ECWA in PWI 500

Congratulations to all who competed in ECWA this past year that made the PWI 500. The time period for consideration was July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. While there is always debate every year over rankings, the fact is 500 is a huge number to manage and being included on this list alone is a great acknowledgement to the hard work of those ranked. Many thanks go out to PWI Magazine. Here is the list:

66- Robbie E
71- Tommaso Ciampa
75- Adam Cole
223- Greek God Papadon
279- Johnny Silver
291- Anthony Nese
310- Aden Chambers
338- Asylum Flatliner
339- Josh Daniels
348- Chris Wylde
354- Matt Burns
369- Bobby Fish
372- Mustafa Aziz
380- Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian
394- AHTU
395- Azrieal
400- Breaker Morant
402- Bandido Jr
409- Matt Saigon
414- Damian Dragon
416- Gregory Iron
417- Kyle Matthews
418- Bobby Shields
435- Sam Shields
437- Chris Rockwell
474- Kid America
480- Mr. Ooh La La
488- Corey Blaze

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The hardcopy of the magazine hits newsstands on Sept 18, 2012