Dear ECWA –

My name is Kirby Mack and I am injured.

In the summer I pulled what I thought to be a muscle, no big deal right? In typical warrior mode fashion, I.E. Wrestler, I took two weeks off slapped a sponge-bob band aid on it and considered myself healed. From time to time I would feel a slight tension in my right shoulder but thought it was just aggravated.

In preparation for the K-Cup my brother and I wrestled in a small little town outside of Asheviile NC. Though we came out victorious, as we no doubt would have done against the Logans this Saturday, I sustained an injury. The muscle bound idiots who wrestled us thought it would be fun to give your’s truly a burning hammer onto my brother. At that very moment I felt a popping and burning sensation in my right shoulder. I attempted to just sleep it off but woke up early next morning in immense pain with limited mobility. An initial doctors visited diagnosed me with a tear in my large middle tendon. But being the awesome person I am I knew that you must always get a second opinion. The following day I was given an MRI which showed an acute tear in my rotator cuff. For those of you saying, “Ouch that sucks! An acute tear!.” Just know it could be worse, It could be butt ugly. HEHE.

But seriously folks. In an attempt to avoid a major surgery I will be in a sling for the next 3-6 weeks as well as undergoing physical therapy. After talking with Joe and Mike, who have been awesomely understanding, we decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to forfeit our spot in this years K-Cup. It pains me to have to do this as the K-Cup is a huge event in professional wrestling. When we were asked to take part in this we were absolutely floored with humility.

Obviously a wrestlers health comes first and quite frankly, I did not want to cheat the fans and owners of ECWA by showing up to the K-Cup and get paid to do a job that I could not perform at 100%.

I greatly appreciate Joe and Mike’s understanding and working with me. I promise you all I will make this up to you in 2012, if ECWA will have us back. I wish all the tag teams in this event good luck, stay safe. Let’s make Tag Team wrestling relevant again.

Thanks Guys –

Kirby Mack

“Team MackTion, We’ve only just begun. ”


Taking the palce of MackTion in the K-CUP, will be a team from NYWC, “The Royal Studs” Danny E & Kenny Royal. “Blowout Boy” Danny E (fka Dan Eckos) was a semi-finalist in the 2009 ECWA Super 8. He is also a former ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion and Tag Team Champion with Sean Royal as the Heavyweights. Danny E has been teaming with Kenny Royal recently in the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) promotion. The duo recently debuted for the ECWA Nov 5th in Carney’s Point, NJ in a great match with the current Unified Tag Team Champions “FUSION DS” Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon.

ECWA wishes Kirby Mack a speedy recovery!

"The Royal Studs" Kenny Royal & Danny E (fka Dan Eckos)

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