ECWA Spring Battle III Results, New Extreme Rising Champion

ECWA Spring Battle III Results 3-1-14


1. Ricky Martinez defeats
Papadon via a Back Stabber-
match had huge implications for both men. Martinez going into the Super 8
Tournament and Papadon regaining his footing in his hunt for another title run.
Things started off badly when Martinez attacked Papadon as the show began with
a chair to the back. As things got underway, Martinez had the clear advantage
weakening Papadon’s injured back with bear hugs and suplexes. Taking his time
to slowly weaken the ‘Greek God’ was smart. Papadon could never mount much
offense as he tried time and time again to use his power game but to no avail.
Even his deadly ‘Wrath of God’ piledriver couldn’t be used as he hunched over
in pain. The end would come as Martinez took advantage of a distracted referee
to hit a low blow and then a devastating back stabber for the victory.


*ECWA heavyweight champion
Kekoa comes out and announces he has a torn ACL and had surgery just a few days
prior. Barring this, he has to vacate the ECWA title. A Fatal Four Way will
take place in June to determine a new champion. The participants to be decided
by a series of matches throughout the night. First entrant? Ricky Martinez
after his victory over Papadon.


2. Team CK defeats Azrieal
& Rob Vegas via Super Kick-Powerslam combo-
This match was personal. Team CK has been on one heck
of a tear since debuting in the ECWA attacking almost anyone who crosses their
path. Last month, they attacked Az and Vegas as they left the arena. Leading to
this match, Az and Vegas went on the offensive using a variety of high flying
kicks and tag team moves to try to keep the smaller Sean Carr of Team CK away
from the powerhouse Kage. It worked for awhile and the veteran Azrieal was
especially vicious with his trademark stomps and slams. The younger Vegas would
become a bit overzealous and try to take things in his own hands which played
into Team CK’s hands. Carr would tag in his partner and all hell broke loose!
All 4 men went at it back and forth, blow for blow. But in the end Team CK’s
resourcefulness came into play. Carr would hit his super kick on Rob Vegas into
the powerful running Powerslam by Kage for the pin fall.


3. Bobby Shields defeats
Little Mikey via the Body Bomb-
is hot off the presses of winning his Golden Opportunity contract just last
month and of course the cocky Little Mikey wanted to ruin the party. The match
started typical with neither man gaining much ground. Mikey takes the advantage
with his cowardice. By running from Shields it caused him to lose focus and
Mikey was smart to take advantage. Posing all the way, Mikey would hit various
power moves such as suplexes and slams to weaken Shields. But wrestling ‘True
Talent’ would not be denied… feeding off the energy of the crowd he stormed back!
A flurry of punches and kicks stunned Mikey as Bobby Shields would try to
finish him off quickly. And so he did, after some resistance, Shields would hit
the Body Bomb for the 1..2..3.


4. Heavyweight
Championship Determiner(whoever gets the pin gets in the match)- Breaker Morant
& Apollyon defeat Matt Saigon & Bolo Yung via Cutter Driver-
What a brutal match. The mysterious Bolo Yung would
start things off using his painful chops and kicks to immediately deflate
Breaker Morant. Yung looked extra vicious all the way through using martial
arts to stun the stronger Morant. Tagging quickly in and out, Saigon would also
seemingly lose it and just brutalize his former friend. It seemed Breaker just
couldn’t gain a footing. Willing his partner to fight back and with the support
of the crowd, Apollyon entered the match with pain on his mind! Hitting 2
stunning spinning heel kicks and clotheslines, the monster of a man looked to
be able to handle both men easily. Tagging back in, Breaker wanted to get him
some and so he did. All 4 men back and forth with Yung getting knocked out of
the ring. Apollyon chasing. Distracted by this, Saigon didn’t notice Morant
lying in wait behind him as Breaker Morant hit’s his cutter driver for the pin
fall win and a spot in the Heavyweight Title match in June.


5. Mark Harro defeats
Chris Wylde via DQ after Wylde attacks him with a chain-
In what many called the match of the night and early
favorite for match of the year Mark Harro and Chris Wylde fought… or should I
say went to war! A flurry of fast paced offense by both men shocked and awed
the crowd into a frenzy! Harro with a t-bone suplex and running knees and Wylde
hitting a cannonball and flying clotheslines. It looked to spill all over the
arena and both men laid their bodies on the line. Wylde hit one of the most
impressive moves ever in ECWA history by landing a DEVASTATING diving through
the ropes tornado DDT onto Harro on the floor! The crowd erupted! But the ‘Dragonfly’
wasn’t done yet as he unleashed his own impressive running shooting star press
for a near fall. That caused him to get very frustrated and go for the chain he
brought to the ring to hit Wylde. He missed and Wylde would return the favor
and get DQ-ed. Harro had to restrained by security and I doubt we’ve seen the
last of these men’s beef with each other.


6. Renee Michelle &
Phil Sly w/Sly’s lawyer defeat Jessie Kaye & John Finegan via a briefcase
shot to the head-
This match was
really a big question mark for fans and the people involved. Michelle and Kaye started
it off going back and forth with their hatred seeping through. Kaye had the
early advantage pumping up the crowd with her slams and clotheslines. But
Michelle is no pushover, fighting back with forearms to the face and a little
hair pulling along the way. Went things went bad enter Phil Sly and then John
Finegan who put on an impressive display of wrestling moves with Finegan
hitting a dropkick and deep arm drags to stun the fans and Sly. Closing in on
victory, Finegan seemed ready to take his team to the top but the wily Michelle
would distract the ref long enough for Sly’s lawyer to slip him his briefcase
which he would use to hit Finegan in the head with and gain the victory.


7. Meisure Ooh La La vs.
Napalm Bomb would turn into Napalm Bomb vs. Matt Saigon after Saigon attacks
Ooh La La from behind. Napalm Bomb w/ Joel Blackhart defeats Matt Saigon via a
roll-up to gain the next spot in the Heavyweight title match in June-
Obviously, Saigon was a man on a mission after first
losing last month’s chance for the Golden Opportunity Series and then the
earlier tag team match against Breaker Morant & Apollyon. But Napalm Bomb
was also on a mission and it didn’t include losing. Saigon was injured still
from earlier in the night and the Bomb took easy advantage. Saigon would get in
a flurry of offensive kicks with so much intensity. Weathering the storm,
Napalm Bomb waited for his chance to steal one and he did with a roll-up pin
that once again stunned Saigon.


8. D-Line defeats Legion
of Destruction( Ahtu & Solo) w/ Joel Blackhart via the football spear-
This match was exactly as advertised. Two teams with
power who hated each other. The LOD would try to power it’s way to victory
quickly as Ahtu went on the attack downing Black Ice of D-line. Solo would continue
the assault but the tag champions wouldn’t go quietly. Tagging in his partner,
the 6’7 Body snatcher matched power for power with the LOD, clearing the ring
with splashes and clotheslines. And it all came undone for the LOD once again!
Trying to fight back, Ahtu would go after both men… which was the mistake the
tag champs needed as he was quickly thrown from the ring. Getting to his feet,
Solo turns to get hit with the big football tackle spear for the 1..2…3


HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Luke Hawx defeats Stevie Richards to become the NEW
Extreme Rising champion via a blockbuster off the top rope-
In a stunning development the day before, indy
promotion Extreme Rising’s show was cancelled. So they decided to work together
with ECWA and give fans of both companies a show! The obvious respect Hawx and
Richards had for each other was quickly erased as Hawx disrespected Richards
with slaps to the face. And the vet Richards would have known of that quickly
flying around the ring with kicks and a powerful sidewalk slam. Seemingly
trying to make quick work of the younger Hawx, Stevie would slam him repeatedly
into the turnbuckle followed by big clotheslines. Setting up for his patented
Stevie Kick it seemed done early. But Luke Hawx showed his toughness
immediately using his power to shock Richards. Suplexes, slams, near falls
followed as the champion battled back from near defeat time and time again.
Hawx would go for a move not seen before in ECWA as he climbed onto the middle
of the ring ropes and did a springboard moonsault… but NO! Richards blocks with
the knees and BOOM.. Stevie Kick for the 1…2… Kick out. Setting up for
another kick, shockingly Papadon would run into the ring and try to assault
Richards. Even though he fought it off, that distraction was all Hawx needed.
As Richards turned to face Hawx, he was hit a diving blockbuster off the top
rope to crown a new champion.


10. 15 man Over the Top
Rope Battle Royal to determine the last spot in the Super 8 Tournament- winner
and number 8 in the Super 8 field…. MATT SAIGON­-
This was really anyone’s game as all 15 men quickly
went after the stronger opponents like Ahtu and Apollyon. Tag teams worked
together like Az & Vegas and Team CK but that strategy did not work on this
night. Man after man was throw out while the intense Matt Saigon took quite the
beating with his visibly badly taped knee. He was so much an afterthought he
was thrown through the middle rope onto the floor to deal with later. But that
was a dumb move on everyone else’s part. Apollyon and Breaker Morant would
clean house to seemingly start a war between friends but as Apollyon started to
throw Morant out of the ring Saigon, quietly biding his time, would slip back
into the ring and throw both men over the top rope to become the last man in
the field of 8 in next month’s Super 8 Tournament!