After scoring a big upset at the YMCA in Carney’s Point, NJ in March 2013 by defeating Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian, Ricky Martinez and Apollyon to earn a spot in the 2013 Super 8, VsK returned to the YMCA on May 11, 2013 hoping to score yet another upset, this one the biggest of his young six year career and win the oldest championship in independent professional wrestling.

The Y was hot both literally and figuratively, when VsK came back from a lot of abuse his leg suffered at the hands of the submission and technical expert, defending champion Josh Daniels, before he was able to mustered enough energy to thwart an superplex attempt by Daniels and then hit Daniels with his high velocity moonsault off the top rope for the one, two, three. Joel Blackhart, Daniels manager, fans and the locker room were in shock as Daniels has been at the top of his game and has much experience over VsK. Despite this advantage, VsK was able to channel his youth, talent, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge bestowed upon him by his trainer, 2004 ECWA Super 8 Quarter-Finalist Ricky Reyes, to earn himself this huge win and upset.

“Tonight is bigger than anything I have ever done in this business up until this point,” said the new ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion. “To hold the same championship that was held by Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, Christian and so many more greats is an honor that intend to do justice by defending against all comers and the best of the best.”

The victory celebration didn’t last long for VsK though, as the following day his first title defense was announced. On June 1 in Newark, DE, VsK will defend in a Triple Threat Match against former champion Josh Daniels w/ Joel Blackhart and 2011 ECWA Super 8 winner & ROH star Tommaso Ciampa. Originally, Daniels was scheduled to defend against Ciampa, but Daniels demanded a rematch and Ciampa was signed to wrestle Daniels for the title. The Triple Threat Match was the only way to accommodate everyone involved.


You can listen to VsK post title win thoughts here:



To learn more about the new Champion, listen to this interview in the weeks leading up to the Super 8 w/ Bill Apter:



Other results:

YMCA of Salem County
Carney’s Point, NEW JERSEY
Sat, May 11, 2013

-OZ defeated Teddy Fine

-“The Last Warrior” Greywolf beat CUJO the Hellhound

-Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart beat Napalm Bomb

-Mid-Atlantic Title: Ricky “the Model” Martinez (Champion) w/ Keri beat “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde

-4 on 3 Tag Team Match: “the BOSS” Mike Tartaglia, Little Mikey, “Reckless” Donnie Hart & Gus Grand beat Mr. Ooh La La, Cole Callaway and Kid USA w/ Coach Jim Shorts

-Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian and Apollyon went to a NC

-ECWA Tag Team Title Match: Blackheart (MONSTER AHTU & Breaker Morant) w/ Joel Blackhart beat D-LINE (Body Snatcher & Black Ice) via DQ

-ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match: VsK defeated Josh Daniels w/ Joel Blackhart to become the NEW ECWA UNIFIED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION


More notes from May 11, 2013…

Phil Sly DQ’d DLINE when he saw Black Ice with a chair in his hand and Breaker out on the mat but DID NOT SEE him use it. The solution is a rematch, June 1, Blackheart v DLINE for the tag titles, this time NO DQ!!!

Also, there was a fan from the crowd wearing a lucha style mask that interrupted the Kekoa and Apollyon match, which was ruled a no contest. The masked man hit Apollyon with a diving European forearm off the ropes which is Greek God Papadon’s move trademark move. Other speculation was that it could be a member of Blackheart as they and Apollyon have not been seeing eye to eye. The masked man escaped the building before his identity was revealed. Regardless, Apollyon vs Papadon June 1st is going to be off the hook.

And there was a lot going on in the Martinez-Wylde match. Wylde stated in an interview that he and Keri are friends outside of wrestling, but that he warned her not to get in the way. Keri in fact was knocked down accidentally by Martinez. When Wylde went to check on Keri, Martinez had the attention of the referee. Finally Wylde went to return to the ring, but Keri made a “miraculous” recovery and low-blowed Wylde who was then caught and pinned by Martinez’s #Woof-plex (fisherman suplex). Taking into consideration these actions, Wylde has been granted a rematch for June 1 against Martinez.

Event photos by Hank Stoklosa:

Event photos by Jeff Scheerer/Snapbox Photography: