ECWA Sept 24th, 2011 Review

1. Papadon defeats Tommaso Ciampa, wins spot in 2012 Super 8- In what must be considered another classic match in ECWA history, the “Greek God” Papadon retained his heavyweight title by defeating Tommaso Ciampa. A spectacular back and forth match that first ended with Ciampa gaining the pinfall but the first referee called a DQ on Tommaso for his accidental foreman shot, which led to owner Mike Tartaglia restarting the match. Papadon quikly capitalized with a lowblow with the ref distracted by Tartaglia and then hitting the ‘Alpha-Omega’ shinging wizard to score the pinfall.

2. Chris Wylde defeats Bobby Shields(w/Gus Grand), Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian- Quick possibly the biggest crowd pleaser of the night as the popular Chris Wylde once again retained his Mid Atlantic title over Bobby Shields and Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian. Amazing aerial displays highlighted this match that went back and forth between all 3 men, all almost gaining victory numerous times. Wylde was beaten badly but somehow scored a pinfall over Shields after use of a swanton bomb off the turnbuckle as Kekoa could not break the pin attempt.
*Wylde was presented with the new Mid Atlantic Championship afterwards by management

3. Fusion D.S.(Damien Dragon & Matt Saigon) defeats Midnight Sensations(Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields)- Dragon and Saigon once met the Midnight Sensations in the third encounter between the teams. This time in a deadly ladder match, both teams were punished throughout. The Sensations showed that ladder matches were their speciality as they pummeled Dragon and Saigon with various moves involving both ladders in the match. Fusion came away with the victory after Dragon ran interference as Shields was mere seconds away from grabbing the belts. Saigon quickly scammpered up the ladder and retained the Unified tag team titles.

4. Ahtu defeats Cujo the Hellhound- Cujo mostly dominated Ahtu for most of this contest severely damaging Ahtu’s back with his powerful blows and slams. Ahtu never fully gained an advanatge over the dogfaced veteran. Cujo seemed to not be intimadated of the monster like previous opponents constantly one uping Ahtu. Never facing a challenge this big, Ahtu called on his fans for strength as he made his way back from certain defeat after delivering a devastating spear to gain the pinfall.

5. Julian Starr (w/Magnum and Gus Grand) defeats Cole Calloway (w/Cookie)- Special Guest ref Mr. Ooh La La made this match a living hell for Cole as he time and time again let Magnum and Grand beat on him as he lay outside the ring. Cole showed he is much more than a novelty act and put on a wrestling display much to the delight of his fans. However, making matters worse, everytime Calloway seemed posied to win the wily frenchman administered a an extra slow count. TNA Knockout Cookie stood ringside as Cole’s back-up and tried to keep the odds balanced but even she couldn’t stop a 4 on 2 advantage as Starr gained the pinfall showcasing a vast array of power and techincal moves.

6. Veda Scott defeats Kylie Pierce- Both girls made their ECWA debuts and impressed with various submissions and technical moves. Kylie took advantage of Veda early apparently injuring her knee with submisisons and ignoring the refs plees for her to break the holds. Gaining the support of the crowd, Veda made a hasty comeback using a tornado DDT and agile moves she is becoming famous for. Pierce never one to back down, met the challenge, and looked to be cruising to a win in her ECWA debut but Scott surpised with a roll up for the win.

7. Kid America defeats Russian Assassin- In the climax of this long running feud, tension and hatred was at an all time high. It was a flag on a pole match with both men’s native flags high on poles on the turnbuckle above the ring. Both men almost let their pride get in the way of victory as they constantly fought brutally and indecisively. Mr. Ooh La La tried his hardest to help his friend the Assassin win but Corey Blaze thwarted any outside interference. Kid America eventually got the upper hand long enough to gain back his beloved flag.

8. JJ the Crew Guy defeats Tony Stetson- In a match that spilled all over the Boys and Girls Club, both men proved their toughness and that they have plenty of gas left in the tank. JJ proved he could win a match even if it wasn’t one in his normal element. Stetson was clearly at home using various weapons to his advantage throughout the crowd such as garbage cans, crates, chairs, and even aluminum cans to try to defeat Crew Guy. JJ fought through the pain and eventually gained the upper hand using weapons of his own. After using a bamboo stick off the top rope, JJ the Crew Guy emerged victorious.

9. Bazooka Joe defeats Timothy Richards(w/Mozart Fontaine)- Both men had high stakes as Bazooka Joe was fighting for a chance to fight evil ECWA commissioner DJ Hyde. And Richards was fighting for a future Mid Atlantic title shot and to not lose his hair. As Joe made his way to the ring Richards took advantage brutally attacking Joe’s knee. Fontaine created interference causing even further injury. Joe, injured knee and all, scored the pinfall after a devastating slam. Afterwards, Joe celebrated his upcoming bout with Hyde and cut Richards hair off in the middle of the ring.

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