ECWA 9/21/13 LUCK of the DRAW RESULTS (Carney’s Point, NJ)

Kekoa claims he had his foot under the rope when pinned by Papadon in his Heavyweight Title Match (PHOTO: "Sine Guy" William Sheain)


Here are the results from ECWA LUCK of the DRAW

Sat, Sept 21, 2013
YMCA of Salem County
Carneys Point, NJ

*Fans picked the names of wrestlers at 6:30 PM (Bell was 7PM) to determine match-ups #2-6!!!

The Boss’s chair segment was first w/ the Gusfather

Match 1: Gusfather vs Mike “The Boss” Michael Tartaglia
Winner: Gusfather via pinfall

Match 2: Matt Saigon vs Breaker Morant
Winner: Breaker Morant via DQ

Match 3: Little Mikey vs MONSTER AHTU w/ Joel Blackhart & Referee Phil Sly
Winner: Ahtu via pinfall

Match 4: Chris Wylde w/ Renee Michelle vs Bolo Yung
Winner: Chris Wylde via pinfall

Match 5: ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match- Ricky Martinez (c) vs Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts
Winner: Mr. Ooh La La won the title after accicently elbowing Referee Phil Sly and Referee John Finegan making the 3 count and was declared the new champion. Then after the match, Phil Sly reversed Finegan’s decision, DQ’d Ooh La La, took the title and gave it back to Ricky Martinez

Match 6: ECWA Tag Title Match- D-LINE (c) vs. Cole Callaway and Kid USA
Winners: D-Line via pinfall on Cole following a double tackle

Followiing the match D-LINE, USA and Cole all embraced and danced to the YMCA w/ all the kids!!!

Match 7: ECWA Heavyweight Title Match- GreekGod Papadon (c) vs Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian
Winner: Papadon via pinfall following a sunset flip piledriver and then a shining wizard (actually an unprotected bare knee stike to the head).

Following the match, Kekoa claimed to management his foot was under the rope when pinned and is looking for another opportunity!!!


Sat, Oct 5th, 2013
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club
Newark, DE

Doors Open 6PM

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