ECWA Oct 13 2012 Featured




Results from YMCA of Salem County in Carney’s Point, NJ – Oct 13, 2012

1. Napalm Bomb defeated CUJO the Hellhound

2. Jessie Kaye beat Missy Sampson

3. ECWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Midnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields) (champions) w/ Joel Blackhart beat Danny E & Ricky “the Model” Martinez w/ Magnum & Gus Grand

4. Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian beat Matt Saigon

5. Beautiful Bobby Shields w/ Joe Blackhart defeated Bolo Young

6. 8 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Mr. Ooh La La, Coach Jim Shorts, Cole Callaway and SHOCKWAVE the Robot beat “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia, Ricky “the Model” Martinez, Gus Grand and Magnum

 7. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the ECWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (champion) beat “Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco and Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart

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ECWA- YMCA III- October 13, 2012- Carney’s Point, NJ

ECWA once again returned to the YMCA of Salem County in Carney’s Point, NJ on October 13, 2012! The night promised to excite the fans and wrestler’s alike as hot match-ups filled the night from top to bottom. What happened in the 3rd visit to the YMCA? Here’s a recap of the night’s action:

Match 1: Napalm Bomb defeated Cujo the Hellhound- Napalm Bomb debuted on the 45th anniversary show and instantly gained the affection of the fans. Despite being beaten down time and time again he came out on top and shocked the veteran Cujo. Not one to be outdone, Cujo demanded a return match where he would punish the Bomb for embarrassing him in front of the ECWA fans on such a big night. The match started with a heavy dose of déjà vu as Cujo used his power and veteran wiles to outsmart the much quicker and younger Napalm Bomb. However, the fans would NOT let the Bomb falter as they continuously willed him to fight back. Using his speed to his advantage, he hit Cujo with an impressive array of moves from an amazing vertical suplex to his patented heel dropkick combo kick. Feeding off the energy of the crowd he once again finished Cujo off with the awe inspiring Swanton Bomb that hit it’s mark perfectly. Once again, Napalm Bomb topped Cujo the Hellhound and proved he’s a top contender in the ECWA. The sky’s the limit for this powerful newcomer who continues to earn the fans love match by match.

Match 2: Jessie Kaye defeated Missy Sampson– ECWA women’s action has really picked up in intensity as of late and this match-up really showed why. The suddenly popular Jessie Kaye looked to continue her momentum as she faced a debuting Missy Sampson. Immediately, Sampson’s cocky attitude drew HUGE jeers and dislike from the crowd as she was not impressed with the feisty Jessie Kaye. Unfortunately for fans of the blonde bombshell Sampson controlled this match from beginning to end. Missy meticulously worked on Kaye’s knee and back with submission moves such as Half Boston Crabs and old fashioned ground and pound moves like a simple body slam. Power and brawn proved to be the deciding factor throughout as the fans could not help Kaye garner any confidence or fire to fight back. As her offense continued to work and weaken her opponent, Missy took her eye off the prize and the resourceful Kaye rolled Missy up for the pin fall! The fans loved the outcome though the ‘Original Ride or Die Chick’ was visibly angry and openly complained to officials about the finish of the match.

– The New Jersey debut of “The Boss’s Chair” promised to be quite an interesting affair as ECWA owner ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia paraded his friends former TWA champion Breaker Morant, Joel Blackhart, Anthony Cicco, and former ECWA champion “Greek God” Papadon in front of a not so pleased crowd. They all continually berated the fans and “their champion” ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde. The two former champs cooked up quite the plan as they formed an alliance that they said would finally finish off Wylde and his championship reign. Just as the fans couldn’t take anymore Chris Wylde burst onto the scene and proved his fearless attitude is no fluke as he promised the fans they would help him defy the odds once again and retain his Unified title. Not impressed Papadon and Breaker showed their verbal supremacy by continuously attacking Wylde’s credentials and the fans support of him. Sensing it would come to blows, the “Heartkiller” got the jump on the two men and tried to fight them away. The numbers game proved to be too much as they beat down Wylde and stole his championship belts as the final slap in the face of their hated rival. The Main Event looked to become even more personal…

Match 3: Midnight Sensations(Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields) w/ Joel Blackhart retained their tag titles by defeating MMA(Ricky Martinez & Danny E) w/ Magnum &Gus Grand– Ricky Martinez and Danny E were both riding hot streaks going into last month’s K-Cup tag team tournament. The run ended early but not without ECWA officials being very impressed and giving them this tag team title shot. TMS fresh off of getting back into ECWA by any means necessary (employing the help of Joel Blackhart in the process) were looking to prove they never should have left by dominating any team in their way. This match started fast and furious with the MMA getting the early advantage through crisp hit and go tag in-tag out tactics and well… a little help from their cohorts Magnum and Gus Grand. Danny E’s trademark dropkicks and cocky attitude fueled a surprising attack that almost gave the MMA an upset victory. However, it went only go so far as the champions exploded through the adversity and pumped up the crowd with over the top rope dives and powerful clotheslines. Nothing Martinez or Danny E did was to much avail once the aliens got it going thanks to overwhelming support from the crowd. Attempts by Magnum and Gus Grand to save the match fell harmlessly as Rockwell and Shields fully displayed their arsenal of slams and tag team chemistry built traveling the country working on their craft. The end came as the Sensations utilized their neck breaker-side slam finisher that easily sealed the victory for the defending champions.

Match 4: Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian defeated Matt Saigon– Fresh off a hugely disappointing loss in the finals of the K-Cup, Matt Saigon wants to prove he is the stronger link of Fusion DS, even going so far as saying Damian Dragon is the reason they lost in the first place. After a string of shocking losses dating back to the Super 8 Tournament, the “Flyin Hawaiian” came out with confidence and high intensity. Early and often both men proved to be each others equal with back and forth displays of technical and power wrestling. Eventually the stronger Saigon would get the upper hand trying to ground the high flyer with various suplexes, slams, and submissions. Just when another win seemed to slip through his fingers, Kekoa suddenly had a burst of energy and showcased why he was in the Super 8 and why he and Aden Chambers beat Saigon and Dragon just 2 weeks ago in the K-Cup. Furious punches, kicks, dropkicks and quite possibly the most memorable moment of the second half of 2012 in ECWA ensued… Kekoa chased Saigon to the top rope as Matt tried a high impact move and delivered a thunderous, perfectly executed Superplex. The move drew “oohs and ahs” from the fans in attendance and even moved the ring itself several inches out of place! This proved to be the turning point… Saigon would try one last ditch effort to come back and steal the win but Kekoa once again met him on the top rope attempting another high impact move and got the pin fall 1..2..3 after a devastating Super Hawaii 5-0 slam.

Match 5: “Beautiful” Bobby Shields w/ Joel Blackhart defeated Bolo Yung– This was one of the most curious match-ups of the evening. The masked mysterious martial art expert Bolo Yung debuted for the first time in the ECWA. Not much was known about this newcomer as he looked to make a lasting impact. Yung came out early with yakuza kicks and technical moves obviously learned from time in the orient. Shields, however, cut him off from the get go. It what turned into a one sided affair, the “Beautiful” one was not fooled nor impressed by Yung as he slowly picked apart the masked warrior. Sporting an all new look reminiscent of the legendary ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Shields showcased why he has NOT been pinned or submitted in the last year in the ECWA. No matter what Bolo did, Shields would always have an answer whether it was a well timed boot to the face, gut buster, or his trademark deadly STO. Bobby came out wanting to dominate this entire match as a way of making a statement that his Unified Heavyweight Title match next week on October 20 against Chris Wylde is not to be overlooked. And dominate he did. Even with support from the fans Yung couldn’t fight back forever as Shields finished him off promptly and, much to the disdain of the fans in the YMCA, strutted his way back to the locker room.

Match 6: Shockwave the Robot, Cole Callaway, Meisure Ooh La La, and Coach Jim Shorts defeated ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia, Ricky Martinez, ‘Press Agent’ Gus Grand, and Magnum– The fans were excited for this match mainly because they wanted Shockwave to be the man…er… robot to finally shut up ‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia and his “entourage”. Opening the match, Tartaglia got the temporary upper hand with a headlock on Shockwave issuing his annoying ’Woo’ along the way. Mike then tagged in his friend Ricky Martinez to continue the assault. But the former Super 8 competitor wouldn’t be outdone shocking Martinez with a head scissor takedown and an impressive display of breakdance moves. The fun began as ECWA Mid Atlantic champ Meisure Ooh La La donned a Shockwave mask, tagged in, then posed robotically as he faced Martinez. As the crowd laughed, Martinez did too mockingly and went to attack the Frenchmen but Ooh La La had the real surprise and laid a big glancing blow to Ricky’s face. This is where the match started to become chaotic as both teams refused to be outdone. As soon as both teams jumped into the ring, Team Shockwave made sure to clear the ring of Team Tartaglia quickly. Popular song “Gangnam Style” blared through the speakers as the happy friends danced away providing a club atmosphere for all the fans to enjoy. Referee Mike Kehner soon restored order and the match resumed as Coach Jim Shorts entered the match for the first time throwing Gus Grand down to the mat. Another laugh out loud moment followed as Shorts pulled instructions from his sock on how-to-do a Figure 4 Leg Lock. As Grand struggled, both teams once again jumped into the ring and began to cause a huge melee of back and forth action. Cole Callaway sneakily slipped back into the ring planting a big kiss right on Gus Grand! Shocked and disgusted Gus fell back to the mat and became a victim of Shockwave’s Guillotine Leg Drop off the top rope for the victory! The craziness ended as the young fans in the crowd joined the victorious team in the ring dancing the night away.

Match 7: “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde retained his championship by defeating Breaker Morant w/ Joel Blackhart & “Greek God” Papadon w/ Anthony Cicco– This bitter personal war exploded into the YMCA for all to see. After having been attacked earlier in the night, Wylde at first didn’t answer the call of his own theme music but just as Papadon and Breaker started to celebrate the “Heartkiller” burst into the ring, immediately attacking both men. Showcasing the grit that makes him so beloved to the ECWA fans, he tried to defy the odds and the alliance that his opponents had made earlier in the night. The numbers game proved too much to overcome. Papadon and Breaker soon began to systemically dissect the defending champion by taking turns one upping each other with powerful blows to his neck and back. The “Greek God” and the leader of the Blackharts assaulted Wylde for well over 10 minutes straight with yakuza kicks to the back and face and power bombs meant to permanently injure the champion. The alliance was soon put to the test, however, as both men wanted to win the Unified title. Each man tried to finish Wylde off but the other would soon stop the count wanting the victory for himself. Cicco and Blackhart tried to keep the two men focused and united but after a few miscues by both men the alliance was dead. Papadon and Breaker began to fight each other back and forth completely forgetting about the slowly recovering Chris Wylde. Wylde seized the opportunity and attacked with a couple of bulldog-clothesline combos sending the challengers reeling. The momentum was shifting noticeably as the crowd started to believe more and more that the champion could once again steal a victory from the jaws of defeat. Thinking quickly, Cicco and Blackhart once again tried to refocus their respective warriors but the “Heartkiller” outsmarted everyone in the ring again and down went the two managers at the hands of their own men! However, Papadon was ECWA heavyweight champion for 560 days and showed why here as he used the distraction to down Wylde temporarily. Morant quickly went to the top rope looking for the kill but the 2012 Super 8 Champion saw it coming. Papadon jumped to the top rope and hit Breaker setting up his deadly finisher… the ’Wrath of God’ superplex-piledriver combo. Hitting the move and seemingly getting ready to regain his beloved heavyweight title, he went for the win. But just as he went for the pin, Wylde sprung to life and hit Papadon in the fact with a super kick and proceeded to pin the unconscious Breaker Morant for the AMAZING victory! The fans erupted with cheers as once again the “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde celebrated and remained the true heart of the ECWA and its fans.

– After the match, Papadon was irate at “being screwed” by ECWA booker Joe Zanolle and senior referee John Finegan “again.” The ‘Greek God’ even chased Finegan from the building and once again got physical with ECWA security. Where will the former champ go from here?

Will things continue to escalate for Papadon with his bitter hatred for ECWA management and Unified Heavyweight Champion Chris Wylde? Will this war ever end? Only time will tell.