ECWA July 16 2011 Show Featured


SHOCKWAVE the Robot has not been around lately, because he has been searching high and low for the perfect tag team partner to face Mr. Ooh La La and Kacee Carisle on July 16th in Newark, Delaware.

SHOCKWAVE said that he used some of the more popular wrestling news sites, PWI Magazine and a new software program that determines the strengths and weakness of all the women wrestlers in his vast database to determine the ultimate partner.

He said while time consuming and tedious, he is confident that his flawless research regime picked the perfect partner for him.

However, SHOCKWAVE has said that he is going to keep the identity of his partner a secret for now. Mr. Ooh La La has been poking fun and torturing SHOCKWAVE on the social networking sites and he does not want his partner to be harassed by the bumbling Frenchmen.

For tix and info, call 609.220.5598 or email

No, that is not SHOCKWAVE's tag team partner for July 16th, just a diehard SHOCKWAVE fan!
Being FUNKY FRESH, SHOCK should have
no problem finding the perfect female grappler to team with!

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