In a match-up of two of the best talents ever to step foot in an ECWA ring, Kekoa the Flying Hawaiian faces off against ECWA Grandslam Champion Aden Chambers! Kekoa is hungry to prove himself after first, losing in the first round of the 2012 Super 8 Tournament and then last month losing his Mid Atlantic Championship to “Greek God” Papadon. Chambers is an ECWA icon, having already won the 2008 Super 8 Tournament and is a Grand Slam Champion(won all titles in the ECWA). Aden’s back on the prowl looking to re-climb the ECWA ladder and once again prove he’s still the best on the East Coast.

What will happen when a focused Kekoa runs square into the smirking, confident veteran Aden Chambers? You’ll have to be there to see what happens as this match will be electric!

In many ways, Kekoa is the New Era version of ECWA Original Aden Chambers. Both are very popular with the fans and both are super talented!!! This is the first time ever these two have met and may be the only time! Don’t miss this match!!!!!!!!!

ECWA “Raising the Bar!,” June 2, get yourself to the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, Delaware and watch the drama unfold. Call 609-220-5598 for tickets, reserve seating, and other info!

“ECWA … become a fan all over again!”