November 2 Results, Kekoa defeats Papadon to become new ECWA Heavyweight Champion

New champ, Wylde strikes back, and a monstrous brawl


            ECWA presented ‘4 Ever II’ on Saturday November 2, 2013. There was exciting brawls, new champions
being crowned, a legendary figure looming, and women cat fighting all over the


Here are the results from ECWA ‘4 Ever II’ 11-2-13:



Kid USA defeats The Big
Gus Man(Gus Grand) via a Rock Bottom

It’s become a trademark of Gus Grand to come dressed as legendary figures from
pro wrestling’s history. This month he came as legend The Big Boss Man. He came
out ready to fight doing Boss Man’s trademark jabs in the corner and numerous
hard Irish whips. but all Kid USA had to do was weather the storm as the
hapless Big Gus Man fell victim to Kid USA and a rock bottom.


‘Vietnam Phenom’ Matt
Saigon defeats ‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields via Saigon Special DDT to take a 2-1
lead in the Golden Opportunity Best of 5 Series-
What turned out to be an instant classic was fought
valiantly by both men. Shields came out firing with numerous chops, flying
kicks, and slams. Saigon looked almost taken aback by this brutal turn by
Shields. The tide turned when Shields went for it all with an outside dive and
Saigon would hit a jumping kick to the head as Shields fly through the ropes.
The ‘Vietnam Phenom’ would capitalize and attack the head. Running knees in the
corner and a brain buster suplex looked to permanently down Shields. The fans
would will back Shields who went ballistic hitting a running kick, a German
suplex, and a super kick to make a pinfall but to no avail. He even hit a ‘Body
Bomb’ that looked to finally do it but Matt Saigon would not be denied this
night. Going right back to the head Saigon would punch and kick to daze Shields
before hitting a flipping top rope power bomb. A super kick of his own would
end Shields as Saigon hit his deadly ‘Saigon Special DDT’ for the 1 ..2..3.


Elimination Match-Legion
of Destruction(Ahtu, Napalm Bomb, Solo, Phil Sly)w/ Joel Blackhart defeats
Breaker Morant, Apollyon, and ECWA tag champions D-Line(Body snatcher and Black
This ended up being a brawl
more than a wrestling match. Ahtu would start with Black Ice. Back and forth
both men right off the bat hit powerful chops and clobbering blows to the back
and head. Ahtu would get the best of it with a thunderous power slam. Black Ice
would will himself back and eventually clothesline Ahtu over the top rope along
with himself! With both men out cold neither could answer the count and were
counted out and eliminated. These drew all the men… well minus the cowardly
Phil Sly… in a huge brawl all over the ring and floor! Punch after punch. Kick
after kick neither side looked to gain the advantage. Referee John Finegan
struggled to gain control and get the legal men back into the ring. Napalm
Bomb, one of the few men not brawling on the floor, would execute a spectacular
dive over the rope onto the men on the floor! The fans went crazy… then the
over 350 pound Apollyon jumped into the ring and went to mimic the Bomb with a
jump of his own! Jumping through the middle rope all 7 men were down for the
count. Finally gaining control Body snatcher would take up the fight for his
partner against Solo. Solo would prove too much with his power. He would
deliver a devastating slam that easily pinned one half of the tag champs. But
the LOD wasn’t ready for the monster Apollyon. He devastated Solo with an
amazing array of powerful blows. But the craziness confused everyone and Solo
would eliminate Apollyon with a roll up. Solo celebrated but shouldn’t have
because as soon as he turned around Breaker was ready delivering his F-5 fall
away slam. And then there were 2. Napalm Bomb immediately jumped Morant, making
sure he couldn’t make a comeback. The Bomb climbed to the top rope and hit a
huge Swanton Bomb. Phil Sly tagged himself in and slithered into the ring to
make the pinfall on Breaker.


*Breaker Morant would get
up and challenge the LOD and the tag champions to a match on December 7.
Wrestling is a business after all and friendship aside he was hungry for gold.
He offered a Triple Threat Tag Team Title match. The ECWA tag team champions
D-Line vs. the LOD vs. Breaker Morant/Apollyon! Both teams would accept the


Meisure Ooh La La defeats
Little Mikey w/Mike Tartaglia via a Stunner-
It’s no secret there is no love lost between Meisure Ooh La La and Team
Tartaglia. Numerous times the bumbling Frenchmen turned away the attacks of
both ’The Boss’ himself and his cohort and nephew Little Mikey. So when Ooh La
La went looking for a fight for ‘4 Ever II’ Mikey couldn’t resist one last
attempt at ruining the night. It started off typically as Mikey tried to
overpower the older Ooh La La with kicks and slams. With a little help from his
uncle, it seemed finally after all this time he would get the last laugh. But
you can’t ever count out the icon that is Meisure Ooh La La. When ‘The Boss’
went to slap the incapacitated Meisure he accidentally slapped Mikey in the
face! Arguing instead of following up, Mikey turned around into a boot and a
stunner for the 123 just like that!


‘Heartkiller’ Chris Wylde
& ECWA Women’s champ Jessie Kaye defeats ECWA Mid Atlantic Champ Ricky ‘The
Model’ Martinez & Renee Michelle via a Frog Splash
– This feud has perhaps reached it’s climax as the
personal bad blood between Wylde and Martinez continued. Starting off the match
Kaye and Michelle would exchange verbal blows before Kaye would shut up
Michelle. Kaye would dazzle the fans with a display of technical wrestling not
usual seen in women’s wrestling. The fan cheered on Kaye as she easily got the
better of Renee Michelle. Michelle would quickly tag out to Martinez with him
saying he wanted Wylde. Kaye refused! It was champ vs. champ as Kaye refused to
back down Ricky Martinez. It seemed he was the goat in this situation as the
smaller Jessie Kaye reversed everything Martinez threw at her and showing her
technical skills were no mistake. Getting payback for last month, Kaye would
even hit a beautiful German Suplex onto the Mid Atlantic Champ! Tagging Wylde
in, we got down to brass tax. Wylde picked the pace up with a flying elbow and
a sliced bread #2 for a near fall. Pumping the fans up to an even louder fever
pitch, Wylde executed a cannonball roll into the corner onto the stunned
Martinez. But Martinez showed why he’s been the Mid Atlantic champ for over a
year, he fought back. Hitting Wylde with suplex after suplex and various knees
to the head, perhaps setting up for his patented Woof Plex, Martinez looked to
have just enough again to topple Chris Wylde. But Wylde would deliver a big
clothesline to leave both men down in the ring. With both men straining, the
tagged in Michelle and Kaye respectively and all hell broke loose! Kaye would
fly around the ring hitting Martinez and Michelle as she fired up! Kaye would
go to the top rope to seemingly try a big move but Martinez hit a flying punch
to the head. He climbed up trying a superplex but was blocked by Wylde. All the
fans knew what was coming next. A huge superplex-power bomb combo! The fans
gasped as all 3 combatants hit the ring! All 3 were laid out as Michelle climbed
into the ring and started taunting the fallen Kaye. Wylde was already up and
waiting. As Michelle turned around she was knocked out cold with a super kick!
Martinez went on the attack but was stopped as Kaye delivered a kick to the
head. Seizing the moment, the ‘Heartkiller’ climbed the top rope and hit a Frog
Splash for the pinfall victory.


*Afterwards Chris Wylde
took to the mic to challenge Ricky Martinez one last time for the Mid Atlantic
championship. Martinez at first refused saying Wylde didn’t deserve it after
getting help from a woman. But Wylde persisted saying they needed an ending to
their beef. Martinez offered this: Title vs. Career. If Chris Wylde fails to
win the ECWA Mid Atlantic championship on December 7th he can NEVER return to
the ECWA again! Wylde agreed but delivered some shocking news! If Martinez was
going to have Renee Michelle at ringside he wanted someone important to him as
well….. He revealed at ringside will be his close friend and WWE Hall of Famer
JJ Dillon, who led the legendary Four Horsemen!



Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian
defeats ‘Greek God’ Papadon to become the NEW ECWA Heavyweight Champion via the
Spanish Fly-
Neither men like each
other very much. Respect each other? Sure. But certainly no love lost here. As
the match started, both men traded verbal insults while shoving each other back
and forth. Then business picked up. Chain wrestling, technical prowess ensued
as both men move after move reversed each other. The fans greatly appreciated
this test of skill. Then the trademark anger of the ‘Greek God’ took over.
Papadon would begin his onslaught. Papadon would stun the retreating Kekoa with
elbows to the shoulder, a running clothesline, and a huge backbreaker. Kekoa
just couldn’t mount much offense. Kekoa wouldn’t be denied as he fought back
with chops eventually dumping Papadon out onto the floor. The ‘Flyin’ Hawaiian’
showed how he got that name by flipping over the rope onto Papadon! Both men
battled on the outside with Kekoa once again trying to gain the upper hand with
a flip over the rope but Papadon moved so Kekoa would crash and burn. Back in
the ring, Papadon would hit his trademark flying European uppercut and
backbreaker-knee combo. It seemed once again Papadon would show why he’s
considered the most dominant ECWA champion in history.  Kekoa and his fans would NOT let that happen….
Kekoa mounted his daring comeback. Kekoa hit chop after chop reminiscent of WWE
Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka and felt the surge of adrenaline. Feeling it, Kekoa
would deliver his ‘Hawaii 5-0’ slam before climbing onto the top rope. Trying
to hit an elbow drop, Papadon moved out of the way. With both men down, the
fans sensed the end was near. Clearly behind Kekoa, the fans cheered as both
men climbed to their feet trading punches. Papadon gained the temporary
advantage with a sit down clothesline. He would also climb the rope only to be
meet be Kekoa. They battled on the top rope when Papadon head butted Kekoa off
the turnbuckle. He would hit a diving head butt for a near fall. Getting frustrated,
Papadon brutally attacked Kekoa with punches and kicks before hitting a
Alpha-Omega shining wizard with his knee exposed. Attempting to make a pin, the
referee noticed Kekoa had his foot under the bottom rope. Kekoa’s foot went
unnoticed just last month in Carney’s Point, NJ but not this time! Sensing he
needed to end this now before Kekoa could catch his next wind, Papadon put
Kekoa on the top turnbuckle obviously setting up his deadly Wrath of God
Superplex-piledriver combo finisher. He would deliver the superplex then go for
the piledriver but Kekoa flipped Papadon over reversing it! The fans were
standing and cheering Kekoa on as he pumped himself up. Flying kicks and super
kicks oh my as Kekoa stunned the champion! Putting Papadon on the top rope,  the champ would throw Kekoa off. But Kekoa
jumped right back up and battled for his life and championship chances. Kekoa
picked Papadon up and delivered the soaring and absolutely devastating Spanish
Fly. Kekoa crawled with all he had left and made the pinfall 1…2…3! We have


ECWA presents Toys for
Tots on Saturday, December 7, 2013


Greater Newark Boys &
Girls Club

109 Glasgow Drive, Rt 40
& #1 Positive Place

Newark, DE 19702


PLEASE join us and the
United States Marine Corps as we collect unwrapped, new toys for our annual
Toys for Tots toy drive. PLEASE BRING A TOY!




Triple Threat for the
ECWA Tag Team Championship

D-Line(c ) vs. Breaker
Morant/Apollyon vs. Legion of Destruction


Title vs. Career

*If Wylde loses he has to
leave the ECWA forever!


Ricky ‘The Model’
Martinez(c ) w/Renee Michelle vs. ‘Heartkiller’ Chris Wylde w/ WWE Hall of
Famer and former leader of the 4 Horsemen JJ Dillon


Kai Katana returns!


ANNOUNCED in the coming weeks!


Stay tuned!