In July 1999, I went to my very first ECWA show at St Matthews Parish Hall in Wilmington, Delaware. I was shooting photographs for PWI and WOW magazine. The VERY first wrestler I met there and the first one I had pose for me was none other than Mr. Ooh La La!

Ooh La La actually started in ECWA in 1990. So for 20+ years the bumbling Frenchman has been entertaining PRO WRESTLING fans one Saturday a month for many years in the state of Delaware. Ooh La La has been in many memorable battles and maybe even more memorable MOMENTS w/ Cheetah Master, Boogie Woogie Brown, Low Ki, George the Animal Steele, Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, Kid America, Shockwave the Robot, Cole Callaway and on several occassions even the BACK DOOR of the Boys & Girls Club!!!

From his trademark trip up the ringside steps to his striptease to having difficult taking off his purple pants and having them pulled from under his foot by the referee and falling to chants of Barney!!!! Mr. Ooh La La has endeared himself to countless ECWA fans. One moment I recall where I was truly enlightened to the genius of Mr. Ooh La La was at a TWA match in Voorhees, NJ vs. Shockwave the Robot for the very first time. I sat in the crowd as I sometimes do to take in and experience the reaction of the fans. As I looked around I saw kids and “kids at heart” smiling, laughing, chuckling and enjoying pro wrestling like I did when I was a kid. I could probably name 5 highlights in my 2 and 1/2 years of putting together wrestling shows and this def was one of them.

Beneath the persona is a true professional, a model member of the roster, a team player, a dedicated, hard worker, a good natured man who above all else is humble and universally liked by everyone!!! Well, except one person … ECWA owner Michael Tartaglia!!!

Ooh La La has raised the ire of Mike by eliminating him in the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Battle Royal on Apr 7, 2012 for the title shot of his choice. I have been “friends” with Mike for 20 years. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we “tolerate” each other.

But understand this, ECWA was MY home before Mike even knew what ECWA was. And Mr. Ooh La La was cementing his legend in ECWA long before Mike ever stepped foot in Delaware! If you know me, you know I am honest and a man of my word. Mr. Ooh La La WILL get the title shot of his choice and I WILL ask him along with his trusted confidant Coach Jim Shorts personally on Sat, May 5th in Newark, Delaware at “Divide & Conquer!

TRUST ME, if you are a fan of Mr. Ooh La La you DO NOT want to miss this!!!

Call 609.220.5598 for tix! “ECWA … become a fan all over again!!!

– Joe Zanolle, ECWA Matchmaker

Mr. Ooh La La from July 1999

ECWA owner Michael Tartaglia thought he had pulled a fast one over on everyone, buying his way into winning the 16th Annual ECWA SUPER 8 Tournament- Saturday, April 7, 2012. big Rumble match up...only he miscalculated-there was one more ECWA superstar, Meisure Oohlala, aka Mr. Ooh La La, who would go on to eliminate Tartaglia to be declared the winner.


Mr. Ooh La La earns a title shot by winning the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Battle Royal on Apr 7th!

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