Come out to the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, Delaware on September 24, for the ECWA’s 44th Anniversary show! We’re bringing in our 44th year with a huge show packed with grudge matches, ladder matches, and epic firsts! Here’s a rundown of the matches/card:

1. ECWA Heavyweight Championship- “Greek God” Papadon(c) v. Tommaso Ciampa– Tommaso Ciampa is fresh off his huge Super 8 Tournament win and Ring of Honor contract. He has his sights set on winning another accolade… the ECWA heavyweight championship! Standing in his way is the reigning champ, the “Greek God” Papadon. Though he won the title under questionable circumstances and has employed the help of evil ECWA owner Michael Tartaglia and ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde, he has proven to be a dangerous and capable competitor. Coming off a huge win over Mid-Atlantic champ Chris Wylde, Papadon is out to prove he is the best ECWA heavyweight champion in the history of the company. However, he has never faced an opponent this deadly before as Ciampa has faced some of the best wrestlers in the country over the last few months. Papadon also has the added motivation that if he wins, he gets a coveted spot in the 2012 Super 8, so you can bet the champ is even hungrier. Will Ciampa add to his long list of accolades or will the prophecies hold true and Papadon once again prove to be the better man? For the first time ever, the ECWA heavyweight champion vs. Super 8 Champion!

2. Ladder Match-Unified Tag Team Championship- Fusion D.S.(Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon)(c) v. Midnight Sensations(Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields)- After first being a makeshift team, the team of Dragon and Saigon have suddenly turned into one of the most skilled, entertaining, and best tag teams in the country, even recently being ranked in the PWI rankings for tag teams. Standing in their way is a mysterious team from the Triton Moon, the Midnight Sensations. Rockwell and Shields have proved to be dangerous and hungry to prove themselves in the ECWA. They have brutally beaten down the champs lately, especially injuring Damian Dragon on the last show with a splash off a ladder. It will turn into a ladder match this time around which just so happens to be the Sensations’ specialty. So in their biggest challenge to date, Fusion D.S. faces the alien visitors in their own environment. Will the champs keep their titles or will the Sensations bring the Unified tag belts back to the Triton moon?

3. Mid Atlantic Championship- “Heartkiller” Chris Wylde(c) v. “Beautiful” Bobby Shields v. Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian– Chris Wylde’s undefeated streak in the ECWA came to an end with a loss to Papadon last month. However, he has dominated all challengers to his Mid Atlantic title since he won the belt. This month he faces a duo of talented challengers. The returning Bobby Shields makes his first ECWA Delaware appearance in years and sets his sights on winning his first ECWA title. Kekoa has unfinished business with Wylde as he already was unsuccessful in his first attempt. Wylde brings an unrivaled charisma, energy and the support of the crowd with him. However, so does Kekoa and Shields has the crafty manager Magnum in his corner as well as a repetoire of devastating maneuvers. The playing field is equal and the stakes are high in this huge triple threat match. Will Wylde continue his romp through the ranks of the ECWA or will one of the challengers begin a journey of their own?

4. Flag on a Pole Match- Kid America w/Corey Blaze v. Russian Assassin w/Mr. Ooh La La– This feud has spanned many months over two companies, both the ECWA and the TWA. Kid America and his patriotic ways have infuriated the Russian Assassin whose bitter memories of the Cold War from childhood have turned him rotten. Recently, it came to a boiling point when the Russian Assassin stole Kid America’s trademark American flag. In July America leveled the playing field when he gained possession of the Russian flag. Now, it has turned to this. For one last time, in a Flag on a Pole match the rivalry will be decided. Interesting enough is the added appearance of Corey Blaze and Mr. Ooh La La. What part could they play? And will Kid America finally get back his beloved flag or will ole glory be forever buried under the harsh Russian snow?

5. Cole Calloway v. Julian Starr w/Magnum and Gus Grand with Special Guest Ref Mr. Ooh La La– The flamboyant and fun loving Cole Calloway once again shows up at the Boys and Girls Club to take on his most dangerous test yet, Julian Starr. Starr brings fellow MMA members Magnum and Gus Grand in his corner and to top it off Mr. Ooh La La is the special guest ref! The tables are turned in Starr’s favor big time as the smile on Cole’s face might soon be wiped off. Magnum has been having problems and great difficulties with the women that appear in the ECWA lately and if that wasn’t enough Cole embarrassed him last show by removing Magnum’s pants in front of the whole audience to reveal his gold boxers! You can bet Magnum is hell bent on revenge and plans to do whatever it takes to win. Cole has cruised to success with his mind game tactics, fun loving personality, and open sexual orientation that combined unnerve much tougher opponents and allow him to find victory. Will the deadly alliance of Starr, Magnum, Gus Grand and Mr. Ooh La La finally get the better of “everyone’s favorite athletic guy”? Will Cole have back-up of his own? Find out on the 24th!

6. Ahtu v. Cujo the Hellhound– Ahtu arrived on the scene and quickly established his dominance over every opponent big or small in the ring. After destroying everyone in his path thus far he faces a bit of a different challenge. Cujo the Hellhound is an established veteran who is known for his power game as well as using foreign objects he brings to the ring. Cujo might never be able to match strength with the monster Ahtu but he can certainly be his most dangerous opponent yet. Who knows what kind of tactics Cujo is willing to employ to steal a victory? Will Ahtu continue his dominance with another quick victory or will Cujo put Ahtu in the doghouse with his power and experience?

7. Veda Scott v. Kylie Pierce– Continuing the recent trend, ECWA is bringing the fans some more women’s action. Newcomer Veda Scott, trained by the infamous Daizee Haze, looks to make her mark in the ECWA. Her opponent is CZW bombshell Kylie Pierce. While not widely known, Pierce brings that certain level of nasty toughness, her months in the Combat Zone have given her. Veda hopes to successfully debut and start a string of successes in the ECWA but her opponent hopes to spoil the fun so let’s see what happens when the debut of two beautiful but deadly vixens make their way to the Boys and Girls Club!

8. No Count Out/No DQ- JJ the Crew Guy v. “Hitman” Tony Stetson– Both men in the twilight of their careers are engaged in a vicious grudge match that promises to spill all over the ring, floor, and crowd of the Boys Club. JJ, a former ECWA heavyweight champion and legend, despises everything that Stetson stands for. Stetson, a legend in the development of Philadelphia wrestling, isn’t ready to hang ’em up just yet and looks to prove he’s just as tough as he was 10 years ago. After brutal lock ups at the Super 8 and the unwarranted attack by JJ at the last show, it has turned personal and this match will be for all the bragging rights. No Count Outs and No DQ! No rules so who knows what can happen!

9. Bazooka Joe v. “Pitbull” Timothy Richards- Bazooka Joe’s anger has finally reached it’s peak. CZW Owner and ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde has constantly harassed the former champ over the last few months while staying always an arms-length away. Throwing CZW stars and whoever else he can in front of him, Hyde has made sure Joe hasn’t gotten his chance for revenge. With Hyde in Germany with his CZW crew, he has promised an opponent for Joe. That opponent is the “Pitbull” Timothy Richards who has a chip on his shoulder. Richards is out to prove himself and is there a better way to prove it than beating a former ECWA champ? Joe’s blinding anger surely will be on display and if Richards isn’t careful he’ll be a victim of Hyde’s cowardice. What will happen when a very strong man is angry…. will he destroy Richards or will he catch Joe being overzealous and sneak out with a cheap victory? Mike Tartaglia has just added a few stipulations…if Tim Richards wins, he gets an ECWA Title shot; if he loses, he gets his hair cut and Bazooka Joe gets a match with DJ Hyde!

Also making a special appearance, TNA Knockout Cookie aka Becky Bayless! What part will she play? What is her motivation for showing up at the ECWA? Find out on September 24th at the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, DE!

For tix and info, call 609.220.5598 or email

– Jason Real Deal

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