When Blackheart attacked on Oct 15, 2011 in Newark, DE, NO ONE suspected that the masked man dressed in all black was only 1 of 4 members of an evil faction!

Following his loss of the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title on Nov 19, 2011 to Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian, “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde stood tall in the center of the ring and called out Blackheart.  At first, there was no response.  Then, after a flicker of the lights, Blackheart appeared in the ring behind Wylde and leveled him with a chair.  As the ECWA locker room emptied, one by one, MORE Blackhearts appeared.  The locker room, the staff and security and even owner Mike Tartaglia were ALL laid out in the ring.  As the masked men revealed themselves, they turned out to be Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Champion, Breaker Morant, Josh Daniels, Bobby Shields and the creator, founder and Commissioner of the TWA, Joel Goodhart.

Morant proclaimed himself the REAL Heavyweight Champion.  He told all of Delaware that it was the ECWA’s fault that the TWA has ceased promoting events.  He blamed Joe Zanolle (ECWA match maker) and Mike Tartaglia for neglecting TWA and favoring ECWA, not booking him on ECWA events as promised and tarnishing his one-year plus title reign.  Morant found comrades in his two toughest challengers for the TWA Title, Josh Daniels and Bobby Shields.  Daniels also griped of being forgotten.  Shields, who has been used in the ECWA, most notably in the 2011 ECWA SUPER 8, blamed his recent losing streak on “being held back” and “not being pushed.”  It has since been discovered that Shields was the “man on the inside” who allowed the masked man in the building on Oct 15th and acted as Blackheart’s mole for months!  These three unlikely partners came together for their common hatred and need for revenge.

Joel Goodhart, now Joel Blackhart, started Tartaglia and Zanolle in wrestling in 1990 and is furious that they “brought back the TWA in 2009 only to run it back into the ground again!”  Blackhart, now the self-proclaimed GREATEST WRESTLING PROMOTER TO EVER LIVE, says his goal is to destroy ECWA, replace it with the TWA and rule all of independent pro wrestling.

But, make no mistake, Blackheart will go to any lengths to get what they want.  Example, on Nov 19th, Blackheart demanded contracts in the ECWA.  When Zanolle (probably only one of the few ECWA members not attacked) would not give in, they  grabbed ECWA father figure and ring crew captain Sonny Leech in the ring, choking him with a baseball bat and threatened to inflict serious damage if they did not get what they wanted.  With Leech’s wife and daughter pleading in his ear, Zanolle conceded to their demands. 

Zanolle, personally disappointed and affected by the attack by these four whom he had great respect and affinity for, released a video message where he declared “Blackheart bullied their way into the ECWA with an attack the equivalent to a home invasion… but by the time the ECWA roster is done with them, they will be begging me to let them OUT of the ECWA.”

Breaker Morant, seen by many as the ringleader along with Joel Blackhart, had these words to say (see video below)

Be there, Jan 7, 2012 in Newark, Delaware as it is the ECWA (Chris Wylde & AHTU) vs. Blackheart (Breaker Morant & Bobby Shields)!!! For tix call 609.220.5598 or email

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