The 6th man entered into the 16th Annual ECWA SUPER 8 Tournament on April 7th at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls in Delaware is GREGORY IRON!!!

Gregory is known as the “Handicapped Hero” as he wrestles with cerebral palsy that affects his right arm and partially his right leg also. Iron wrestles for Pro Wrestling Ohio (PWO) and also Chikara. Recently, Iron was selected as first runner for Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Magazine Year End Awards as Inspirational Wrestler of the Year, was featured on Fox and Friends to make a bid to be in this year’s WWE Royal Rumble and was also endorsed by current WWE Champion CM Punk and Colt Cabana!!!

Gregory Iron joins “Greek God” Papadon, Kekoa, Bobby Fish, AMAZING RED and Azrieal in this year’s tournament!!! Two competitors remain to be announced!!! For tix call 609.220.5598. “ECWA … become a fan all over again!”

"Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron has been entered into the 16th Annual ECWA SUPER 8!!!

Gregory Iron was the first runner up for the 2011 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year in PWI Magazine (March 2012 Issue)


Greg’s Story…

Born with cerebral palsy, Iron had a rough childhood as he was often ridiculed for it by peers and classmates.  Iron did share a close bond though with his grandmother, who first got him interested in pro wrestling and developed a common love of wrestling.  Sadly, Iron lost his grandmother to bone cancer in 1995.  Iron also had a tough home life as his mother became addicted to drugs and alcohol, which resulted in emotional and even financial woes and, ultimately, led to the passing of his mother from a drug overdose.

Despite all of these obstacles, the one thing that occupied Greg’s mind and motivated him was his love of pro wrestling. 

Greg always wanted to be a part of wrestling, though he never thought he could actually be a wrestler.  That changed when he saw one legged wrestler Zach Gowen perform in 2003.  Greg  slowly began to get hope that maybe he too could live his lifelong dream.
In 2006, at 19, Greg began to make that dream a reality, and had his 1st match in July, 2006.   Greg has not looked back since, always trying to improve and better himself.
Greg wears handicapped symbols all over his gear, because not only is it a distinguishable symbol, but it’s a powerful symbol.  Greg says, “To most, the handicapped symbol represents weakness and shame, but I want to make people look at it and see strength, and inspiration… to know any dream is possible to attain, no matter who you are.”

WWE Champion CM Punk and Colt Cabana endorse Gregory Iron!!!(Warning!! Foul Language)

Lince Dorado VS Gregory Iron from Bob Gendler on Vimeo.

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