Honor and tradition are two very important words in the world of professional wrestling when it comes to places such as Japan, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Bandido Jr. knew from a very young age he wanted to be a wrestler as he watched his father, El Bandido, wrestle all over the country and various places around the globe. How deep did the wrestling blood go? Bandido Sr. trained in Puerto Rico for years before starting a successful run in the WWC, run by Carlos Colon (father of WWE’s Carlito and Primo). Eventually, he went for tours in Japan and Mexico landing in the promotion AAA where he even got to wrestle at the legendary Madison Square Garden. After a while he ended up on the east coast working for such promotions as JAPW and ECPW. And because of the strict traditions of Mexican wrestling, Bandido Jr. didn’t know that his father was a wrestler until he was 6 or 7 years old, the reason being that the masks that most Mexican wrestlers wear are never taken off, even in front of family. This entire time love for the sport grew in Bandido Jr.’s heart to the point he had no doubts about carrying on the family tradition and lacing up a pair of boots.

Professional wrestling in Japan, Mexico, and Puerto Rico is taken very seriously as a sport and not just sports entertainment. Once old enough, Bandido Jr. started being trained by his father in the old school way meaning things were extremely tough and there was no short cuts to be had. Numerous other instructors assisted Bandido Jr. to become the wrestler he is today, names such as the “Notorious 187” Homicide, Monsta Mack, and Low Ki. Clinics by such names as Chris Candido, Carlos Colon, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat also helped in the shaping of Bandido Jr.’s wrestling future. To put things into perspective, because he was a second generation wrestler, training was no picnic as his own father often times sent guys to beat on him to get the message through that the sport is to be respected. Once ready, he found it very hard to promote himself and be taken seriously by wrestling promoters who often times would never give him a chance. With the support of his father, he quickly gained knowledge about the business and soon his young career took off.

Wrestling up and down the east coast for companies like JAPW, ACE, ICW, CZW, Lucha Vavoom, and even his father’s UWA he has established himself and not only a tremendous talent but someone who earned his spot. His unique style was influenced by heroes such as Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio, and Mr. Perfect. His style is a mixture of technical, power, and traditional Lucha Libra moves and ir has taken many opponents by surprise. He’s earned the respect of many ring veterans and looks to follow in his father’s footsteps very closely. With many championships and accolades already under his belt how does a young competitor stay hungry?

According to him, he still has plenty of goals to obtain. He wants to wrestle overseas and in Madison Square Garden just like his father. That being said he has already completed one goal he set to do: wrestle a match with idol and legendary Japanese junior heavyweight Jushin “Thunder” Liger. He is by no means satisfied and he continues to look for new areas he can experience and have a chance to dominate. The stage has been set for his debut in the ECWA. One of the biggest and best independent promotions on the east coast and the country, Bandido Jr. is hungry to make his mark on the 44 year old company. Finally being given his chance, he turns to the fans to back him on his quest to work his way up the ranks to possible championship gold one day. Dedicating his ECWA tenure to his father, Bandido Jr. promises to dazzle fans with not only his in ring ability but the honor and tradition and two generations of wrestling.

He now debuts against the dangerous “Beautiful” Bobby Shields, a competitor in the 2011 ECWA Super 8 Tournament, on October 15th at the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, Delaware. Many things could happen but one thing is for certain… whether the outcome is victory or defeat, Bandido Jr. will uphold his family name with honor and tradition just like his father did and just like his father taught him.

-Jason Real Deal

Will Bandido Jr soar in his ECWA debut or will Bobby Shields ground him before he even takes flight?

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