ECWA New Years Resolutions III Results and News on Spring Battle 3 March 1

ECWA New Year’s Resolutions III Results 1-25-14

Ahtu defeats Oz Tyler via a choke slam- The ‘Monster’ entered the match in a foul mood which didn’t bode well for the young rookie Oz Tyler. Ahtu spent much of the early going delivering clubbing blows to Oz’s head and back, weakening him slowly. Body slams followed and it looked like curtains and an early exit for Tyler. But the fans willed him back from the brink as Oz used his superior speed to land glancing clotheslines and even a missile dropkick from the second turnbuckle! The tide was surely turning as the fans got louder and louder fueling the relentless assault of the rookie looking to make a statement. After an amazing flipping senton over the top rope onto Ahtu on the floor of the arena, Oz looked for that final big move, a moonsault, to finish off the LOD’s resident monster….. But Ahtu sensed and moved out of the way… taking the time to stare at fans ringside as he planted Tyler with a devastating choke slam for the pin fall victory.

*Gus Grand would appear as Rowdy Roddy Gus doing Gus’s Pit! His special guest is the challenger for the ECWA heavyweight title Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez! Gus would ask Martinez, who was visibly in no mood for the interview, why he would win the championship. Martinez would attack Gus with a sleeper hold and proceeded to declare he would win the ECWA Championship tonight because Kekoa ruined their friendship by forgetting him in his celebration speech.

Team CK(Sean Carr & Kage) defeat Meisure Ooh La La & Kid USA- Team CK came into the ECWA without much fanfare or much known about their intentions… we now know. Kage and Ooh La La would start things off respectfully for their teams with the iconic Frenchman teasing the much stronger Kage with various fun taunts. This only served to anger Team CK. Tagging in Sean Carr took to the Frenchman and wasn’t in it to play games. He immediately isolated Ooh La La from his corner hitting him with a nice combo of submission holds and kicks designed to methodically destroy the Meisure. Quick tag in and outs by Team CK only fired up Kid USA and he looked to finally get into the match. Asking the fans for help, they willed Ooh La La to fight back against Carr. It was thunderous when finally a tag was made and in came Kid USA who cleaned house easily. Dropkicks stunned Kage while he dropped Carr with a Liberty Drop(front face suplex). A near fall attempt brought on a melee… Team CK got the better of this exchange as Ooh La La was sent to the outside. That’s when it all ended. Kage picked up Kid USA… Carr would hit a super kick to the Kid’s head and a running power slam by Kage was all she wrote for the 1…2…3.

Breaker Morant defeats Bolo Yung via DQ- This match was personal. Bolo and his tag partner Kai Katana attacked Morant’s friend and tag partner Apollyon last month. Things started surprising slow as Breaker grounded Yung’s high flying by keeping him in the corner with his trademark striking haymakers and clotheslines. Sensing this wasn’t the kind of pace he wanted in order to win, Yung picked it up with his huge array of karate kicks to the thigh. Stunning Breaker, Yung would continue to chop him down with his unique offense silencing the crowd. But the former Blackhart would show exactly why he has such a reputation for his brutality…. Breaker himself flew around the ring landing a back body drop and a jumping kick of his own. Looking to seize this chance, Morant went up to the turnbuckle and hit a devastating Franken Steiner that looked to end Bolo Yung right then and there but nope… a near fall. Going for the kill Morant would set up his finishing cutter suplex only for Bolo Yung to hit him in the head with a pair of nun chucks.

*After the match Breaker Morant challenged Bolo Yung and his partner Kai Katana, together known as the Asian Nation, to a tag team match between them and himself along with what will surely be a VERY angry Apollyon on March 1 at Spring Battle III

Chris Wylde defeats Azrieal via the Code Red to retain his Mid Atlantic Championship- The crowd was highly anticipating this one. Wylde came out on fire looking to end this one early against the former Super 8 participant. He would hit suplexes and kicks going for quick falls, hoping to catch Azrieal off guard. The champ hit move after move dominating the early going of this match-up. And this is where Az made his comeback that stunned the fans and Wylde…. Az would quickly turn things around flying around the ring hitting a German suplex and running dropkick into the corner. Showing what others have found out for the last decade, Azrieal went high risk hitting his famous double foot stomp to Wylde’s head that looked to finish him off. But no! The champion would not be denied! Both men went back and forth hitting big moves for near falls… Wylde with a sliced bread, Azrieal with a Tiger Suplex. The ‘Heartkiller’ went for it all with a Swanton Bomb and missed! This was all Azrieal needed was a chance! Going for a running boot he too would miss. Quickly climbing the top rope, Wylde waited and hit Azrieal with a Code Red flipping power bomb pin for the victory.

*Afterwards, Team CK would attack Azrieal while his friend Rob Vegas could only watch. Carr and Kage would hit Az with their super kick-power slam combo before staring down Vegas as he tended to his fallen friend. A statement truly made by Team CK. Vegas and Azrieal would storm into the locker room looking for Team CK…

Jessie Kaye defeats Renee Michelle via the Flatliner to retain the Women‘s Championship with Special Guest Ref Keri- This was the fan participation lumberjack match but of course that snake-in-the-grass Mike Tartaglia would make himself a lumberjack so he could make sure Michelle was ‘treated properly’ and ‘the right person won’. The beautiful vixens squared off with neither gaining the upper hand. Kaye would taunt Michelle and Tartaglia by throwing Michelle out to the lumberjacks on all sides of the ring, laughing the whole time. Of course, ‘The Boss’ would make sure his pride and joy was okay personally making sure she was treated gently. Being touched by the fans, Renee would punish Kaye by pulling and standing on her hair while holding her in various submissions. Going to the top rope would prove very costly for the challenger… As she climbed the champ would meet her dead on and hit a electric chair for a near fall. Jessie Kaye would take no chances putting Michelle back on top before hitting a Flatliner face first slam as she went for the pin fall… Tartaglia would pull special guest ref Keri out of the ring stopping the count! He would then call on crony Phil Sly to start the count only for him to stop on purpose at 2! Out would come senior referee John Finegan who would hit Sly with a dropkick! The crowd went crazy as Kaye would roll-up the distracted Michelle for the 1..2..3!!!

*After the match, ECWA booker Joe Zanolle would have a solution to end all of this. On Saturday March 1 at Spring Battle III, he would announce a mix tag team match… Phil Sly teaming with Renee Michelle to take on ECWA Women’s Champion Jessie Kaye and….. Senior referee John Finegan!

Bobby Shields defeats Matt Saigon in a Ladder match to win the Golden Opportunity Series Contract- This match was going to be no show of wrestling skill… no show of technical ability. It was a straight up fight! Wasting no time at all Shields would fly into the ring attacking Saigon as the contract hung overhead. Shields started quickly with a kick in the corner and suplex. Saigon also hit plenty of glancing strikes of his own laying out Shields with a running knee in the corner and body slam. Quickly jumping out of the ring to grab a ladder, Saigon would return and start the slow assault on Shields’s body. Hitting him in the face and ribs, obviously the longer this went on the worse it would be for both men. Back and forth both men went trying to gain the upper hand. Time and time again both men went for the contract only to be stopped. The ladder would be the deciding factor in more ways than one… Saigon would set-up the ladder in the corner trying to slam Shield into it but no! Shields reverses throwing Saigon into the fiberglass-steel ladder! The ’Vietnam Phenom’ screamed in pain but Bobby wasn’t done yet. He would set Saigon up laying on top of the ladder flat on the mat… and BOOM! A stunning 450 Splash that shocked everyone n attendance! Shields climbed the ladder but somehow, someway Saigon would stop him. Trying to deliver a deciding blow of his own, Saigon set-up the ladder in the corner and power bombed Shields him on top of it! This certainly had to be it….. But the ladder buckled under their weight. Anticipation grew and grew as everyone knew the end was near. Shields would not be denied on this night…. Setting up the ladder one more time laying across the top ropes, Shields would slam Saigon so hard onto the ladder it snapped in half and Saigon’s leg was trapped under the top rope! Shields would climb another ladder and grab the contract for the win!

*Shields now owns the right to challenge for ANY ECWA title of his choosing at ANY time!

*John Germaine Esquire, who is the ECWA play by play man on commentary, would announce the first entrant into the 2014 ECWA Super 8 Tournament on Saturday April 5, 2014! The First Entrant is someone who has wrestled all over the world for various companies including Wrestling Society X, CZW, ROH, TNA, and appeared on the latest season of WWE’s Tough Enough… ‘M Dogg 20’ Matt Cross! The host would also be announced…. 2013 Super 8 winner and fan favorite Damian Dragon returns to the ECWA to host the tournament…. The Second Entrant would also be announced…. Local Delaware legend and favorite the ‘Maple Leaf Machine’ Kao Storm! As Storm was in the building, he headed to the ring. Then a strange occurrence as a man jumped out of the crowd, chair in hand! It was the ‘Dragonfly’ Mark Harro who just last month put on a classic showcase match-up. He would take to the mic, chasing Kao Storm off, demanding he receive an ECWA contract and that ECWA booker Joe Zanolle would not return any calls or messages. He would then attack a security guard before finally being corralled and pulled from the building by 4 security guards!

Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian defeats Ricky Martinez to retain the ECWA Heavyweight Championship via the Hawaiian Fly- Former friends collide! This match was exactly what it should have been. With Martinez knowing Kekoa so well he was ready for almost anything and everything the champion through at him. Martinez would gain the upper hand with blows and various slams that served to ground the high flyer. Kekoa would try and try to counter only for Martinez to counter with a submission or well placed kick. It seemed this time, Kekoa would not be able to overcome someone who knew his next thought. But Kekoa didn’t win the ECWA Heavyweight championship for no reason…. In a flash Kekoa finally caught an overconfident Martinez sleeping hitting him with double slaps to the chest and flying clotheslines. Business was picking up! Kekoa flashed around the ring hitting a beautiful German Suplex for a near fall. Kekoa would go for the kill but in typical Ricky Martinez he distracted the referee so Renee Michelle, his girlfriend, could grab Kekoa’s leg as he climbed the top rope. Martinez then hit’s a huge superplex for a near fall. Showing his new found brutality, Martinez Irish Whipped the champion so hard into the turnbuckle it moved the ring itself! Signaling for his finisher the Woofplex, it looked over but Kekoa would once again show his resiliency and reverse it into the Hawaii 5-0 Slam! Up to the top rope and a big elbow drop for the 1…2… No! Martinez kicks out! Kekoa goes to pick Ricky up for Ricky to hit the Woofplex for a close 2 count! Frustrated Martinez goes uncharacteristically to the top rope… Kekoa jumps up to meet him. After a brief struggle, Kekoa hit’s the Hawaiian Fly off the top turnbuckle for the pin fall!

Already announced for the next ECWA show:

Spring Battle III
Saturday March 1, 2014
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
109 Glasgow Drive
Newark, DE 19702
Doors: 6pm
Bell time: 7pm

ECWA Heavyweight Championship:
Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian (c ) vs. Legion of Destruction’s Napalm Bomb w/ Joel Blackhart

Spring Battle Tag War #1:
Team CK (Sean Carr & Kage) vs. VNA (Azrieal & Rob Vegas)

Spring Battle Tag War #2:
Breaker Morant & Apollyon vs. Asian Nation (Kai Katana & Bolo Yung)

Spring Battle Tag War #3 for the ECWA Tag Team Championships:
D-Line (Black Ice & Body Snatcher) (c ) vs. LOD (‘Monster’ Ahtu & Solo) w/ Joel Blackhart

Spring Battle Tag War #4 Inter Gender Tag Match:
ECWA Women’s Champ Jessie Kaye & Senior Referee John Finegan vs. Renee Michelle & Phil Sly


Meisure Ooh La La, Kid USA, and many more appearing

For tickets call 609-220-5598 or go to!

ECWA Saturday January 25, Newark Delaware – Chris Wylde defends ECWA Mid-Atlant​ic Title against Azriel

Wylde’s first defense no walk in the park

Chris Wylde has quickly established himself as quite possibly the most popular superstar in the ECWA since the New Era began back in 2010. Match after match, Wylde does NOT lose simply because he refuses to give up. Part of that will to win is his fans who are some of the loudest on the independent scene today. Long time friend JJ Dillon…. Yes that JJ Dillon, WWE Hall of Famer of 4 Horsemen fame… has endorsed the ‘Heartkiller’ as the man to beat in the ECWA!

So it comes as no surprise to his fans and Dillon (after Dillon led him to the ring) that Wylde came out on top of Ricky Martinez and won the ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship for the second time last month! With the retirement of Aden Chambers, many are saying Wylde has grabbed the torch and gained the title as the “heart and soul” of the ECWA.

But this time that may not be enough….

ECWA has had it’s share of talented individuals over the years. But no one has been as overlooked as the charismatic man who calls himself ‘The Good Guy’… the man called Azrieal. Azrieal has put together an impressive career over the last decade or so traveling across the country making a name for himself. ECWA fans will remember him from his occasional appearances in the company, most notably his run in the 2012 Super 8 Tournament.

Wylde’s power comes from the fans and the fact his opponents can’t match his fire. But can that fire combat a man who is coming into ECWA with a chip on his shoulder? Az will certainly be no pushover and could be Wylde’s most technical opponent yet. That’s why on Saturday January 25, 2014 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware these two will do battle for the ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship!

On one side you have the charismatic champion who has the support of the fans and when push comes to shove doesn’t lose the big one. A man who’s resourcefulness is becoming the stuff of legend.

But on the other you have the veteran Azrieal who’s quiet brutality has shocked opponents for years. His constant want to prove himself and gain the respect he feels he doesn’t get has fueled his relentless assault on any and all comers.

Will the only ECWA champion in history to be endorsed by a WWE Hall of Famer continue his dominance and start the party for the ECWA fans?

Or will ‘The Good Guy’ get the last laugh and add another notch on his already impressive resume?

Find out for yourself as this will surely blow the roof off the building!

You won’t want to miss this exciting match-up in a little over 2 weeks time! Get your tickets now for a night of family fun and great professional wrestling that the ECWA has provided for over 46 years now. This match and all information on the night’s action are provided below including ticket information and a special way for you, the fans, to be apart of the show!

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) LIVE!
Sat, Jan 25th, 2014
Greater Newark Boys’ & Girls’ Club
109 Glasgow Drive, Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 836-6464
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Bell Time: 7:00 PM

*A portion of the proceeds go to help support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America



-To buy NOW via Pay Pal:

– Mail checks and money orders to:
TWA Pro Wrestling
123 Egg Harbor Road Suite 203
Sewell, NJ 08080

-For info and reserved seating call (609) 220-5598
or e-mail at: (Can only guarantee reserves on advance tix sales!)

-Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door for adults and $10 in advance and at door for kids 12 and under



Scheduled Card (subject to change)…

ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian (c) vs. Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez w/ Renee Michelle

ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship

‘Heartkiller’ Chris Wylde (c) vs. Azrieal

Grudge Match

Breaker Morant vs. Asian Nation’s Bolo Yung

Tag Team Attraction:

Team Ck vs. Meisure Ooh La La & Kid USA w/ Coach Jim Shorts

Monster vs. the Newcomer:

‘Monster’ Ahtu w/ Joel Blackhart & Phil Sly vs. Oz Tyler

Ladder Match- Final Match- Best of 5 Golden Opportunity Series *whoever wins gets a shot at ANY ECWA title at ANY time

‘Vietnam Phenom’ Matt Saigon (2 wins) vs. ‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields (2 wins)

Fans Participation Match- Fans are the Lumberjacks!- ECWA Women’s Championship

*Anyone who pays admission can FOR FREE sign-up to be a Lumberjack for this match. Lumberjacks are picked at random. 10-13 people will be picked to take part in the match and surround the ring. Instructions/rules will be given at the show.*

Special Guest Referee- Miss Keri

Jessie Kaye (c) vs. Renee Michelle

*Also 2 fans will be picked at random to be the Guest Ring Announcer and Guest Time Keeper!




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