The story of Blackheart began on Oct 15, 2011, when a masked man dressed all in black attacked Bazooka Joe and injured him to the point that Joe has yet to return to the ECWA!


Edited footage:


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Following the attack, Blackheart stalked ECWA fans and wrestlers on the FACEBOOK social media site, warning them that no one in the ECWA locker room was safe. Also, Blackheart (who appears to be a different person that the masked attacker on Oct 15th) does a video on YOU TUBE where he now seems to single out “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde and threatens to ruin the first K-CUP Tag Team Tournament that November!


Following his loss of the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title to Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian in November 2011, Chris Wylde vented his frustrations and called out Blackheart to the ring if he was in the buidling. After no repsonse, Blackheart appeared in the ring behind Wylde after the lights went out and came back on. Kekoa stormed the ring to help Wylde only to have a 2nd Masked Blackheart appear!!! As the ECWA locker room continued to empty a 3RD Blackheart appeared and laid out the entire ECWA locker room (including AHTU & evil owner Mike Tartaglia) with baseballs bats!!! They revealed themselves to be…TWA and “REAL” Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant along with Joel Goodhart (now Joel Blackhart), Bobby Shields and Josh Daniels (now collectively known as Blackheart). They then held ECWA ring crew captain, Sonny (an older gentleman) hostage until ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle gave into their demands and gave them contracts to work in ECWA since TWA has been defunct. They blamed Zanolle and Tartaglia for neglecting and thus killing the resurrected TWA in favor of the ECWA!!!

Blackheart (Joel Blackhart, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels and Breaker Morant, not pictured) bully their way onto the ECWA roster!


The “REAL” (TWA) Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant has a message for “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde!


In January 2012, Joel Blackhart led his men (Breaker Morant and Bobby Shields) into battle for the first time in a sanctioned match in ECWA with Chris Wylde and AHTU!  The match ended without a conclusive ending, as Josh Daniels and Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian joined the fray.  The result was an ANYTHING GOES SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH was made between the two teams for March 1o in Newark, DE!


On March 3, 2012, Blackheart (Morant, Shields and Daniels) w/ Joel Blackhart defeated Wylde, Kekoa and AHTU in a crazy and wild Six-Man Anything Goes Match, when ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia turned on his own companies roster members and Joel had his secret weapon and his new hired associate Blackhart member, Mustafa Aziz, interfered and was the difference-maker in this battle as he injured both Wylde and AHTU in the process!


On March 10, 2012, Joel Blackhart offered CUJO the Hellhound a nice payday and membership in Blackheart if he could defeat Chris Wylde for their scheduled match that night. CUJO readily accepted, but failed to no avail. Later AHTU defeated Breaker Morant via DQ in a match for the TWA Heavyweight Title after a pinfall decision in Morant’s favor was reversed when ECWA matchmaker Joe Zanolle and referee John Finegan saw Breaker use brass knuckles for the pin!


Wylde defeats Breaker Morant for the TWA Heavyweight Title on May 5, 2012!  In this match, matchmaker Joe Zanolle added the stipulation that should Breaker Morant get disqualified, he would lose the TWA heavyweight Title to Chris Wylde. This stipulation was made in order to make sure that other members of Blackheart did not interfere in the match. Joel Blackhart was not present for this all important match-up as he was on vacation in Italy with, supposedly, TV and film star George Clooney!?


Footage of Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TWA Heavyweight Title “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs. Breaker Morant on June 2, 2012!

Chris Wylde vs. Breaker Morant


A second viewpoint: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150999176617755


Following the BRUTAL Falls Count Anywhere Match w/ Breaker Morant on June 2, 2012, TWA Heavyweight Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde made this challenge and had these words for Blackheart heading into WARGAMES!


Don’t miss WARGAMES at ECWA, July 14th in Newark, Dealware as TEAM ECWA (Wylde, Aden Chambers, Kekoa and Bandido Jr.) face Blackheart (Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels and Mustafa Aziz w/ joel Blackhart)! Two men start for 5 minutes … the winning team of a coin toss enters the ring for 2 minutes … then the team who lost the coin toss sends a man in at that point and so one until all 8 are in the ring in the cage and then the MATCH BEYOND begins, that is Submission or Surrender!!!  The final battle 10 months in the making, do not regret missing this all important match for ECWA’s future!!!