The road to any championship is arduous and often times it requires great feats of athletic prowess and the occasional miracle. That being said, however, there are some who wish to take short cuts, don’t earn their accolades, and generally are only out for their own selfish gain. This is no more apparent than with the current reigning East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) heavyweight champion the “Greek God” Papadon,

Papadon has made his name on the New York wrestling circuit wrestling for such promotions as the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC). However, feeling unfulfilled there he set to find a place where his ultimate destiny would reveal itself. After consulting with his prophets, he set his sights on the land of the ECWA.

For years, Papadon tried to work his way into the ECWA, but for whatever reason, he attempts were to no avail. But Papadon was patient, and never gave up, for he knew where his true destiny was, in the ECWA and as the ECWA Heavyweight Champion! For the prophecy, he knew it was a matter of when and not if. Papadon lurked in the shadows for years waiting for his chance to strike. When new management took over the ECWA, the hungry competitor saw his opportunity.

New ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia quickly made it clear he was looking to change the landscape of the company but no one knew his true motives. Meanwhile, Papadon made his debut with the company he faced young Cono Cappuccia, destroying him and making a statement that his power was unmatched and he wasn’t there for his time to be wasted, as he had already waited what seemed like a lifetime to get into the ECWA in the first place. Allying with Tartaglia, he skipped the traditional “fight through the ranks” mentality that most competitors have and immediately went into the lion’s den. With no number 1 contender to face then-champion MEG, he turned his sights onto Bazooka Joe, a former heavyweight champion himself. With the promise of a title match, questionable tactics led Papadon one step closer to his goal as he defeated Bazooka Joe to earn a future title match. The crowd and even the locker room weren’t prepared for what would happen next…

After fighting a brutal match with the members of Revolution, MEGA and tag team partner Cha Cha Chance were assaulted leaving them helpless in the ring. A masked man entered the ring saving MEGA from certain destruction much to the delight of the audience in attendance. The celebration was short lived however as the masked man delivered a devastating lariat to the champion leaving him unconscious. The crowd was silenced as the man was revealed to be none other than hated CZW owner DJ Hyde! Quickly Tartaglia came to the ring naming Hyde new ECWA commissioner and then announcing that Papadon would get his title shot immediately! MEGA, stumbling to his feet, received the final blow from Papadon and after the count of 1..2..3.. the prophecies had finally came true.

The “Greek God” Papadon had finally achieved his goal of becoming the ECWA heavyweight champion. The fans called into question Papadon’s toughness and right to be champion, a sentiment quickly echoed by one Bazooka Joe. In the weeks that followed through videos and statements, Papadon declared himself the greateast ECWA heavyweight champion of all time! Bazooka Joe would test that theory feeling cheated out of his own chance to become champion again and with no rules in place to hold Hyde or Papadon in check, Papadon would come out the victor. Many things have been said about his title reign thus far…

Coward, Cheater, Opportunist. Many people doubted that a man willing to cheat his way to the title was a real fighting champion and worthy of wearing the most prestigious title in independent wrestling. Papadon, infuriated, once again sought out to prove he was the strongest, smartest, and most technically sound wrestler on the entire ECWA roster. Declaring that his destiny had been revealed, Papadon dared anybody to try to take his crown from him.

Answering the call was undefeated fan favorite and Mid Atlantic Champion “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde. The hype was huge as this the match promised to tear the building down and keep everyone on the edge of their seats…. and the bout did not disappoint. In what many have called the best match in the history of the ECWA, never was the reign of the Greek God put in more jeopardy. Back and forth the two champions went often times ending in a stalemate but the defending champion would not be denied as Papadon finally slayed all his doubters by cleanly and soundly defeating Wylde in the middle of the ring. His power was on display all match as he constantly answered whatever Wylde threw his way. Showing unrivaled ring intelligence and agility no one knew he had he kept pace with the aforethought quicker Chris Wylde.
The “Greatest Technical Wrestler in the World Today” has finally proved he is more than capable of carrying the storied ECWA heavyweight title. However, the conquest has quite obviously gone straight to the head of Papadon as he demands that all fans must bow to his very presence. While many do out of fear, the loud ECWA crowd lets their disdain for his ways and enormous ego be known.
“For years, the ECWA tried to resist the prophecies and keep me out of the ECWA! But you can’t deny fate and destiny,” Papadon barked. “And now that I’m here, now that I am everything I said I would be, I am going to make EACH and EVERY man, women and child in the ECWA pay, show their respect and BOWWWWWWWW to the Greek God!”

But the fact cannot be denied, while he obtained the title through shady alliances and questionable in-ring tactics, Papadon has time and time again displayed his vast array of powerful moves, stamina, speed and in-ring smarts that have made many others legends of the sport. He has shut the door on all opponents and has refused to be defeated. It’s become obvious that it’s now personal and that Papadon is out to show that his boasts of confidence are the ramblings of a true champion. His declaration of being the greatest ECWA champion of all time just might come true as he is out to prove that the prophecies are indeed true. If his current dominance continues, everyone will have no choice but to get on their knees and bow.

The September 24th ECWA show is the 44th Anniversary of the beginnings of the company way back in 1967. Papadon, keeping his word to always defend his title, awaited what mortal would dare challenge him next….. He never expected the person to answer would be none other than Ring Of Honor star and current, reigning Super 8 champion Tommaso Ciampa! While there is no love lost between the fans and Ciampa, a respect has grown there and he represents their best chance for the Greek God to be dethroned. Ciampa defeated 3 of the best wrestlers in the world today by defeating Rich Swann, Shiima Xion, and Adam Cole in the 2011 Super 8 as he proved once he sets his sights on something he cannot and will not be denied. Ciampa showed his quiet determination can quickly turn into unmatched rage and power that many people never want to be on the receiving end of. But playing it cool, Papadon has declared certain victory. The stakes are raised even higher because if he defeats Ciampa by pin or submission, he receives a spot in the 2012 ECWA Super 8! Papadon CANNOT get himself counted out or disqualified to save his title if he wants to get into the Super 8. For the first time EVER, not only must the challenger beat the champion, but the champion must beat the challenger! With tension at an all-time high this might prove to be the biggest showdown in both men’s careers.

Never before has the ECWA heavyweight champion faced the Super 8 champion and Papadon vs. Ciampa could certainly be the most epic match to ever grace an ECWA ring. Will Papadon keep on fulfilling the prophecies, taking his destiny in his own hands and keeping his beloved heavyweight championship? Will he get that spot in the 2012 Super 8? Will Ciampa’s pedigree and ice cold determination unnerve the champion ending his reign?

TOMORROW, Sept 24, 2011, we all find out!

Until then, get on your knees and BOW to the Greek God!

For tix and info for ECWA Sept 24th, 2011 Live Event in Newark, DE call 609.220.5598

– Jason Real Deal

ECWA Heavyweight Champion "GREEK GOD" PAPADON

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