 times! Trying to fight
back didn’t help Nikki Addams as Gabby Gilbert caught her with a cross face to
make her tap out.

Tessa Blanchard
defeats Tina San Antonio via pinfall-
Tina San Antonio came into this the
much more experienced and more powerful woman. But would Blanchard’s pedigree
prove too much? San Antonio wasn’t impressed as she quickly out powered
Blanchard throwing her around the ring by her hair. As the crowd didn’t
appreciate these cheap tactics, Tina picked up the pace with quick pinfall
attempts and slams. Showing her veteran prowess she even caught Blanchard’s
attempt at a baseball slide in the ring apron. But the underdog Blanchard in
the corner but a HUGE power bomb was delivered by Tina San Antonio for the near
fall! Just when it seemed Tina would deliver the final blow, Tessa would strike
with a running bulldog stunning her long enough to get the victory!

Renee Michelle
defeats Candy Cartwright via pinfall-
Michelle was in a foul mood as this
match-up began and Cartwright’s chipper nature didn’t help any. Candy would
quickly gain the advantage with impressive arm drags and hip tosses. She would
get the crowd behind her delivering a devastating clothesline for a near fall.
But Renee Michelle isn’t a former ECWA Woman’s Champion for nothing… she would
fight back with chops the chest and a nice dropkick. Candy would try to fight
back but Michelle would catch her with a Russian leg sweep than a moonsault off
the top rope for the win.

*The Boss himself
would make his presence known saying he had a big surprise for the ECWA fans in
attendance… and what did it end up being? That his friend Phil Sly would be the
special guest referee for the ECWA Mid Atlantic Title match later in the

Bobby Shields defeats
Ricky Martinez and Robbie E to retain the ECWA Heavyweight Championship via
These match of course started with Martinez running his mouth once
again. Claiming a conspiracy, he demanded a fair match. But Robbie and Shields
would promptly dump him over the rope twice before squaring off. Shields and
Robbie would go back and forth showcasing some impressive chain wrestling.
Robbie would then dump Shields to the outside as Martinez would attack him from
behind. Slowly beating down the TNA star, he would stomp and suplex his way to
near fall after near fall as he made sure the champion Shields couldn’t
re-enter the match, hitting him off the ring apron as he tried to recover. But
Martinez’s cockiness would come back to haunt him, Robbie E would start a small
rally as Shields climbed his way onto the top rope hitting an a devastating
missile dropkick as Robbie E looked on from the outside. Rampaging on both men
he would deliver a running knee to Martinez just to turn around and be leveled
himself by Robbie E! Signaling his signature move he would drop Martinez onto
his head as Shields re-entered the fray. Robbie would try a clothesline…
Shields ducked it… and hit a big superkick for the 1…2…3!

Mark Harro defeats
Meisure Ooh La La to retain the ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship via pinfall-
an apparent mismatch, Harro would easily take control early hitting some big
punches and submissions weakening the wily Frenchman. But as has been the case
for well over 15 years, Ooh La La wouldn’t go down quietly. Making a comeback
with haymakers and boots, it seemed maybe the crowd would help him pull off a
huge upset. But Harro is dangerous for a reason; He would hit a running 450 for
a near fall and look to finish the match. But Ooh La La would fight back
hitting a Stunner and go for the win… but Sly would refuse to make the count!
Mad about this blatant cheating, he threatened to hit Sly… but Harro would
attack him from behind before hitting a Celtic Cross slam for the victory.

Semi Finals

Jenny Rose defeats
Gabby Gilbert via tap out-
In what seemed like a contrast of styles turned
into an instant classic. Rose would strike first delivering blow after blow and
locking in her submissions designed to weaken and slow her opponent. But
Gilbert wasn’t ready to play dead… she would fight back showcasing her own wide
variety of interesting chain wrestling and leg scissor holds. Going on the
offensive, Gilbert would seemingly use Rose’s own strategy against her slowly
dissecting her with submissions and holds. But Jenny Rose has become a fixture
in Japan for a reason; she would deliver a spinning sidewalk slam and camel
clutch taking the life out of Gilbert. With amazing toughness, Gabby wouldn’t
be done as she tried to pick up the pace with high speed kicks but Rose would
catch her and surprise her by locking in the Boston Crab eventually forcing
Gilbert to tap out.

Tessa Blanchard
defeats Renee Michelle via pinfall-
Michelle would try to end it early by
attacking Blanchard ruthlessly with haymakers to the face and slams. Taunting
her way through the match, Michelle would deliver very nice dropkicks, arm
drags, and lay in some deep submission holds. But the feisty Blanchard wouldn’t
take it anymore… she would explode into the match flying around the ring
throwing Michelle corner to corner. Clothelines and a close near fall followed
as Renee Michelle was simply stunned. But with Tessa being a rookie, she would
make rookie mistakes. All Michelle had to do was wait for Blanchard to get over
zealous, and strike. A Russian leg sweep signaled a possible moonsault but
Tessa would move out of the way! Showing shades of her father, Tessa would hit
a sling shot Saito Suplex for the pinfall advancing to the finals!


Tessa Blanchard
defeats Jenny Rose via pinfall to become the NEW ECWA Woman’s Champion and the
This match was personal… this
match was brutal… and this match was about one thing…. that trophy and that
championship belt. Rose would immediately attack. Suplexing Blanchard and
slamming her hard she would quickly try to make the pin. Delivering her camel
clutch, it seemed like Rose was just too experienced for the rookie Blanchard.
But this is the finals and Tessa came back firing. She would hit a monkey flip
and clothesline, making pin fall attempts of her own.  Delivering blow after blow, this match
quickly was even. As Rose slid out of the ring to recover, Blanchard would
follow hitting a flying clothesline but Rose would counter pummeling Tessa on
the floor. Slamming her repeatedly into the ring and posts, Rose was aggressive
trying to end Blanchard for good. Throwing Blanchard into the chairs and fans,
the referee had to come and restore order before it got out of hand. Returning
to the ring, Rose would deliver another camel clutch but a reversal as Tessa
slammed Rose’s face into the mat! Quickly trying to seize the moment, she would
try to hit the sling shot suplex but Jenny Rose does a reversal of her own
locking in the Boston Crab. As she struggled, Tessa grabbed Rose’s leg and
rolled her up for the 1…2…3!