WYLDE vs. MORANT for TWA TITLE MAY 5, 2012 (video)

May 5th is the culmination of an 8 month quest for “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde at ECWA “Divide & Conquer” in Newark, Delaware!

In Oct 2011, the masked Blackheart ( Breaker Morant) broke into the Boys & Girls Club side entrance and attacked Bazooka Joe and sent him to the ER! But Bazooka Joe was not the real target as revealed in a cryptic Blackheart video message, it was Chris Wylde. Blackheart swore to destroy the ECWA and would do so by going right after the heart of the ECWA, Chris Wylde.

In Nov 2011, Blackheart struck again, but this time he was not alone as 2 other masked men joined in and literally laid out the entire ECWA locker room w/ baseball bats. Blackheart revealed themselves to be the TWA and self-proclaimed REAL Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant, Josh Daniels, Bobby Shields and TWA founder and Commissioner Joel Goodhart. The quartet was angry that TWA was neglected for ECWA and demanded ECWA contracts which they were given under duress as they held ring crew captain Sonny Leech captive and threatened to severely harm him. After a wild tag team match and then another wild six man anything goes match, Blackheart are now signed to compete in separate matches.

Chris Wylde gets his chance for revenge w/ Blackheart ringleader and team captain Breaker Morant. ECWA fans will recognize that Chris Wylde has a tremendous win-loss record in ECWA, but always seems to lose the “big ones.” Since Sept 2010, Wylde has only 3 losses in ECWA to Tommaso Ciampa, Papadon and Kekoa. Can Wylde avenge ECWA and strike Breaker Morant where it hurts most, his beloved TWA Heavyweight Championship? Or will Blackheart continue its reign of terror in the ECWA?

You have to be there for this one, Chris Wylde is going to need the ENTIRE ECWA family in his corner!




“In promoting the May 5th event, it has become clearer to me every day that there is no way “Heart Killerr” Chris Wylde is going to get a fair shake at Breaker Morant for Morant’s TWA Heavyweight Championship. On Mar 10th, Morant used brass knuckles on AHTU and was rightfully so disqualified. If I ban Blackheart, they still will find a way to interfere. So I have come to the conclusion there is only ONE solution!!! For this TWA Heavyweight Championship Match, IF Breaker Morant is disqualified for any reason, including those above, he WILL LOSE his championship to Chris Wylde!!! Saturday, May 5th 2012 in Newark, Delaware for the TWA Heavyweight Championship, Breaker Morant © defends against “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde *Title CAN Change Hands via DQ!!!!” – Joe Zanolle, ECWA Matchmaker

For tix call 609.220.5598.

“ECWA … become a fan all over again!”


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