“Pitbull” Tim Richards issued a challenge to meet Bazooka Joe for Sept 24th and has asked ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia to make the match. Richards and Revolution attacked Tagtaglia one year ago at the beginning of the NEW ERA, with Richards spearing Tartaglia. While Tartaglia’s attitude has changed drastically in the last year, surely Richards is not on his Christmas card list considering the attack last September. Will Tartaglia grant his request? Stay tuned!

ECWA Owner Mike Tartaglia finally answered Tim Richards’ challenge in an exchange over FACEBOOK. Here it is…

Tim Richards:
Tick Tock Tick Tock…. Still waiting boss… I’m not getting any younger, and you’re not getting any balder….
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Michael Tartaglia:
Listen Richards, I didnt even know who you were! Zanolle had to remind me that you wrestle for ECWA! I dont like you or Bazooka Joe especially since you are both from Delaware but I am going to make this match. But since I am giving you something, I want something in return. So I ll tell you what, wash that scraggly, dirty, filthy, bug infested hair of yours because if you lose, we are going to cut it and make a wig with it! Bazooka Joe vs. Timothy Richards – September 24th, ECWA 44th Anniversary Show.
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Tim Richards:
Fine. Settled. Done. Blog it up let it be known, I dont care what the stipulation is, as long as I make Bazooka Joe and the rest of the ECWA roster and fans sit up and take notice that I’m not playing any more, and will be my time in the spotlight and I am not letting it go.
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Michael Tartaglia:
Bazooka Joe hardly has any hair! If Bazooka Joe wins, he gets DJ Hyde in a match next show! If Richards wins, I will give him a Mid Atlantic Title match in the near future!
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So it is set…
Bazooka Joe vs. “Pitbull” Timothy Richards
*If Richards wins, he gets a Mid-Atlantic Title shot; if he loses, he gets his hair cut and Bazooka Joe gets a match ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde!!!

With DJ Hyde out of the country on Sept 24th, Richards has made a bold challeneg to face Bazooka Joe. Richards figures if he can defeat Joe, a former ECWA Heavyweight Champion, it would greatly rise his stock in the ECWA. Will owner Mike Tartaglia grant the match?

Richards prepares to slam Damian Dragon hard to the mat!

Bazooka Joe is NOT HAPPY that DJ Hyde pulled a fast one on him, backing out of their match when Hyde knew full well he had a UK tour scheduled. It may not have been the wisest thing to do, challenging Joe in his current state of mind. If the match is made, don't be surprised to see Joe take his frustrations out on Richards!


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