ECWA July 16 2011 Show Featured


Black Panther made his ECWA debut at the 15th Annual ECWA Super 8, April 30, 2011, in the ECWA/TWA Battle Royal. Another ECWA newcomer, AHTU, also made his ECWA debut in that very same match.

One week later, in Newark, Delaware, the two met in their first singles match. Considering the fact that AHTU is several times larger than Panther, you have to admit Panther has the guts and determination to make it in the ECWA. During their match, Panther sustained a blow to the head that required medical attention post match in the locker room. The irony is, one of the medics who attended to Panther was “the Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze, the man that Panther will meet in just a few days.

Panther shows true heart returning after the beating he sustained at the hands of AHTU, and shows no signs of stopping. Blaze, an ECWA veteran and local crowd favorite, is looking to make a mark on the eve of ECWA’s 44th Anniversary. Be there July 16th to see which of these ECWA stars will emerge the victor.

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The Black Panther is coming back despite the beating he received on May 7th!

"Fighting Paramedic" Corey Blaze!

Blaze and Panther actually worked together in the Battle Royal at the Super 8!

Over the years, Corey Blaze has attended to the medical needs of many fellow ECWA stars, in this case Nick Logan!

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