Sewell – East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) at Sports & More “Last Warrior” Greywolf defeated CUJO the Hellhound … Triple Threat Match for the ECWA Unified Tag Team Titles: The Dream Team (Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian & Aden Chambers) defeated the champions The Midnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields) w/ Joel Blackhart and FUSION DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) to win the titles … SHOCKWAVE the Robot beat “The French Mime” Jean-Jean LeBon“Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco and Tony Mamaluke went to a 15 min time limit draw … “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia, Little Mikey & Ricky “the Model” Martinez beat ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La, Kid America & Kid USA w/ Kid Liberty … ECWA Unified Title Match: “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (champion) defeated “Beautiful” Bobby Shields w/ Joel Blackhart (10-20-12)


ECWA ‘Witching Hour’- October 20, 2012- Sports & More- Sewell, NJ

ECWA invaded Sports & More in Sewell, NJ, the first time ECWA hosted an event in the South Jersey/Philly area in over a year! The night certainly had some interesting match-ups and some colorful characters to surprise the fans with. How did the show turn out in the hometown of ECWA owner “The Boss” Mike Tartaglia? Read on for a detailed recap of ‘Witching Hour’!


Match 1: “The Last Warrior” Greywolf defeated Cujo the Hellhound– Right off the bat everyone knew this wouldn’t would a battle of technical prowess but instead a showcase of power and old school ground-and-pound wrestling. Cujo came into this match-up extremely grumpy and bad tempered fresh off of two straight losses to ECWA newcomerNapalm Bomb. Greywolf, however, hasn’t been seen since the 2012 Super 8 when he put on an impressive showing in the Annual Summit Battle Royal. Fans were shocked to see Greywolf enter the arena in full battle attire complete with battle axe and horned helmet! That immediately irritated Cujo who was out to show his luck was about to change. The match itself was exactly what it promised to be. Cujo got the upper hand for most of this fight utilizing numerous blows to the head and back along with some well-placed clotheslines and powerslams. The crowd, supporting the barbarian, would not let “The Last Warrior” fall! Backed by his trademark “HARUMPH” chants, Greywolf fought his way back from the brink of defeat! Cujo was shocked at this burst of strength and was soon reeling from a flurry of powerful shoulder blocks and lariats. The prospect of a loss eventually got the best of Cujo as when the referee’s back was turned, he grabbed the metal chains he wears to the ring and charged at Greywolf in the corner! Sensing the attack, Greywolf shuffled out of the way causing Cujo to slam hard into the turnbuckle. As the vet stumbled out of the corner, Greywolf took advantage of the situation and hit a thunderous twisting powerslam for the pinfall! The painted warrior happily led the crowd in a huge battle cry as he was victorious!


Match 2: ECWA Unified Tag Team Championship: The Dream Team (Aden Chambers & Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian) defeats Fusion DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) and The Midnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields)  w/Joel Blackhart to become new tag team champions– The next match was a promising triple threat match for the tag team championship. The crowd was spilt on who to cheer for as the match begun. Early and often the former 3 time tag champions Fusion DS had the upper hand. There’s been dysfunction lately in the ranks of Fusion DS as Damian Dragon quickly made a statement on who was the better man as he systemically wore downSam Shields of the Sensations. Dragon’s almost 20 years of experience led him to use suplexes, submissions, and overall big time moves like yakuza kicks getting numerous near falls as he looked to put the match away early.Matt Saigon, not to be outdone, looked to prove power and youth are superior over experience as he entered immediately with a devastating vertical suplex and knee lift. The reigning tag champs would battle back much to the delight of those in attendance. Shields and Rockwell, always the well-oiled machine, got the upper hand and made sure to do quick tags in-and-out to wear down the powerfulSaigon. The two teams were involved in a bitter rivalry over the last year or so and it spilled over once again. Back and forth the see saw went as Fusion and the Sensations battled all over the ring and onto the floor. Mostly idle up to this point, the Dream Team’s fun loving attitude got a few laughs and awes asKekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian landed an amazing diving senton over the top rope onto the 4 men on the floor. Jumping into the ring to back-up his partnerAden Chambers then got a few ‘oohs and ahhs’ of his own as he hit a perfectly executed springboard moonsault also crashing into everyone on the floor. The crowd erupted into a frenzy behind the 2012 K-Cup champions as the Dream Team looked to gain momentum. As bodies were laid everywhere, things got chaotic. All 3 teams took turns hitting each other with what they thought were finishing maneuvers. Fusion hit their Fusion Destroyer for only a near fall. The Sensations hit their cross body block- suplex combo off the turnbuckle for a near fall. But finally, push came to shove. Damian Dragon knocked Rockwell from the ring and turned right intoKekoa who hit the Hawaiian 5-0 slam on him leaving Shields to fight by himself. Dazed Shields was easy prey as Chambers hit him with a beautiful blockbuster off ofKekoa’s shoulders for the 1…2…3! We had NEW ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions! Joel Blackhart was disgusted with his clients as they lay helpless on the outside and continued to berate them back into the locker room. Damian Dragon was infuriated with another loss. He them stormed out on his partner further creating a rift in Fusion DS. Victorious the Dream Team showcased why they are currently the team to beat in ECWA and the most dominant to boot. First K-Cup Champions then Tag Team Champions! The fans are sorely behind this exciting new team as they surge forward!


Match 3: Shockwave the Robot defeats Jean Jean Lebon– Being the most curious match-up in ECWA history, management or the fans didn’t know what to expect here. What they got will surely go down as one of the most “Ultra Hardcore” moments in the 45 year history of the ECWA. AsShockwave entered, kids especially couldn’t help but smile as he did his breakdancing, robotic routine. Jean-Jean, however, was not impressed. Utilizing mime techniques he learned inParis, he tried to outwitShockwave who had no idea what to make of this new enemy. The Mime got the upper hand at first with various questionable tactics and technical wrestling.Shockwave would fight back with robot clotheslines and his trademark shuffle leg drop. The resistant LeBon refused to be finished off. Much to the shock ofShockwave and refMike Kehner Jean-Jean pulled an invisible “knife” from his sock and immediately threatened to “stab” anyone in the ring! Kehner was horrified running around the ring to get away from the suddenly vicious Frenchman. Battling for the “knife” back and forthShockwave eventually accidentally “stabbed” Jean-Jean in the chest! After a very dramatic death sequence,Shockwave tried to make the pinfall but it was only a two count. Jean-Jean would gain the upper hand for a second as he then pulled a “handgun” from his belt buckle! This time he meant business! Once again scaring everyone in the ring, the crowd erupted in laughter at this obviously silly scenario.Shockwave wouldn’t have any of it as he kicked the “handgun” up into the air, as both…. men? … scrambled to get the weapon.Shockwave would eventually gain control as it went off! The “handgun” shot Jean-Jean LeBon right into the chest! Thinking this could be it,Shockwave pinned the mime only for him once again to kick out at two! Sensing this needed to end, the robot climbed to the tope rope to deliver his patented Guillotine Leg Drop. Jean-Jean would move out of the way causingShockwave to miss! This time, the mime’s intentions turned murderous! Slipping out of the ring, he looked under the ring for a weapon. Thinking he was going for a chair or possibly a table, the fans were flabbergasted as LeBon pulled out a big time weapon in a “double-barrel” shotgun! Entering the ring, he pointed it at the fans and turned to findShockwave ready this time as they struggled back and forth over the “gun”.Shockwave grabbed the gun and wasted no time in “shooting” Jean-Jean! As he lay still,Shockwave climbed the top turnbuckle and delivered his Guillotine Leg Drop for the pinfall! The fans cheered as he invited them to enter the ring and dance with him, celebrating his victory! The kids wanted to get some of the fallen mime too as they stomped and kicked Jean-Jean! The ring crew put a white sheet over LeBon as they carried him out on a “stretcher”.


Match 4: “Greek God” Papadon & Tony Mamaluke battle to a Time Limit Draw- Tagged as “Greece vs. Italy” this pitted two of the best technical wrestlers on the independent scene in the world!Papadon called for a mic and expressed his appreciation for all the things Mamaluke has done in his career. When he extended his hand in a sign of respect, Mamaluke refused. He obviously had the former champion well scouted. The match started exactly as it was billed. Both men showcased their amazing chain wrestling skills for the crowd with a tie eventually being obvious. Then things got ugly asPapadon’s famous temper took over.Papadon used his power to ground the fast paced Italian quickly delivering brutal elbows to the shoulders of Mamaluke. Mamaluke would fight back with a belly to belly suplex and spinning kicks. The crowd quickly got behind the former WWE star as his intensity picked up. Back and forth both men traded glancing, powerful blows with neither man gaining a decisive advantage. The former ECWA champ though gained the upper hand even hitting Mamaluke with a Alpha-Omega Shining Wizard but it was to no avail.Papadon, looking for that something extra, climbed to the top rope and attempted a diving headbutt… he would miss! Mamaluke went on the attack with stiff kicks to the face and thigh even causingPapadon to be busted open above the eye! Working on the “Greek God’s” lower legs it became apparent Mamaluke would attempt to go the route of ECWA champChris Wylde and use his submission prowess to his advantage.Papadon would try one last burst to get his devastating finisher the Wrath of God but Mamaluke knew he could not let that happen and locked in a fish hook ankle lock.Papadon reversed it only to put back into it right away! As Mamaluke had the fish hook locked in,Papadon struggled to get to the ropes. However, the ref had already called for the bell beforePapadon could submit. The time limit had run out and the match had been declared a draw! With blood gushing,Papadon quickly retreated for medical attention but the feisty Italian remained to a chorus of cheers and respect from the fans.


Match 5: “The Boss” Mike Tartaglia, Ricky “The Model” Martinez, & Little Mikey defeats Kid USA, Kid America, & ECWA Mid Atlantic Title Meisure Ooh La La– The fans were especially excited to see this one as Tartaglia was in hometown! The crowd greeted him with a mixed response of cheers and boos as he paraded around the ring spouting his trademark ‘Wooo” reminiscent of the legendary Ric Flair even donning a maroon robe with complete with feather boa. Starting things off Tartaglia strutted as he through a headlock and shoulder block on Kid USA. Unfortunately for the rookie, it would become a recurring theme. Tagging in and out Team Tartaglia took turns body slamming and stomping Kid USA. As they brutalized the youngster, his teammates tried to get the crowd behind him so he could garner some offense. Things would quickly break down however, as both teams jumped into the ring brawling. Team Ooh La La would win this round dumping ‘The Boss’ and his minions over the top rope. RefereeJohn Finegan would regain control soon enough as Ooh La La and Mikey were the legal men. The Mid Atlantic champ would down the ‘golden boy’ with a low dropkick and bodyslam. With bitter rivals tempers began boiling over… the match would become absolute chaos as Kid America and Kid USA again jumped into the fray. AsMartinez and Mikey battled on the outside, Meisure Ooh La La would get distracted trying to help his teammates. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Little Mikey scored the pinfall on Kid USA! “The Boss” was victorious but the celebration would be short lived as he once again was tossed over the top rope! Toss the Boss! Ooh La La and his friends would then celebrate with the fans as Team Tartaglia whisked away.


Match 6: “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde defeats “Beautiful” Bobby Shields w/Joel Blackhart to retain his Unified Heavyweight Championship– This match was almost a year in the making! It’s well documented the war betweenChris Wylde and the Blackhearts over control of the ECWA. Wylde had fought them off…. or so he thought. The Blackhearts have regrouped and they have their sights set on getting Wylde’s beloved Unified title and ending his boyhood dream early.Bobby Shields is tired of Wylde and his love for the fans. Shields new mentality makes him even more vicious than before. The crowd got behind the champ early as he came out of the gate firing! Wylde used his fighting spirit to stun Shields with various lariats and hard hitting kicks. Joel Blackhart would prove why he is the biggest snake in ECWA as he attempted to help Bobby by grabbing Wylde’s foot. He would then be kicked from ringside by head refereeJohn Finegan who saw it from the get go! Even without his sly manager, Shields would quickly show why he could quite possibly be the deadliest of the Blackhearts as he started to brutalize the defending champion. Screaming at the fans all the while, Shields grounded the “Heartkiller” with powerful offense. The “Beautiful” one slammed Wylde numerous times to the mat with suplexes and different slams intended to hurt and hurt badly. He continued to through Wylde into the corner and hitting a devastating boot to the face. The fans boos finally got to him as he jumped out of the ring yelling at adults even making one kid burst into tears. Returning to the ring, the assault continued as he sensed the end was near and the title within his grasp. Hitting Wylde with an STO, the fans quieted as it looked finished but…. kickout by the champion! Shields became more and more frustrated letting his guard down long enough to hit Bobby with a Sliced Bread #2 for a near fall. Shields would not be denied as he ducked a move by Wylde and hit the champion with his Body Bomb… all looked lost but… a two count only! Getting angrier, Shields went for another Body Bomb but the ‘Heartkiller’ reversed it hitting a flipping powerbomb only to roll through and hit a superkick to the face making it a deadly combo! Wylde quickly made the pin for an amazing victory! Shields would sulk away failing in his bid for the championship as Wylde invited fans into the ring to celebrate with him! Their hero had won and the boyhood dream continues!