At ECWA on Oct 15th in Newark, DE, ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde came to the ring for his match with Bazooka Joe. In typical DJ Hyde fashion, he tried to use his power and role as Commissioner to back out of facing Joe once again. ECWA match-maker Joe Zanolle approached ringside with 2 contracts, both signed by DJ Hyde, one for being Commissioner and one as talent. Zanolle said he went over the head of evil-ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia (who appointed Hyde as Commissioner 6 months ago) and went to Targtalia’s 2 partners in Tri-State Wrestling Entertainment, LLC (the parent company of the ECWA) and got them to outvote Tartaglia 2-to-1 in favor of terminating Hyde’s contract as Commissioner! Zanolle then stated that Hyde still had a talent contract and that if he refused to wrestle Joe, TSWE LLC would take Hyde to court for breach of contract! As a bonus for the fans, Zanolle made the match Loser Leaves ECWA for 60 days!!!! Bazooka Joe then went on to defeat Hyde to the delight of fans.

While celebrating Bazooka Joe was celebrating his win, seemingly out of nowhere, a man dressed completely in black with a mask (who has now revealed himself as Blackheart on ECWA FACEBOOK PAGE) stormed the ring and DESTROYED Bazooka Joe!!! Two security guards and a fan rushed the ring and were trashed by Blackheart. Then just as Blackheart was about to cause permanent damage to Joe, the entire ECWA locker room and staff stormed the ring led by Bazooka Joe’s best friend, Chris Wylde, and chased Blackheart out the front door where a running car was waiting for Blackheart to facilitate a quick escape! The injuries to Joe are not career threatening but he suffered head trauma, a concussion and persisting migraine headaches.

Here is the footage of the attack!

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