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          Welcome to this month’s edition of ‘10 Questions with’, the
exciting interview series where you, the ECWA fans, can learn about your
favorite ECWA stars and staff! Maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s learning about
life, or okay fine it could be about wrestling too. Either way, we aim to
provide you with an experience that only we here at ECWA offer! This month we
ask 10 questions to now former ECWA Heavyweight Champion Kekoa the Flyin’
Hawaiian! *As of this writing, I would like to wish Kekoa a fast and speedy
recovery as he recovers from a torn ACL ligament in his knee. Unfournately,
Kekoa had to vacate the ECWA title and is expected to miss at the very least 6
months of ring action.


Question 1: When and who
were you trained by?

Kekoa: I was trained back in 2006 in Allentown, PA. The
school was, they’re not operating anymore, Lehigh Valley Wrestling Training
Academy. My trainers were Bill ‘The Benchmark’ Daly, Mike Mongoose, and Buzz


Question 2: What has been
your favorite ECWA moment or match thus far?

Kekoa: Probably my favorite ECWA moment AND match, because
they go hand in hand, was my match with Aden Chambers. As much as I enjoyed
winning the ECWA Heavyweight Championship, and that was such a proud moment of
my career, there was just so much emotion and drive going into that match. It
was just a lot more personal. Just to be able to go out there with someone you
consider a brother was absolutely amazing. The crowd reaction we were getting
and the rest of the locker room who surrounded the ring that night… the whole
night was absolutely amazing. Just to be able to give them that match was
something I’ll never forget.


Question 3: Thanks goes
out to Florence Wendler for this question- When you first started out what was
your biggest fear and why?

Kekoa: My biggest fear was and is failing. The reason why is
because with any dream you have there’s always going to be those people who
tell you you’re never going to do something or you’ll never amount to anything.
When I told my mom when I was a little kid that I wanted to be a professional
wrestler she thought it was just a dream I’d grow out of. Then when I got older
and I still wanted that dream, she told me I was wasting my life. That I should
land my balloon because I’ll never amount to anything in that field. My dad
wasn’t supportive either and no one really was. Even my teachers at school said
I was too small and you’ll never make it. They said to give up but how do you
give up when you haven’t even tried something? Fear was my biggest worry
because once you fail you’ve proven everyone else right and that’s something I
never wanted to do. I’ve been very lucky to have had a very good resumed career
thus far. I’ve did a lot of what I wanted to do. Actually, I had the
opportunity to catch up with an old classmate of mine and he told me he was
proud of me because he was on that list of people who said I’d never make it in
this business. He had no expectations for me in wrestling and he was just so


Question 4: What advice
would you give an aspiring pro wrestler?

Kekoa: The advice I can give is if you love this business
without a second thought it’s got to be 150% love. It can’t be 60% or anything
other than that for that matter. There’s such hard roads and tough people you
meet along the way that unless you have some backbone and passion for this
business you’re never going to survive them. The road is tough but it won’t be
as bad if you love it more than anything else.


Question 5: Can you share
a funny backstage story?

Kekoa: Haha, I could share a lot of stories. This is the
first one that came to mind. A buddy of mine named Mark Angel… he’s called Mr.
Touchdown in Chikara right now. We were wrestling in LVW years ago and he had
just gotten this new watch for Christmas from his girlfriend at the time. He
was so happy about it and just loved it. Well he had the watch sitting on top
of his bag and I can’t help but rib people. I’m always the jokester backstage.
So I took the watch and put it in my bag in a pocket that no one else knows is
there. When Mark came back from his match and was getting dressed, he noticed
the watch was gone and he absolutely flipped. He was like “I can’t believe
there’s people in this locker room that would steal. I’m tired of this. Nobody
leaves until I find out who took the watch.” He was searching people’s bags. He
was losing it. Then he had to go back out for an autograph signing or something
of that nature and when he left I went and grabbed the watch out of my bag and
put it back on top of his bag. He saw it and goes “Who did it? Who took it? I
swear to god I’ll break you.” It was priceless. I don’t even remember if I ever
told him I took the watch. I’ll have to check in on that, haha.


Question 6: Who do you
think is the best wrestler in the ECWA currently (beside’s yourself)?

Kekoa: I wouldn’t say I’m the best wrestler. Not anymore, I
lost the title. The easy answer is to say whoever the ECWA champion is at the
time is the best wrestler. I mean that’s the proof. You’re proving you’re the
best in the company. With the title vacant, it’s hard to say. My top two
answers right now would be Matt Saigon and Ricky Martinez. That’s not coming
from because I know them personally, it’s because if you’re looking for someone
who has the drive to be the best it’s those two characters. I apologize if that’s
biased but those two are at the top of my list.


Question 7: The Super 8
Tournament is right around the corner. You were in the Tournament back in 2012.
What did that mean to you?

Kekoa: Just to be able to put your name along the same lines
as so many great superstars is just surreal. You almost have to pinch yourself
in those moments and be like “Is this real?” I really hope I get to do it again
because I didn’t give as good a performance as I hoped. As you recall, I lost
in the first round. So I really hope I get to do one again. It was just


Question 8: In wrestling
today, what do you think needs to be done to make indy companies more

Kekoa: I think indy promoters need to focus on what would make
them money rather than what they wanna see. I think they go ‘Oh this guy, he
helped me put up flyers. So I’m gonna put him over in this match.” Or “This guy’s
been around this town for so long I’m gonna have him do this or that.”
Sometimes things don’t make sense. As much as people say the fans aren’t smart,
they are smart. They can see what’s put in front of them. If something doesn’t
make sense to them then you didn’t get your point across. I just think
promoters need to be smart…. Stop being a fan and start being businessmen.


Question 9: Tell something
that no one knows about you— such as a talent, event in your life, etc.

Kekoa: That’s kinda hard because I’m such an open book. I
guess the only thing I can think of, and sorry for it being on the negative
side, is I had a really tough upbringing. My mom had a nervous breakdown when I
was a kid and when that happened I had to turn from being a kid to being a
parent for my parent. I feel that’s what got me so focused and goal oriented. I
could go on and on about all the tough stories I had when I was a kid. Having
to grow up so fast, I mean I didn’t get as much as a childhood as other kids,
but there was times when I still got to be a kid. But I don’t regret it. It
made me grow up and mature and when I got out into the real world when I was on
my own when I turned 18 it made me more ready for it. I know people in their 30’s
still living at home with their parents. And it’s not a knock on them. Just to
be able to go through something like that makes you so strong…. It makes you
unbreakable to anything else that comes your way.


Question 10: What has pro
wrestling helped you learn about life?

Kekoa: It gives me purpose personally. I mean if I didn’t
have pro wrestling I’d be 400 pounds and I wouldn’t go to the gym. I’d probably
never leave my couch. I’d be playing Call of Duty or Guitar Hero all damn day
or watching Netflix all morning and night. Pro wrestling has taught me to be
responsible, how to be professional, and it’s taught me to better myself. To strive
for something and work towards that next goal. It’s such a business that
everyone puts down because it’s so hard, and it is hard, and I’m not taking
that away from it. But it’s such a maturing business that really grows people
over the years and I don’t think it gets the good credit it deserves. It’s not
just going out there and being a rock star in front of these people, it just
makes you a better person.


We would like to thank
Kekoa for taking the time to sit down with us and make the interview that much
more personal. That’s what this series was designed to do. Please take the time
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