In early 2013,  Aden Chambers released a statement that at the suggestion of his doctors that he retire from professional wrestling due to cumulative injuries.
Here is Aden’s statement… Http://adenchambers15.livejournal.com/754.html
Aden Chambers Retirement
To all wrestlers, promoters and most importantly fans of indy/pro wrestling, I’d like to use this post to thank each and every person that I have had the privilege of working with over the past 12 years in the wacky world of wrestling! I have been given the opportunity to live out a dream in a way that most aren’t blessed with, and will forever and ever be thankful to have had the chance to do something I loved more than anything in the world and entertain fans of the amazing sport of pro wrestling.The art of pro wrestling in short, is to blur the line between fantasy and reality. The calamity in this statement is that wrestling is far more real that most tend to believe. Through my time within the sport I, like most have had the bumps and bruises that come along with the show, some bumps being rougher than others. Health concerns always being an issue, I frequently seek doctors advice on anything related to my personal well being. Most recently it was discovered that I have 2 herniated discs in my neck at my C2 and C3 vertebrae. Due to the severity of the situation, difficulties from past injuries and risk of future complications to my health, I have been advised by multiple doctors to retire from professional wrestling. After careful thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to side with the medical suggestions and step away from the sport.

It’s my hope to always be involved with pro wrestling in some capacity and be able to share any knowledge, whatever it may be worth to those interested. I personally owe everything I am to professional wrestling. The people in it and the experiences have molded me from a shy teenager with no sense about him, into what I hope to be viewed as.. a respectful, appreciative adult. There are so many important things I will take away from my time in the squared circle, probably the most valuable being the lifelong friendships and in some instances even family-strong brotherhoods that have developed with so many over the years, that I hope to maintain well into the future.

My plan currently is to continue working into the summer of 2013 and have my final match in July. As a tag team champion currently in both the ECWA and NWA Fusion, I will continue to defend those titles in the hopes of finishing my time as a professional wrestler as a champion with my 2 amazing tag partners, Brandon Day and Kekoa.

I will hold my entire time as a pro wrestler as close to my heart as I imagine I would a son or daughter. I cannot thank all of the fans of every promotion I’ve ever has the chance to work with enough, you are all the heart, soul and lifeblood of the sport and most importantly without you, I wouldn’t have any of the above spoken moments to embrace. So I must say, THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single fan of pro wrestling past, present and future!

These last few months will be a hell of a ride and likely very emotional, I will continue to hold nothing back and give 100% of my being to anyone I am in the ring with, or any fans in attendance. Let’s have some serious FUN before its time to say goodbye!!

-Aden Chambers

Some last minute thoughts from Aden Chambers