TITLE UNIFICATION – PAPADON vs. WYLDE II Sept 15, 2012 (video)

When current ECWA Heavyweight Champion and 2012 Super 8 Champion “Greek God” Papadon (20-0)* saved and then turned on TWA Heavyweight Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (16-5)and the ECWA at WARGAMES on July 14th in Newark, Delaware, it only served to expedite the inevitable ECWA and TWA Title Unification Match!!! Papadon’s motivation, his ego and his insatiable desire to rule the ECWA with an iron fist is without question, while Wylde is not only seeking revenge, but now has possibly his last golden opportunity to prove himself and fulfill his dream of holding the OLDEST Heavyweight Championship in ALL of independent professional wrestling!!! Papadon will be celebrating his 560th day as ECWA Heavyweight Champion on Sept 15th. Will he make it to 561 days? Papadon is also the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Champion, former ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion, 2012 Hall of Famer and 2011 ECWA Wrestler of the Year! Or will Chris Wylde, current TWA Heavyweight Champion and a former ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion of 11 months, succeed where he failed back in July 2011 and where countless others including Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Cole, Tony Nese, Aden Chambers, Alex Reynolds, Johnny Silver, Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian and more have failed? Will Wylde, a Delaware resident who as a teenager was an ECWA fan, fulfill his dream to become ECWA Heavyweight Champion and the first Unified Champion or will Papadon add that honor to his already long list of accolades?

Be there for the 45th Anniversary of the ECWA – “CHAMPIONS COLLIDE” – to see the historic ECWA & TWA Unification Title Match on Sat, Sept 15, 2012 in Newark, Delaware, doors open 6PM. For tix call 609.220.5598 or email info@ecwaprowrestling.com

*”Greek God” Papadon win-loss record

Jan 2011: def Cona Cappucia
Mar 2011: def Bazooka Joe
Mar 2011: def MEGA for ECWA Title
Apr 2011: w/ Chris Wylde and MackTion def FUSION DS and Josh Daniels
May 2011: def Bazooka Joe
July 2011: def Chris Wylde
Sept 2011: def Tommaso Ciampa (2011 Super 8 champion to earn a spot in the 2012 Super 8 )
Oct 2012: def Matt Saigon
Nov 2012: def Johnny Silver
Nov 2012: def Chase Del Monte
Jan 2012: def Alex Reynolds
Mar 2012: def Aden Chambers
Mar 2012: def Johnny Silver
April 2012 (S8): def Tony Nese
April 2012 (S8): def Bobby Fish
April 2012 (S8): def Bandido Jr to win S8
May 2012: def Kekoa the Fylin Hawaiian for the Mid-Atlantic Title (and then sold it to evil owner Mike Tartaglia)
June 2012: def Adam Cole
July 2012: def Tony Nese
July 2012: w/ Chris Wylde, Aden Chambers, Kekoa def Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels and Mustafa Aziz in Wargames




TWA Heavyweight Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde talks ECWA Heavyweight Champion “Greek God” Papadon attacking him following the WARGAMES match on July 14, 2012…


ECWA Heavyweight Champion “Greek God” Papadon talks about his actions at WARGAMES and Chris Wylde!!!

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CHRIS WYLDE music video … WYLDE takes on PAPADON  in the ECWA/TWA Title Unification Match, Sept 15 in Newark, DE


CHRIS WYLDE talks about Unification Match with “GREEK GOD” PAPADON on 9/15/12 (PART 1)


ECWA Heavyweight Champion “Greek God” Papadon with his new personal ring announcer “Voice of Godly Thunder” Anthony Cicco talke about the events of July 14th WARGAMES and the huge Title Unification Match with TWA Heavyweight Champion “Heart” Killer Chris Wylde at the 45th Anniversary Show on Sept 15th in Newark, Delaware


CHRIS WYLDE talks about Unification Match with “GREEK GOD” PAPADON on 9/15/12 (PART 2)


ECWA Heavyweight Champion “GREEK GOD” Papadon talks about the sacrifices made to get to this point in his career as he heads into the Unification Match on Sept 15 in Newark, Delaware with “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde


GreekGod Papadon and his new personal ring announcer Anthony J Cicco have stated that ECWA committed the 7 Deadly Sins against them. Here they talk about the first, ENVY!


“Voice of Godly Thunder” and the “Greek God” looks to be a match made in heaven as they talk about the 2nd Deadly Sin – LUST-  that ECWA “committed” against them!


Sin #3- SLOTH!!!


Sin #4- PRIDE!!!


Sin #5- GREED!!!


Sin #6- GLUTTONY!!!


Sin #7- WRATH!!!