-ECWA has 3 big shows in March … March 2 SPRING BATTLE II in Newark, Delaware, March 16 YMCA IV in Carney’s Point, NJ and finally ECWA’s annual marque event the 17th Annual ECWA SUPER 8 Tournament on Apr 13 in Newark, Del!!! Info, tix and talent for all 3 events can be found right here under the EVENT INFO tab! Here is a recap of Jan 5th show and the SUPER 8 trailer:



-Former ECWA Heavyweight, Mid-Atlantic and 2012 Super 8 Champion “GREEK GOD” Papadon recently spoke with Mike Johnson for PWINSIDER TV. Check the interview out here:


-2011 ECWA Super 8 Finalist and current PWG Heavyweight and ROH TV Champion Adam Cole recently spoke at his Super 8 experience on the Greg DeMarco Show and Hell in a Cell Talk Radio:


-ECWA Matchmaker Joe Zanolle discusses the 17th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament (Apr 13, 2013) with People Who Knows Good Wrestling!!!


-It was the most “violent” and unique match in ECWA history when SHOCKWAVE the Robot and “The French Mime” Jean-Jean LeBon went “ULTRA-HARDCORE!!!” Check out the clips here and info on how to order the DVD:


-Current ECWA Heavyweight Champion Josh Daniels recently portrayed Country singer Jimmy Wayne on Celebrity Ghost Stories on BIO Channel. You can view the entire episode here. The Jimmy Wayne story is the third segment.


-Former three-time ECWA Unified Tag Team Champion Damian Dragon was recently gaining a lot of praise and popularity for his portrayal of the title character of DEADPOOL the Blinky Productions’ webseries. Marvel Comics however has pulled the show for legal reasons. Please sign the petition to get DEADPOOL the webseries to get reinstated!!!


-The “BOSS” Mike Tartaglia recently ran into one of his childhood wrestling heroes, legend and Hall of Famer, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka!!! The Superfly has appeared for both TWA and ECWA in the past, could he be planning to make another appearance in the future? We will have to wait and see but in the meantime you can check out Jimmy’s new book, SUPERFLY: THE JIMMY SNUKA STORY here:


-It was recently reported that the Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Magazine has ceased publication! There are now only 6 Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazines printed per year now! ECWA encourages you all to support PWI magazine, it is the last vestige to of the good old days in wrestling. PWI helped acts like the Road Warriors and Lex Luger get over on a national basis before they went national. It was a must have for wrestling fans in the territory days. It has also covered the ECWA Super 8 Tournament faithfully every year, as well as ECWA throughout the year! You can buy PWI on newsstands or online at a reduced price for the digital version. Visit  today!!!!!!

ECWA Ratings for period ending Jan 31, 2013 on www.pwi-online.comEAST COAST WRESTLING ASSOCIATION
Ratings Wrestler
10 -VSK
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1. Only ONE vote will count per IP/User/Network – additional votes will not register
2. First Round voting ends March 11, so you have plenty of time to learn about each participant before you vote in each bracket. Bookmark this page! On March 11, the 16 vote leaders from each bracket will advance to the next round

– Vote for Chris Wylde (Christopher Comacho) in Bracket 16!
– Vote for GreekGod Papadon (Dimitrios… Papadoniou) in Bracket 10!
– Vote for ECWA champion Josh Daniels (Joshua Daniels) in Bracket 9!
– Vote for Danny E (Danilo Anfibio) in Bracket 14!
– Vote for VSK (Vinny Scalice) in Bracket 4!
– Vote for Jessie Kaye (Jessika Heiser) in Bracket 11!
– Vote for Bobby Fish in Bracket 8!
– Vote for Johnny Silver (John Silver) in Bracket 8!
– Vote for Kyle Matthews in Bracket 10!
– Vote for Gregory Iron (Greg Smith) in Bracket 4!
– Vote for Michael Cochowiczq (Façade) in Bracket 5!
– Vote for Tina San Antoino in Bracket 7!!
– Vote for 2012 Super 8 Champion Tomasso Ciampa (Tomaso Whitney) in Bracket 15!
– Vote for Asylum of the Flatliners (Nick Foti) in Bracket 15!
– Vote for Matt Burns of the Flatliners (Matt Giunta) in Bracket 16!
– Vote for Sami Callihan (Sami Johnston) in Bracket 8!
– Vote for Kacee Carlisle in Bracket 13
– Vote for Sam Shields of the Midnight Sensations (Sam Vascones) in Bracket 13!
– Vote for Christopher Rockwell of the Midnight Sensations in Bracket 11!


Order of the Black and Blackheart member Apollyon returns to ECWA following his suspension by Matchmaker Joe Zanolle. Apollyon, a man who many have compared to WWE legend Bam Bam Bigelow in terms of size, strength and agility, has two big opportunities in March! First, on March 2nd he and partner Rex Lawless go for the ECWA Unified Tag Team Titles against current champions the “DREAM TEAM” Aden Chambers & Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian. Then on March 16, Apollyon is entered in a 4-man Super 8 Tornado Elimination Match for the 8th and final spot in the 2013 Super 8 Tournament on April 13th! The question is can Joel Blackhart keep the big man under control and focus him on winning instead of pure destruction!


-Only one man in history has won the Super 8 twice and that is former ECWA Heavyweight Champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels won in 2000 and 2004. Fast forward 10 years, and the current reigning 2012 Super 8 Champion is “GREEK GOD “ Papadon. Papadon was the 7th man named in the 17th Annual Super 8 for Apr 13th. He is the only man in the history of the prestigious tournament ever to return the following year to defend his crown. Should Papadon win this year once again, not only will he share the distinction of being a two-time Super 8 Champion with Chris Daniels, but he would be the first and only 2-time back to back winner (2 consecutive years in a row) in history!!!


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New Year Resolutions II
Jan 5, 2013
Newark, Delaware

Quick Results

1- ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match – OPEN CHALLENGE: Ricky “the Model” Martinez (Champion) w/ Keri defeated tag team partner Danny E

2- VsK pinned Little Mikey w/ “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia

BOSS’S CHAIR: Mike Tartaglia interviewed former TWA Tag Team partner from the early 90s “Hitman” tony Stetson before he and his cousin, Little Mikey, attacked Stetson. Kid USA made the save for Stetson

3- Rex Lawless w/ Joel Blackhart defeated Kid USA

4- Matt Saigon w/ Joel Blackhart beat Damian Dragon via DQ

5- LOSER LEAVES ECWA for ONE YEAR: Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts beat Magnum w/ Gus Grand

6- Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart beat the returning Bobby Shields

7- “Greek God” Papadon and MONSTER AHTU w/ Joel Blackhart went to a DDQ

8- ECWA Unified Heavyweight Title Match- Submissions Only! – Josh Daniels beat Chris Wylde to become the new champion!!!


Thanks to all the fans who supported ECWA last night! A lot of eventful things transpired, with the biggest news being that Josh Daniels defeated Chris Wylde to become the new ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion in the Submission Match. There was some controversy surrounding the end of the match as Wylde was livid that he did not submit. Staff ringside and ring announcer Bob Artese who was at the ringside table say they did not hear Chris quit. Referee Phil Sly who called for the bell says he heard Wylde quit clear as day. In this case, have to go with the referees call being final. Also Bobby Shields returned last night and gave Breaker Morant and Joel Blackhart a taste of their own medicine when he showed up in all black and a black mask and attacked Breaker. Shields was not happy that he was replaced and cast out of Blackheart in Dec and returned with a new attitude. Also Magnum lost Loser Leaves ECWA for One Year Match to Mr. Ooh La La in one of the most entertaining matches in recent ECWA history. Papadon and AHTU was a very heated and hard hitting match and got wild when Breaker and Bobby Shields got in involved. Damian Dragon was DQ’d in his match against Matt Saigon and agreed to a no dq rematch March 2nd where Saigon gets Dragon’s spot in the Super 8 if he beats Dragon. VsK def Little Mikey. Rex Lawless def Kid USA. Danny E took the open challenge of his partner Ricky Martinez for the Mid-Atlantic Title much to the delight of the fans but was unable to get the win.

PHOTOS by Snapbox Photography/Jeff Scheerer:


Dragon vs. Saigon Fan Cam footage:


Doug Bond and AFY Radio with some post show interviews with Papadon, Wylde, Mr. Ooh La La and the Boss



New Years Resolutions II Post Show Wrap Up with John Germaine Esq. & Anthony J. Cicco and Brady Hicks including the controversial call by Referee Phil Sly in the ECWA Heavyweight Title Match with comments from Phil Sly, Blackheart, Matt Sai Gon, Matt Boyd, new ECWA Unified Heavweight Champion Josh Daniels, Damian Dragon and former ECWA Champion Chris Wylde!!!