ECWA Oct 13 2012 Featured



THIS SAT, OCT 13th at the YMCA of Salem County in Carney’s Point, NJ

He took both of their championships. He ended both of the longest TWA and ECWA Title reigns in history and became the very first ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion. “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde faces his two greatest enemies at the same time in the toughest match of his career, a Triple Threat Macth with “Greek God” GreekGod Papadon and Breaker Morant. Will Papadon and Breaker join forces to destroy Wylde? Will Joel Blackhart and Anthony J Cicco be a factor at ringside? Will the egos of Papadon and Breaker clash? This is also Breaker’s first match back since being burned by a Wylde fireball at Wargames. How has that injury and time away from the ring affected him? One fall, the winner of the fall is the ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion. The champion, Chris Wylde, does not have to be beaten to lose his title. Be there this Sat for the first time ever, one time only, 3-way clash among the 3 most important players in recent TWA and ECWA history. For tix call 609.220.5598 “ECWA … become a fan all over again!”


28 Month History of the Triple Threat Match between ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion Chris Wylde, “Greek God” Papadon and Breaker Morant

– Papdon defends his ECWA Title against Chris Wylde, July 2011, Newark, DE
– Chris Wylde loses the Mid-Atlantic Title to Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian; Blackheart then attacks Wylde and the entire ECWA locker room, November 2011, Newark, DE
– Wylde feuds with Blackheart and Breaker Morant from November 2011 to present
– Wylde wins the TWA Heavyweight Title from Morant, May 2012, Newark, DE
– Papadon is the surprise 4th member of Team ECWA in their Wargames match vs Blackheart, July 2012, Newark, DE
– Wylde wins Wargames when he  throws fire at Morant and Blackheart calls it quits
-Post match, Papadon raises Wylde’s hand only to attack him while ECWA team partners Aden Chambers and Kekoa are still hand cuffed to the cage
-Anthony Cicco locks the cage door and flees with the key
-Papadon beats down Wylde until the crew has to actually disassemble one side of the cage to get to Wylde
-Wylde surprises the entire ECWA when he defeats Papadon to become the very first ECWA Unified Heavyweight Champion via Papadon passing out from the Tazmission, September 2012, Newark, DE
-Wylde defends against Papadon via pinfall with 2 referees, October 2012, Newark, DE
-FIRST TIME EVER, Wylde defends the Unified Heavyweight Title  against both the men he defeated for their respective championships , Papadon and Breaker Morant, in a Triple Threat Match, October 13, 2012 at the YMCA in Carney’s Point, NJ. For tix call 609.220.5598,